Gestation/Germination of a creation


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Gestation/Germination of a creation
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The fifth step in the creative/creation process is stated as: gestation/germination [feminine - rainmaker - pulling from the unseen - filling the mold]

The Gestation/Germination Step of the creative/creation process is where the feminine aspect of being takes over the creative/creation process. Gestation and germination is where the newly planted seed becomes the creation. It is where the feminine nurturing energy of creation nurtures the creation within a safe and secure space. It is here where new life develops and comes forth. The place of gestation and germination is a warm fuzzy place that consciousness finds a life giving and life supporting nurturing and sustaining energy.

When viewed from the perspective within the creation, the creation is not yet manifested. It is still forming to come into the world When viewed from the world of the creation, what occurs in the gestation/germination step is unseen. It is like the fetus in the womb or a seed that germinates but lies unseen undergrown before it sprouts forth into the word. In the making music analogy the place of gestation and germination is the hammer moving to strike the string before the sound is made. All that needs to happen is occurring. It is just that the creation is not yet manifested.

This step is were the energy “solidifies” or “fixes” itself in accordance with the blueprint we give it to manifests in the new creation. It is here we actually bind the energy to create an experience of creation/Creation. Often there is some fear or apprehension in this step. We do all that we can do. We plant our seed in the best environment possible. Then we wait. We wait to see if our seed sprouts. It is hard not to worry. We know some seeds do not germinate and we are not sure why. We have done all that we know that we can do and we must wait. We must trust and wait and see what comes forth. Yet, sometimes with our doubt we go in and dig up our seed.

The issue we face here is that we think every seed we plant should grow and unfold the way we think it should grow. There are three issue here and we will have to figures out which is the real influence. 

One is that any true creation will not necessarily unfold the way mind thinks it should. It cannot be over emphasized that mind only knows the past and what it has experienced. A creation is something not previously experienced or significantly different. As such, mind cannot know what to expect. It may have some good ideas and may be often correct. But it can’t know. We have to wait to see what unfolds. In this case, our creation may be unfolding perfectly well but we just do recognize it as doing so.

The second issue is that because it is a creation, we may have done all that we think, believe and understood that we had been intuitively lead to do. But that does not mean the environment is correct. The seed may lie dormant until conditions are correct. Then it will spring forth. Sometimes what springs forth in our life is recognized as a seed we plant. At other times we have no remembrance that we are in any way responsible for what grows.

The third issue is our seed may grow and unfold but the environment cannot support its full manifestation. That is, our creation, for whatever reason, does not receive all the nourishment it needs. Although it grows it is somehow stunted. It is like planting a seed too far North or South only to come to find the growing season is too short for the seed to come to proper maturity or it is planted too late in the season to mature.

The fourth issue is that we may have to also change our environment for our creation to grow. In addition to growing our creation, we may have to cause the environment to also change to support what we desire to create. We assume the reality in which we live can support what we desire. Often what we desire cannot be supported by the existing reality and part of our creative effort is to change the reality. It needs to be understood, we are a creation within a creation. There are existing flows of energy determined by the creation in which we participate. What we desire may require one of those existing flows of energy to change direction.

In many ways, this fourth type of creation would be like going to the moon. To go to the moon we must escape the pull of gravity. Similarly, there are things we desire to create in which we must escape the pull of the collective consciousness of humanity and redefine what it means to be human. To figure out how to fly is one thing. To figure out how to go to the moon deals with a different set of similar but very different issues. Some of our creation require us to change what it means to be human. In these cases the creative challenge is much greater.

Since creation is to bring into existence something not previously experienced or significantly different, it may take some time to gain the minimum set of requisite experience to fully understand what we need to do to create what we desire. If we do not have the experience to properly characterize the flow of energy giving rise to what we desire, we will be unable to understand what we need to do until we get that experience. For example, Leonardo Di Vinci had wonderful ideas for flight. But at the time he lived, he did not have the types and kinds of materials necessary to support flying. The materials he had available could not support the stresses and strains yet be light enough to fly.

