Creation is about forgetting


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Creation is about forgetting
Our experience of forgetting
Forgetting and the experience of creation
Remembering and recreating the past
Forgetting is an experience of consciousness and the essence of the illusion of creation/Creation
Major ways we forget

Forgetting is essential to the experience of the creative/creation process. Yet it will be seen and experienced as a two edge sword. On one side, it allows us the experience of creation/Creation. On the other it is seen as keeping us from creating what we desire to experience.

Our experience of forgetting (Top)

It is probably safe to say most of us get somewhat frustrated when we forget. In fact, humanity works very hard not to forget. We create libraries, records, archives and the like to hold what we have learned or experienced. Much of what any professional does is act on the information they remember about the topic addressed by their profession to provide certain types and kinds of services.

Whether we realize it or not, most of us seek to remember. At least we seek to selectively remember. We desire to remember what we find enjoyable and satisfies our wants and desires. We look to forget the unpleasant and painful. Yet it is often the pain and unpleasantness of life which we never seem to be able to forget.

Forgetting and the experience of creation (Top)

As a creator, it is in forgetting we forget how we created the experience we have in order to have the experience. Forgetting is what allows us to become lost in our creation and forget we are the creator and how we have created the experience we have. Unless we forget how we create what we do, we will not allow ourselves to have experience which we judge as unpleasant from our enculturated mind. Rather, we would move quickly to remove the displeasure we feel.

What needs to be understood, unless we have very strong motivation, we will always act to move away from what which is unpleasant to find a warm fuzzy place where we can feel safe and nurtured. Seeking a warm fuzzy place is inherent within our being and is the place most conducive to helping us process any pain that we feel. We all, in one way or another, seek the nurturing feminine creative energy. Most seek it in someone or something external to themselves. Few find it within their own being. But this too is nature for creation/Creation is not done alone. Seeking something external to us it is part of the creative/creation process in that we need another, some external focus, in order to have experience we desire to have. Yet if we know all of this and remember it consciously, our memory of it often destroys the experience we desire to have.

Forgetting is what allows us to create the new and have experiences not had. Forgetting is what allows us to live in the present moment without a past and future. We have no idea of what the future holds. However, our memory of the past continually projects itself into expectations of the future. So rather than being open to what the moment provides, we respond to the moment based on our past and the experiences we have had. It is in remembering that we recreate the past or create the past in a new way.

Remembering and recreating the past (Top)

When we remember, we can filter our memories and select those that have provided that most enjoyment based on how and what we think because of the experiences we have had. We can them act to recreate those types and kinds of experiences or similar types and kinds of experience to have the enjoyment they provide. It works much of the time.

However, if we are completely honest. Nothing is every as much fun as when we have a beginner’s mind. That is, we have no expectation on what we are to experience. We may figure out ways to make what we experienced more enjoyable because of what we experienced. But that very first experience can never be had again simply because in that first we experience had no idea of what to expect. When we are just beginning or doing something for the first time, we have no idea of what we will really experience. We may have some idea but we don’t really know. This beginner’s mind allows for a different type and kind of experience to be had.

It is the uniqueness of the experience of beginner’s mind in any given situation that really makes creation/Creation enjoyable for that is what creation/Creation provides. Creation/creation provides for the repeated experience of beginner’s mind. Creation/creation provides an opportunity for us to return to that most creative state of being and the experience of spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration of what we experience. It is in forgetting that we can have such an experience. When we remember, we bring forward both the pleasant and unpleasant of the past when we were last in such a state of being. When we bring that past forward, we respond to what we experience based on that past and in effect simply recreate the past in a new way.

Forgetting is an experience of consciousness and the essence of the illusion of creation/Creation (Top)

We are an infinite creative being who has intentionally forgot who and what it is for the sake of having a physical experience. Unless we forget and become lost in our creation, we will not allow ourselves to fully experience what is presented to us. Rather than being in the experience, we will try and create ourselves out of the experience. If remember how we create the experience we will stop the experience before it happens. If we forget how we created the experience, we will still try and create ourselves out of the experience but we will not remember how to do so. Consequently we will have the experience. The more we can be fully present in the moment without projecting the past, the more we can response to what the moment requires of, and/or offers, us.

