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Karma viewed from the creativity perspective
Origins of Karma from a creativity perspective
Moving past karma
Intention and creating karma
Existing karma
Working with karma
Power of our intentions
Karmic mismatch
Wisdom erases karma
Taking on another’s karma
Working with the karmic mismatch of another
Teacher approach to karmic mismatch
Guru approach to karmic mismatch
Portaging approach to karmic mismatch

Karma is an concept found within Eastern mysticism that is used to explain many aspects of good and bad fortune. It is a doctrine which embraces the concept that we are responsible for all our acts and unless we change the pattern of how we make our decisions, we will continually repeat the same pattern in this and other incarnations. At it root is the understanding that we are responsible for all that we experience and it is our responsibility to change how we make our decisions in life if we want to escape continually repeating the past. This concept then leads to the idea of a wheel of karma that continually cycles around unless we can figure out how to get off.

The Law of Karma is expressed in a variety of ways but the simplest is, what we do to another returns to us, and that we can become stuck on the “wheel of karma” continually repeating the past. The need to experience the actions that we did to another is simply a way of saying we the need to balance the original force that caused the initial action. This does not mean there is a “tit for tat” and the balancing must be done in the same way. Rather it is more like we use a rocket to launch a vehicle like the space shuttle with a tremendous force but we glide back to earth in a relatively gentle way. Being stuck on the wheel of karma is simply a way of saying that an object in motion stays in that motion until it changes.

Origins of Karma from a creativity perspective (Top)

From an creativity perspective and the energy consciousness model, remembering that energy and consciousness are one, karma is just Newtons’s Law of Motion applied to consciousness. Newton’s Law of Motion states that an object in motion stays in motion and an object at rest stays at rest unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. Karma is not more than the word used to describe this principle manifesting in individual lives. Now there is nothing wrong with being in any motion. The question is whether or not what we experience serves us and allows us to create a life worth living.

Karma can also be seen as the application of another of Newton’s Law of Motion. That is, for every action (the cause), there is an equal and opposite reaction (the effect). Karma can be seen as the results of past actions governed by the law of cause and effect . Hence, karma is not about judgement on our action. Rather, it is about complying with the governing principles.

Within the energy consciousness perspective, it does not matter what you choose to believe, what we choose to be or become and/or choose to experience. We are completely free and consciousness at play. The only judgements that exist are those that we impose on ourselves. However, there are consequences for our actions for the time and place in which we exist.

From an energy perspective, the law is applicable as stated - an object in motion stays in motions and an object at rest stays at rest unless acted upon by some force. From a consciousness perspective, this law is applicable in two ways. One way is a object in consciousness can be any belief, expression, attitude, desire, fear, judgement, feeling, and consistent or persistent thought and action or the like that we hold will continue to propel us forward in the direction of that object. The other ways is principles applies to our belief structureand the perspective we hold as a result of that belief structure. Namely the perspective we hold stays fixed unless acted upon to change. This is also true for the beliefs we hold which create the belief structure. Consciousness will continue in its current state unless there is the conscious choice by consciousness to change its motion.

The perspective we hold is also reflective of the direction we go in, and with, our life. Here the motion is not necessarily traveling in a direction as in a straight line. Rather it is traveling in a particular direction in, or through, Creation and way of manifestation into and out of a creation pattern that continually creates and dissolves a particular type and kind of experience in life. Unless we change how and what we think and believe we will continue in the to go in the direction we are going. When we change what we believe we are no longer bound by the past and the actions of the past created by the beliefs we release.

Experientially, we become locked into a particular pattern of life and/or consciousness and continually repeat that pattern in successive incarnations until we develop sufficient awareness to break the pattern. This is why it is important to come to a realization of how we are thinking and viewing life. Each thought held in our mind continually directs energy into that thought pattern. Or the pattern that formed the thought repeats the past until the thought is released and/or changed or the pattern that is creating the thought is released and changed.

From an the energy consciousness perspective, the “stuff” of creation/Creation, energy consciousness, exists in a non localized form or a localized form much like the wave - particle nature of energy. Newton’s Law of Motion and Karma reflect the fact that whatever form energy consciousness takes it will remain fixed and localized in that form until consciousness chooses otherwise and/or the flow of energy giving rise to the form totally dissipates in the experience for which it was created. This is not to say the form and expression of the energy and consciousness within the localized energy consciousness does not change. Rather, the energy and consciousness remain in a fixed relationship for the experience of that creation. The energy impact of this phenomenon is further discussed in the topic “The energy and creative power/Creative Power available in a given creation/Creation.”

