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Within the energy consciousness model for creation/Creation, each creation can be seen as the creation being cut out from the fabric of creation/Creation much as a paper cutout is made from a sheet of paper. The process is analogous to the way energy is converted into a particle and antiparticle in the phenomenon of pair production. Within this understanding, to create something new an annihilation of the existing form occurs whole or in part to release the energy bound for that energy to be recast into the new creation. It is very much like the annihilation of a particle and its antiparticle and they way a paper cutout can be returned to the hole from which it came.

When it comes to actually experiencing how our inner world and outer world annihilate and change in response to each other, it is a little more difficult to see. The difficulty usually stems from the fact we do not see how our thinking is directly reflected in an actual experience. We experience so many inner and outer changes all the time we never see the connect between any one specific inner change and its corresponding outer change or vice versa. For example, it is hard to understand how a disappointment in an expectation can result in something like a physical experience of pain. We can almost always point to something physical that seems to be the cause of our pain. Yet we forget that the physical world is only the vehicle we are using for our creative experiences. When we being to look at the physical world only giving us an experience we desired at some level of our being, we can being to see how our own thinking is creating many of the situations we face and the experiences we have.

Initially there is not much benefit in trying to match inner and outer changes. It is best to understand they are coupled. We only need to become open without attachment as to how our inner world changes to support the creation we desire and know there will be a corresponding change in the outer. When we are faced with outer changes, we only need to ask our intuitive guidance from where the change is arises and then be open to what our intuitive guidance provides. This is especially true about any spiritual, mental, emotional or physical pain we feel.

The inner aspect of annihilation

Probably the most important thing that needs to be understood about the inner changes that will need to occur is that the mind that created the problem we face will not be the mind that solves our problem. If it could, it would have done so and we would not be looking to create something new.

It needs to be understood, the intention we set will require us in some way to have a new identity. Our identity is only who and what we believe ourselves to be based on the experience we have had. Any intention we set means that we do not have a particular type and kind of experience we need to manifest that intention. If we did, we would not need to set the intention. Since our identity is based on the experience we have had, to have any new experience will ultimate change the identity we give ourselves. Hence there will need to be a change if not the annihilation and shatter the old ego. In changing or shattering the old ego, energy is released at every level of our being. The intention we hold then serves to cause the energy that is release to mold itself according to that intention.

The ego we have creates an internal state of being that allows us to generate and hold the intention we have. To act on this intention we then must die to this inner world. We must die to both the seed condition (what we desire to create) and how we created that seed condition (what we think and believed to create it) stepping out of mind and the techniques we have used and what we have come to think and believe about the world and ourselves. That is, we give up all our thinking about what should happen and how we think the way things should work. Otherwise, we will simply be recreating our past in a new way and our creation can not germinate. Or, if it does germinate, it will be somehow stunted in its unfoldment.

Quite simply, all that is in our mind created the conditions that lead us to create and hold the intention that we do. If we do not step out of that mind set, we will always remain in the mind set that created what we desire. We will not move to a new mind set that will allow what we desire to actually manifest. We cannot hold the intention to create something new and remain the way we are. The way we have been created in the past is what we want to change. So it is essential we step out of mind.

We must step out of mind to let our intuitive guidance guide us to allow the seed conditions which has been created within us to grow and unfold internally and externally in the world according to its own nature. In doing so, it will lead us to recreate the external world which can fulfill the desire we longed to create and experience. We must allow the inner state of being to become the essence of how we live in the world in response to, and alignment with, our intuitive guidance.

When we allow our inner state of being to determine how we live in the world, all our actions are then encoded with that state of being . We created much like the way each cell of a tree or one’s body is encoded with the DNA of the seed out of which the tree grew. That is, each action we take is encoded with, and directed toward the desire we wish to manifest. The inner changes which need to occur are much the way a seed dies to germinate and supply the essence that grows and unfolds into a tree cell by cell to eventually reach maturity bearing fruit. In time, each of our individually focused actions build on each other like the cells in any organism to eventually reach maturity and bear fruit in the world. Others can then take and eat our fruit to create and sustain their life based on what we have created within our being and that to which we have died. In regards to this process, after we have created the inner condition, we only become the vehicle for the outer unfoldment of what we have created within our own being.

The outer joining and annihilation

In looking at the outer joining and annihilation, it is suggest that you not worry about the external changes relative to your intention. You can adopt a masculine way of creating and do what you think needs to be done. As evidenced by many, you can become very successful in creating in this way. However, in doing so, you risk two things. One is to risk recreating the past in a new way rather than really creating something new. The other is you risk creating a feeling of separation for mind is a two edge sword and can cut two ways.

Rather, what is suggested is an alternative way is used. That is to create the internal conditions within and allow the internal changes to lead you to act in the world in such a way that you cause your world to become different. In essence you grow your creation. Here you use the feminine way to create and allow your intuitive guidance to lead you. It needs to be realized that energy generation within the creative/creation process begins with the feminine aspect of the process. The feminine nurtures the growth by providing the flow of energy from the source/Source to sustains and maintain the creation throughout the whole process. In aligning with that flow of energy one is never separated from the source/Source. As such, we never become separate form the source/Source in our creative endeavors. The key to remaining in wholeness is to grow our creation by flowing with the unfoldment of the energy giving rise to our creation.

Too often mind steps in and directs the flow of energy in a way that does not serve the creation we desired to manifest. We think the Universe, God or Creation is not supportive of what we desire to create and we are not assisted in our creative efforts. However, nothing is father from the true. Creation responds to provide us the experiences we desire to have. Our problem is that we continually change focus and have not learned to develop a single point focus for the duration of the entire creation process.

In any case, since a creative endeavor takes us into the unknown, mind will never really know what type and kind of external change will need to occur. But we can ask our intuitive guidance as to how we can expect our world to change to manifest our intention. We then need to understand the insight we get will be from our intuitive guidance and is only the best our mind can approximate based on the experiences it has had. Hence the literal interpretation and/or figure or image provided by mind may be in error. But the direction of travel is correct. That is why it is important to honor our intuitive guidance either acting on it literally or through some type of symbolic action such as ritual or metatheator. In honoring our intuitive guidance, it will honor us by continue to provide insights as to the direct of travel we need to go to manifest our desired creation. We only need to follow the guidance we get and our creation will grow and unfold much like any seed that grows over time.

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