But what needs to be understood about forgetting is that forgetting is about our conscious mind. We never forget the experiences we have. All that we experience at any level of our being is remembered and available to recall to the conscious mind.

To have an experience of creation/Creation, we create a vehicle, a point of view , a perspective, of some type to go into the experience of whatever we have created. The vehicle we choose determines the conscious awareness available to us for the experience we desire to have. That is, our conscious mind is the product of the vehicle we choose to have for the experience we desire.

For example, if you have ever played two entirely different roles in life, and observe carefully, you will see you need a different type and kind of mind to have each experience. The mind of a woman as a mother of a son and as a lover are different. So too the mind of a man as the father of a daughter and as a lover. All you need to do is think about what you are free to do as lover of a member of the opposite sex and you are not free to do as a mother or father of the opposite sex. There are things appropriate to the role of a lover of a member of the opposite sex that are quite different than the role of a parent of the opposite sex. It is those differences that allow for the experience of being a lover as opposed to being a parent. And, as many may have observes some people get them quite confused.

Creation works in a similar fashion. The conscious mind for a dog for example is very different than the conscious mind of a human being. As consciousness, each is an infinite individuated consciousness which has an awareness that is capable of expanding into the infinity of its own being. However, the perspective and vehicle they have chosen for an experience of creation/Creation are quite different. All the memories each has are stored in the same way. All the memories each recall of all the experience each has had are retrievable in the same way. However all the memories one has had are not comprehensible within the conscious awareness and memory of the current life time. Because of the vehicle that has been chosen to experience creation/Creation, a dog will be unable to fully appreciate the experiences it may have had as human. Similarly, a human being will find it difficult to understand and comprehend the experiences it may have had as a dog or some other animal. This phenomenon by the way is what gave rise to the belief in some spiritual traditions that a human can reincarnate as an animal and how some shamans are able to have experiences of being within the consciousness of animals or plants.

What needs to be realized here is that it is our conscious mind and what our conscious mind is capable of remember is what gives rise to the creation we experience. Our ego and our body is what determines what our conscious mind is capable of remembering. Our body hold or grounds our energy into a physical experience of creation but it is our ego and who and what we believe we are that really determines the experiences we have. Similarly, creation/Creation is “set up” or designed to causes us to forget what we set out to do. To create, we must creatively move between holding the intention we wish to manifest and surrendering to the flow of energy created in holding that intention and dealing with what life has to offer in the reality in which we find ourselves. The process is actually simple but we do not see it for what it is because our Conscious, subconscious and unconscious intentions usually compete with each other and the mundane of the world continually diverting our creative life energy away from what we have chosen to create. All that distraction in turn causes us to forget what we set out to do.

However, if we choose and can hold focus, we can backtrack the creation process and do what is called reverse engineer of the creation we experience. We simply need to continually pull the string on the question, “Why are we having this experiences as opposed to any other experience?” and see and/or act on what our intuitive guidance provides in response to that question.

Remembering and reverse creative engineering starts realizing the nature or Creation is that without a flow of energy there is no experience to be had. All of creation/Creation and any experience of creation/Creation revolves around creating and dissipating flows of energy. That is, anything that comes into existence whether it be a thought, an object or an experience, arises from a flow of energy. How the flow of energy is, or is not, free to flow determines the type and kind of creation we experience. By opening ourselves to feeling and what we feel, we can both discern the flow of energy which is giving rise to the experience we have and where that flow of energy is free and not free to flow. Exploring the why behind what we feel will lead us to the cause of what we experience.

Major ways we forget (Top)

The major ways we forget are the same as those discussed in losing ourselves in creation/Creation in the topic, "The Need to Become Lost.” They are: lost of focus, our vehicle is too small, and sleep. Each is discussed in “The Need to Become Lost.”

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