Within the traditional view of Karma, it can be said Karma is only the events in our life showing us the pattern of our life as ancient as the journey of our soul. Our soul is seen to travel in a Karmic pattern initiated by the intention which created it. From the perspective provided here, the understanding of Karma is slightly different for Karma is seen to have two part. One part is related to our transcendental mind and the other is related to our body. However, both parts are governed by intention in two way. One is intention creates it and the other is intention can change it.

In talking about fixed pattern, it is important to note that there is a collective karma. The world we experience is formed by the collective karma or fixed belief patterns of humanity. Humanity has an overall belief as to what it means to be human and we continually to experience those beliefs generation after generation. Relative to our personal experiences, we cannot separate from the collective until we balance the particular karma that is holding us to the collective and release all the energy ties we have to the collective. Some call this a healing process for as we become more aware of our truth and live our truth there are parts of our being we seem to heal. Yet, we are only escaping what it means to be human in certain areas.

In any case, escaping the collective karma can feel like we are trying to fly to the moon and need to escape the pull of the earth’s gravitational field. At times it seem all of humanity keeps pushing us to remain where we are and to not change the status quo in any way. Here we need clarity of intention, passion, a strong will and strong sense of purpose and strength of will if we are going to break free.

Moving past karma (Top)

There is one note that needs to be made here. Newton’s Law is applicable on the macro scale of physic. Quantum mechanics replaces classical physics on the micro scale at the subatomic scale. Here, the term “macro” relative to world of physics refers to large quantities or mass or massive objects like you experience every day in life. The “micro” refers to the atomic scale of these large quantities of mass. Relative to consciousness, macro refers to established and defined collections of thoughts, ideas and beliefs or the ego and the identity that consciousness gives itself where as micro refers to the beliefs and how the beliefs interact with each other.

Karma and its associated principles are applicable and address the macro scale or rather macro aspects of consciousness. Similar to quantum mechanics, there is a completely different set of principles on the micro scale, which are more aligned with the phenomena of quantum mechanics and the wave particle properties of energy. Simply said, the quantum mechanical equivalent truth in the realm of consciousness is that wisdom, understanding and our ability to experience non localized consciousness replaces Karma. In learning to become a detached witness and becoming mindful and aware of our thoughts and what we feel, we are capable of breaking any pattern to which we are bound.

Intention and creating karma (Top)

Within the creativity perspective, Karma is created by intention. Any intention will create a flow of energy and will result in a karmic pattern. When needs to be understood it is not so much what we intent that is the issue. The issue is the pattern our thinking creates in what we intend and why. The pattern created is the karma.

What needs to be realized is intention and the karma that results works at very deep levels. It is not just about our conscious intention but what lies in our nonconscious mind. What we hold in our mind and believe determines both how and what we think and how we choose to act in life. But we all have observed that what we experience and what we think determines what we believe. We act on what we believe and believe what we experience. What lies here is the essence of a loop being created in that we repeat what we believe. That is the karma and the pattern gives rise to the proverbial wheel of karma.

The kind of Karma we create will be based on the intent and desire we have. Actions intended out of anger will stay in anger with all of the associated effects even if the anger is never visibly expressed. It is still energetically embedded in all that is done. Fighting an enemy out of anger or seeing them as somehow evil creates a different flow of energy that fighting an enemy simply out of the love to protect one’s family. The issue with karma and what we intend is not so much about causing harm and then having to suffer harm to balance the books. Rather, it is about if we believe we can harm someone then our experiences will show us it is true because we can harm them. Then when we are harmed by they we tend to reinforce the belief the world is a place of harming.

This gives a role of thumb for those who wish to use it. Always intend our actions in unconditional love and for the free and unfetter unfoldment of the creative spirit within each individual. However to hold such an intention and really mean it, we will have to step out of mind and seek guidance form our internal guidance to implement for it is an experience not previously experienced by mind. Mind only knows the past and is unable to guide us in efforts it has not previously experienced.

