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If we are open to feeling, what we will discover is there is anxiety within the creative/creation process. It arises from two basic reasons.

One is that since energy can neither be created or destroyed some of the existing world must be destroyed and sacrificed to both free the energy and create the space for the new creation. The destruction of parts of the existing world is experienced as chaos. Chaos in the creative/creation process is inescapable.

The second reason is that creativity by its very nature takes us into the unknown. One of the most important things to realize about creativity is that mind only knows the past. To create means to bring into existence something not previously experienced or significantly different from the past. Consequently, mind is ill equipped to face the unknown. Mind will characterize whatever it perceives, including the energy giving rise to the thoughts we have, based on the experiences it has had. This means that any thought we have is not necessarily accurate. The more what experience is like the past, the more our mind properly characterizes what we experience. However, the more what we experience is not like the past, the more inaccurate our mind becomes at characterizing what we experience. Anything mind thinks about what needs to be done in a creative endeavor and/or it provides as a characterization of the energy we feel leading us into creative endeavors will be inaccurate. Mind is aware of this fact and will be anxious about it for it loses control in a creative endeavor.

Our mind may panic and feel frightened at the prospect of the internal changes it is experience or the external change it see occurring, or we may feel some anxiety at the destruction which is occurring. Overlay with the unknown the chaos of creation, the multidimensional aspects of Creation and our being, the accompanying destructions of the known all of one’s worst fears can be projected into, or onto, our creative endeavor. Any transition from an old way to a new way has this element of chaos and any chaotic situation always brings a certain level of anxiety if not outright fear.

In this regard, the anxiety of creation always fuels an fear of the unknown. It takes courage and strength of will to hold to an intention and to not doubt when mind has no way to fully understand what is happening.

Since we are multidimensional beings and the creative/creation process is occurring on multiple levels at different rates and at different points in the process, there are periods if not a general feeling of anxiety we may find in our life. If we have not numbed what we feel there is always something we can feel anxious about and something to feel joyful about. However, many of us tend to focus on the joyful and try and avoid the anxiety not realizing the both are part of the same cycle of creation.

As a result we approach life in a rather unbalanced way. We see that which makes us feel good and try and avoid that which makes us feel bad. In the end we creatively limit our options and continually repeat the past for we are unwilling fact the anxiety of creation to bring into existence that which we have not yet experience. We do not enter the unknown because of the fear the pain we may create yet, in doing so, we deny the pleasures and joy we can find. Rather then journey into the unknown and face our fears and potential painful experiences, we seek a valley of contentment were we can be assured all if fine.

In understanding the creative/creation process for what it is and the cyclic nature of pain and pleasure, we can find great solitude in the realization what we experience is only consciousness at play with itself. We need not be pulled into the drama. We can take the perspective of the detached witness. This awareness can help create an inner satisfaction that never runs dry no matter what is happening in the world. It is this awareness which allows one to freely surrender to what is occurring and flow with the events as they unfold for they see the creation process for what it is. Although there is the possibility of experiencing the anxiety of creation in the creative/creation process, one can become a detached witness to remain in a place of calmness during the creative/creation process.

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