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In all transformation there is an important step that involves chaos. It may not be readily seen but it still exists and can be felt. Normally this chaotic step in a transformation process as it occurs in the physical plane is frequently accompanied by what is experienced as the generation of heat or that “one is burning up.” Hence the traditional concept of fire and need for fire in any physical or metaphysical transformation. Because of the perceived heat associated with this chaotic step, the energy generation step  in the creative/creation process can be described as “the furnace,” or “a blast furnace” as used in melting steel, or “the cauldron,” which represents the actual vessel residing in the furnace over the fire.

This chaotic step is that period in time in any transformation process where you have neither the old or the new form. This period in time, no matter how long the time instant may be measured to be, is chaotic and it is essential to any creative endeavor.

From a energy consciousness perspective of the creative/creation process there is place or point of “no-thing-ness” or “no-form” which can be seen as a cauldron or blast furnace that melts and dissolves all existing form to allow the material to flow into a new creation. It is here chaos exists. The chaos has no form but a huge amount of energy ready to bubble from the formless into a new creation.

When we dismantle our existing creation, the energy is still present only it is without form. It is chaotic. If you wish, this chaotic state can be seen as the lava in a bubbling volcano ready to pour forth into a new creation. Hence, chaos is that jumping off point where you step into a new creation or you can say the jumping off point is chaotic.

If we are aware of our feelings and open to what we feeling, our body will sense and feel what our consciousness is experiencing in the unseen realms if we allow it. If we deny the body and what we feel in any creative endeavor we can feel a calmness and/or silence as the existing form dissolves to flow into the new form. But this is not a true place of calmness. If we allow ourselves to feel, we will feel all the turmoil as our consciousness reforms itself for our consciousness is our body manifested and our body will feel the change. The feelings we have will be unique to us but we should not be surprised to feel them as heat or as passion that is literally and figuratively burning us up. A true place of calmness during the chaotic step is to become the detached witness and simply what the over creative/creation process. It is to watch the process as an ebb and flow of energy into and out of form as determined by the desire of consciousness.

Consciously experiencing this chaos can be experienced in a variety of ways depending on our awareness, our intention and what we desire to create, the perspective we hold, and how attached we are to our existing internal and external worlds. All creation is the transformation of an existing form of energy to a new form. For that to happen, something must be given up or sacrificed to make room for the new creation. From the mind's perspective, there will always be some type and kind of “death,” some type of giving up and perceived loss. There will always be some chaos.

In experiencing this part of the creative/creation process, some see the chaos which arises as entering a wild forest or going out into the wilderness. Here we become wild. We become a wild man or woman. We abandon the limits and boundaries which hold the existing form in form as the old form breaks down to create the new and free the energy for the new creation. We live without limits and boundaries for some period of time. Some see this part of the process as craziness. In any case, the freed energy will almost immediately begin to flow into a new form as the boundaries and limits for the new from beginning to take hold. The new form is set by the boundaries and limitations mind imposes on the free flow of the energy within our being

These new limits and boundaries are determined by the intention we consciously or subconsciously hold in entering the state of creative play and any judgments of mind one makes about the chaos as it is experienced. If we bring our fears into the chaos and become afraid in some way, that fear gets encoded and embedded within the new creation. If we bring into the process anger, you will get anger embedded in the outcome. Ideally when in the creative process we should empty ourselves of ALL that does not serve us and/or that which they are holding onto from the past that should be recycled.

The transition from new to old always has an element of chaos and any chaotic situation always brings a certain level of anxiety if not outright fear. The anxiety of creation in this chaotic period will always fuel the anxiety of the unknown and the fear of the unknown. It takes courage and strength of will to hold to an intention with a single point focus and to not doubt when mind has no way to fully understand what is happening. Mind would rather respond and seek that warm fuzzy feeling. The question becomes, “How do we break the mental habits that keep us away from facing the anxiety of the creative/creation process?”

Clear intention coupled with mindfulness and awareness is extremely important and essential to the process if we are going to gain conscious control of the process In addition to setting a clear intention for what we desire to create, we should set a clear intention to figuratively “clean house” and flush out and remove all the ways of thinking and associated beliefs that do not serve what we desire to create. We need to hold our creativity and what we desire to create sacred. We need to look carefully at all that is interfering and/or compromising our creative endeavors. However, most of us cannot let go of the past. So when we enter the chaos and subsequent reformation of any creative endeavor, rather than becoming completely free, we carry the past with us. When we don’t let go of the past we risk creating a dark night of the soul.

A poorly understood fact of how we create is that it is the limitations and barriers we impose on our creativity and the flow of the creative energy within our being are what allow the creation we experience to form and manifest. This is true for any experience we have whether it is spiritual, mental, emotional or physical. However, few sufficiently “clean their house” and let go of the past so we are continually holding ourselves bound to the past.

The key to remaining open to what we feel and not become consumed by the chaos is two fold. One part is to learn true freedom and become like the wind - coming with nothing and leaving with nothing. The other is to become that detached witness standing outside the process and who simply observes consciousness at play with itself.

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