In any case, relative to any given flow of energy and its resulting karmic pattern, since an intention creates the flow of energy and karma, another intention can change it. We always have the freedom of choice to change the direction of the flow of energy within our being. The question is do we change it to a direction which serves us and creates a life worth living.

Existing karma (Top)

As stated above there are two parts to karma. One is related to our transcendental mind and the other is relate to our bodies and the intention for our life.

The intention which started the whole process we experience is discussed in the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective. Based on that story, within each of us is an underlying intention for all that we do an experience. It is to find a playmate with whom to share who and what we are at each and every level of our being. That of course is difficult to do since we are each unique and no one can fully embrace our uniqueness. If they could, we would not be unique. That intention will never change for it is the original cause of Creation. We will always feel it to one degree or another. It totally depends on how open we are to feeling. But, other than looking for a playmate, there are no constrains on what we create in seeking that playmate.

Relative to our transcendental mind, the direction our creative spirit travels is the sum total of all that we have been and experienced and continue to hold. Without an intention for our life, Karma would only be the events in our life showing us the pattern of our life as ancient as the journey of our creative spirit. However, there is an intention for our life which gave rise to the life we have and the body in which we incarnated. What we experience in our current life is a karmic pattern initiated by the intention which created our life. In many ways the intention for our life and the karma we face is encoded in our body.

This last sentence can quickly lead us to the concept of karmic illness. There are illness we face that are a result of the particular genetic stain we chose for our body. Or, their may be illness we intended to have to give us certain types and kinds of experiences. Then there are the illness that are a result of energy that is bound in holding to a past experience which needs to be acted upon and dissipated.

This set of illness is actually a most interesting set of accidents and illnesses. It is here the miracles of modern medicine, therapy and even rituals and metatheatrics can be the most helpful. Karma is no more than the expression on the non-physical planes of the physical principle that an object in motion stays in motion unless acted on by an unbalanced force. If we have created a direction and/or intention for our lives, we continue in that direction or we travel to the completion of that intention unless changed. An intention is no more than a thought consciously or subconsciously held with some passion and energy to create it. In becoming aware of what is unfolding in our live and that our live is revealing to us, we can pull the string and see what beliefs govern the experience we have.

Here wisdom can be used to erase karma. It is the same way we can change the direction of an object by applying some unbalanced force to the object. We can divert an existing karmic pattern with understanding the flow pattern and the cause of that pattern. By applying the appropriate insight about the either the condition causing the karmic pattern or by understanding the direction of the karmic pattern we can divert and/or free the bound energy to flow into an experience that better serves us rather than some experience of pain.

Working with karma (Top)

There is a conscious part and a nonconscious part governing our actions. It is true we need do nothing for our lives will unfold in some way. But the fact we do nothing does not negate the fact we are traveling in a predetermined direction with our life. If we like who we are, enjoy life and have a deep enthusiasm for life and a passion to be, we have found our bliss and we need do nothing. We only need to enjoy it and make a toast and give gratitude to the experience of life and wonderment of the universe. If we do nothing we will have more the same unless our unfolded doubts and fears begin to reveal themselves. If however, we feel life can be better, then we may want to consider what beliefs we are holding onto that are taking us in the direction in which we are going. It is suggested we become a little bit conscious, not a lot, just a little, - just enough to step out of those preset patterns to see what really serves us and allows us to create a life worth living.

Now the way the concept of karma is normally seen is that once the intention is set, it is fixed and there is no changing it until the experience is had. It is like a bullet that is shot out of a rifle. Once the bullet is shot, there is no stopping it until its energy is expended. Although this is a correct description of what happens, it is not the correct description. Karma is just intention, and like any other intention it can be changed. First we need to know it exists. Second we need to understand what it represents and third, we can then choose to change it. So nothing is really fixed.

The problem with karma is that everything that is described as karma tends to be unknown to one’s psyche until it manifests. It is almost like a time capsule that is set to go off in certain situations and we don’t know we carry it until it goes off. Also karma becomes a convenient excuse not to take responsibility for what happens in our life. It is much more convenient to let things manifest and say it was only karma. To say that we in some way, are getting exactly what we choose and we are responsible for all that occurs in our life it a little too difficult for most people. Yet that is the real meaning behind karma.