When we have to change the environment to support our creation, we many find we need to spend a lifetime creating something unrelated to what we desire to create. Starting with the technology for airplanes and desiring to go to the moon requires us to develop rocket technology. Even before we can worry about leaving the atmosphere of the earth, we have to figure out a way to get out of the atmosphere and still have a propulsion system to get us to the moon and back.

When our creation does not grow the way we think it should for whatever reason does not necessarily mean we are wrong. It may mean we did not have that minimum set of experience to know exactly what to do. It may take several attempts to get the minimum set of experience.

There is an anecdote that is applicable to what we face when we plant a seed to see if it grows into our desired creation. There is product on the market today called WD-40. Most of us use the product as a lubricant or to free mechanically frozen or rusted parts. From the author’s understanding, it was designed to displace water back in the1950's for satellites. When satellites when into orbit, water vapor in the atmosphere of the satellite could condense onto moveable parts and freeze. So there was the needs for something to displace water on the parts so the water would not adhere to the surfaces and freeze. Hence the need for a water displacing substance for the surface of the parts. The WD-40 stands for “Water Displacement Formula #40.” Its name implies there were thirty-nine other attempts at creating a water displacement formula. That does not mean the other thirty-nine attempts were wrong. Rather, it took the experience of those other thirty-nine attempts to understand what needed to create something to displace water.

So to with many of our creation. It may take several plants and iteration before we find what gives us our desired creation. The issue is to not seem what we do that does not work as mistakes but learning experiences. We need to go back and look at the lessons learned in any experience we have to know what did, and didn’t work, to create what we desired. It is only when we get that minimum set of requisite experience we will known what to do. Until then we must rely on our intuitive guidance.

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feminine - rainmaker - pulling from the unseen - filling the mold

(Top): The feminine aspect of creation is what nurtures and sustains a creation. Once the seed is planted in a fertile space, the feminine aspect of creation is the dominate aspect. The feminine must give to the creation in the way needed by the creation. She cannot give what she wants to give. She must give to what the creation needs. If the feminine is not safe and secure to nourish the creation as the creation needs, the creation will suffer. How much the creation suffers depends on how and why the feminine is not free to nourish the creation as required.

(Top): The rainmaker's role is relatively consistent whatever it is required although the rainmaker is not always present in a creative endeavor. When the mature nurturing feminine creative energy is available, the rainmaker is usually unnecessary. In many ways, the creation rainmaker supplements and complements the feminine presence to bring it up to a level of the mature nurturing feminine creative energy. When they are present, they do two things. One is they help to create the safe and secure space for the free flow of the creative energy and for the individual’s creative spirit  to freely express itself in the way it needs to be expressed. The other is they hold the individual accountable to the intention they created. It is very easy to become distracted in a creative effort and/or to try to escape the anxiety of creation experienced during the transit through the chaos of the cauldron of creation/Creation. The rainmaker help’s to keep the individual focused especially if the individual faces a dark night of the soul as the individual’s current world is stripped away.

Pulling from the unseen
(Top): The Gestation/Germination Step is probably the most mystical and mysterious step in the creative/creation process. Like a fertilized egg in the womb or a seed germinating in the ground, in a seemingly unseen way, the creation pulls to itself what it needs to grow. It is not that what happens is really mysterious. Rather, if our mind knew what needed to be done and how to do it, we could just do it. Again, creation is about bringing into the world something not previously seen and experience. As such there will always be a part that seems to work in the unseen realms to manifest our creation. If we study how our particular creation manifests and what is needed, we could figure it out. But, more often than not, it is just easier to plant our seed and get it to grow and leave the more mystical unseen aspects to function as they do.

Filling the mold
(Top): The Gestation/Germination step is where the energy flows into our desired creation as directed. It is like picking a mold to make a cast and then pouring the melted material into the mold for it to solidify into our desired creation. We continue to pour uninterrupted until the mold if full. The important point here is that much of the creation process is automatic if we surrender to the flow of energy giving rise to the creation. The question is, “Can we surrender to the flow of energy for the duration of the process or do we interject our mind causing the flow of energy to shift.”

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