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Creation in all its forms manifests from the unformed essence of creation. The unmanifested material of creation is free and unbounded or nonlocalized energy and/or free and unbounded or undefined consciousness. The conscious experience of this unmanifested material of creation we be a place of “no-thing-ness” or “no-form” All Creation and creative activities can be seen as starting with this unmanifested raw material of Creation.

Free and unbounded energy is energy not in any fixed form. It has not been localized. When viewed from the wave-particle nature of energy, free and unbounded energy is energy existing total in a massless wave nature and not localized into any particular form. Analogously, it is much like the way molten iron exists in blast furnace just before it is poured into a mold or the molten lava within a volcano before it pours out forming a new land mass.

Free and unbounded consciousness is consciousness free of attachments. It is free of the past memories that keep the consciousness fixed and occupied in the past. Free and unbounded consciousness freely flows like the wind into and out of the experiences of Creation. It exists as that detached witness only observing and witness the experience which is occurring. There is no identification with what occurs.

However, for a new creation to occur we need to get the existing creation into that raw unmanifested form. The cauldron of creation/Creation refers to the part of the creative/creation process where the existing creation is dissolved and the energy freed to form a new creation. The experience of the dissolving of the existing creation can be experience as a “heating up”or stripping away process or fire such as the fire seen in the phoenix experience. If some ways you can say the cauldron of creation/Creation is the sacrifice of creation put on the fire to be burned or melted. If we are unwilling to let go and allow the changes required by the creative effort to occur we can experience a dark night of the soul. If we surrender and allow the changes to occur, we can experience a release and free flow of energy described by many as a kundalini experience.

Many of the esoteric traditions which talk about creation/Creation and/or Creation Stories/Myths talk about Creation starting from a place of “no-thing-ness” or a void. They assume and/or imply there was a starting point. Rather than creation/Creation starting from some formless void, creation/Creation is an every flowing into and out of form. The void exists only because of the perspective we have taken from which to view the process and there are multiple perspectives from which to view the creative/creation process.

What needs to be understood is whenever we create, we will start the creative/creation process from where we are. This means we start the process from within some existing form. We do not start from a formless starting point. Rather, we must dissolve the current form into the formless and the mold the formless into what we desire. The cauldron of creation/Creation refers to that part of the creative/creation process where the existing form is dissolved to be recast into the new form. In this regard, it may be something that occurs once in the process or something that is continually occurs as the existing form is continually being recast into sustain the creation. Or, it may exist like earth where a part is fixed as the outer crust and an inner molder core continually reforming the crust over time.

One reason why many of us don’t see the creative/creation process for what it is is because we do not go back to the formless to start and watch our creative endeavors. That is, we do not routinely work with energy that exists in a nonlocalized form. Rather we work with energy in the form of mass and move objects with mass. Working with non localized energy in a way that is somewhat understood is really only a relatively recent phenomenon in human history.

Also we never work with an awake consciousness unbiased by its own experiences. Consciousness by its very nature and the method of it awakening only knows what it has experienced. All of our thinking and perceiving is done with a consciousness attached to its prior experiences. As a human being our prior experience tends to be focused on that gained in our human body with it associated ego. Even those who communicate with “spirit guides,” and other similar unseen entities and working with entities attached to a transcendental ego are working with an existing form. If you notice, they all have names, they all have identities, they all have some form.

The process to dissolve the existing form into the material to be used for a new creation can be seen as a cauldron or blast furnace that melts and dissolves all existing form to allow the material to flow into a new creation. The Cauldron of Creation is to creation what a blast furnace is to iron and steel. The process is much like the way an old piece of structural steel must be cast into the furnace to be melted and poured into a new cast to create its new future.

To make iron or steel we need to put the raw materials into a blast furnace. To cast a piece of iron into a particular shape or form, you must first heat it up to form a liquid. In this liquid form the iron’s original shape or form totally dissolves such that the iron no longer has a shape to itself. In this state it is completely fluid and will freely take the shape of the contain which hold its. While melting the iron in the furnace, one usually needs some type of container to hold the iron as it melts so the cauldron is that container and, as such, the cauldron represents the pool of available molten iron. The blast furnace is in many ways like a cauldron over a fire. The cauldron is also representative of the vessel you empty to create and you put all the existing creation you need to reprocess into the cauldron to be melded down in the fire of transformation. However, unless you create a container that has the space into which you can melt and recast your existing creation, you cannot dissolve the existing creation.

In the cauldron the raw materials are allowed to melt and the impurities and separated from the iron. Then the proper additives are added to turn the iron into steel. Any existing form of the input materials is lost. How hot the cauldron must become before it melts what is inside depends on how strongly the atoms of the material are bonded together. In time, they are melded down into an unmanifested and undefined form so that it can be remolding into our new creation.

For any intention we wish to manifest, a part of our existing internal world and existing external world will need to be cast into the Cauldron of Creation. To create any new creation, you must create that empty container within your being to hold the material that will be recast into the new creation. In some way the inner transformation that is required is analogous to a volcano. This is one reason why the volcano is such a good representation of the transformation process that needs to occur within our own being. In the same way the lava, which is the molten rock, is contained within a container made of rock, so too in our own being. We need to heat our selves up to dissolve our existing internal structure. To create from within our own being, our existing belief structure must become so structured that it can both melt and dissolve any aspect of our being we wish to create yet at the same time hold the hot molten material until it is ready to be poured into the cast we have made. This is why a strong ego is needed to become a conscious creator. The strong ego is needed to create the structure that can hold its visions and dream in a single point focus while the heat is increased within the individual such that their existing world melts and dissolves. Then at some point the ego must be surrendered and the molten material allows to flow into the cast that has been prepared where it will harden and solidify into a new creation of one’s own making. We literally must create a volcano within our own being to transform and create a new reality.

How hot the cauldron must become before it melts what is inside depends on how strongly the atoms of the material are bonded together. So too with want needs to be melted and recast in our life. The more we hold onto what needs to be let go, the hotter the fire must become to break our attachments or, of course, we can let go of what we wish to create and leave the world as it is. The burning away of attachments for any is experience as a dark night of the soul. It is what we feel as our attachments with the world as we know it are stripped away yet we are not free to let them go. Rather than flowing with the process, we attempt to hold to past. That, in turn, gives rise to an experience of pain. Because there is such fire in this reformation process calling what we experience as the cauldron of creation is the most appropriate analogy The choice will always be ours as to how hot the fire must become and how much pain we wish to endure.

This heat of reformation has been described as the kundalini rising. There is an extremely good chance you will feel extremely sexual and a sexuality you have never felt before. These feelings of sexuality arise from inside the heart from the flow of our creative life energy as it breaks free of the past confinements created by the mind.

The Cauldron of Creation lies at the point of our creative power. It is here in this moment that we direct the flow of our creative life energy into a new creation. The intentions we subconsciously and/or consciously hold at this time become very important. For they direct that form this molten form will take.

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