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Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity provides an alternative way to live life. It is powerful interdisciplinary, technology of creativity to create health, inner satisfaction or whatever you desire to create


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Organizational Creativity: ( Organizational creativity - addressing the practical aspects of bringing a creative energy into an organization or to a group of individuals.

Feminine Power: ( Feminine power - Bridging the seen and unseen worlds to manifest and nurture your desired creation. It is about birthing and nurturing the feminine creative energy at each and every level of our being. It addresses understanding, accessing and learning how use this nurturing creative energy through our intuitive guidance.

Creative Spirituality: ( Creativity spirituality - understanding the relationship between the creative imagination, spirituality and the physical. Building a bridge into the unseen world.

Creativity Physics: ( Creativity physics - understanding the physics of the creative process. Making thoughts manifest

Creative Sexuality: ( Creative sexuality addresses understanding the second most creative state you can enter and learning how to use sexuality in your creative endeavors. It addresses the concept of the muse.

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