Many would strongly argue that they did not choose pain, displeasure or all the “not good” things in their life. However, with this kind of thinking the individual will always be the victim of outside circumstance since they will never consciously choose to change what is in their life. They will in fact be subject to the Lords of Karma since they will never gain the understand to manipulate the energy in their lives before it manifest as unpleasant events or circumstances. There is no karma. There are only intentions that we have forgotten that continually manifest in our lives until we choose to change them. Karma is just one of many contexts that explains how the universe works and unless you realize it is only one of many mechanism for continuing the desire for experience our life will be controlled by this model.

But we can create it and dis-create it at will. It is all part of the “Cosmic”plan and the Consciousness at play. Yet it is not so much a “plan” as it is just the way Creation works. The concept of karma, that an intention stays in motion until acted up, is just the way the universe operates and it looks as though there is a Divine plan to unfold. In knowing the creative “laws’ of creation/Creation we can change what we experience and the shift the flow of energy which is giving rise to what we experience. The question is, “How do we go back and access the root cause of what is giving rise to what we experience?”

Working with karma is actually quite simple and can be viewed from two aspects. The first we have already alluded to the intention for our life and what we come to experience in physical Creation. What ever initial programming we bring into life can be seen as our karma whether it is judged good or bad. We make choices about what we desire to experience, set up a few key parameters as control check points along the way, forget what we created and come into Physical Creation experiencing life as if we were never here before and we don’t know what we are doing

As we live our life, the patterns we set unfold. Some of them come upon us as totally unexpected events and we are amazed at how things orchestrate as though there is magic in our life. Then, at at other times, we seem to remember and recognize the next decision even before we arrive at the next decision point. As these patterns do manifest, we either accept them and are happy with them as they unfold or we struggle, fight and try and change them without realizing where they come from and what is actually controlling them.

We can change what we set up to experience in life, but we have to go deep into our unconscious to ferret out the particular patterns that we wish to change. Once we have gone that deep, we realize why those patterns were chosen in the first place. More often than not, we usually become content to work through them. What we come to see is that we have a different perspective about Creation at this level of our being. We see very differently. At this level we see the wisdom in what has been created and we know that we desire that experience and we desire to experience it one way or another, otherwise we would have never choose it in the first place. This leads us to the second way of viewing karma.

Karma is just the way we keep a long term focus on the evolution of our creative spirit. We sometimes think our only life on earth is this particular life. As such, it is very limited and there are only a very few things we can sample from the variety of life experience in any one life. For example, each life give us only one physical death. One death out of the myriad ways to die is a rather poor sample for the experience of death. But the same can be said of marriage, education, professions, and living and experiencing different part of the planet.

Another view of life is that we desire to evolve or awaken our creative spirit to different capabilities than those fo which we are consciously aware we have. For example, suppose our creative spirit wants to experience and fully understand the concept of compassion. Our creative spirit then chooses to experience compassion and that become the karmic intent for the next series of incarnations until compassion is fully understood from a multitude of aspects. Now an important note needs to be made here. To fully experience compassion we need to experience both from the giving view point and the receiving view point and we need to know what it feels like when we give it or don’t give it and what we receive it and when we don’t receive it. Some of us wonder why we have debilitating injuries. Yet, that injury may be only the vehicle we use to experience an aspect of compassion.

Each lifetime then can then be seen as a day or one lesson in awakening our creative spirit. It is to live each lifetime to experience a different facet of compassion. Some lifetimes we receive compassion, some lifetimes we give compassion. Others we live without compassion. Each piece we experience is carried into the future life times, sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously, until all the pieces come together exactly the way that we wanted them to come together. Each lifetime revealing a facet of understanding until compassion is fully understood. When it is understood the a cycle is completed and a new choice is made.

Maybe this life time it is to experience flight in one of all its forms. But, to experience flight means in addition to flying as a human there is flight as experience by all the different flying entities - birds, bees, bugs and fairies. So maybe when we incarnated the very first time and experience the pleasure of the physical plane we were that cave man/woman who looked out at each soaring eagle and truly expressed the desire to fly when the physical means were not possible. Then, that one thought may have taken root within our psyche and we said, “I want to experience flying?” and not really knowing and understanding what flying is all about.

Then centuries passed when viewed from the eyes of man before the experience was available to be experience flying as a man/woman. Since the means were not available to experience the thought at that time, that thought became a “karmic” thought carrying into successive lives but not implemented or acted upon for many lifetimes until the time and circumstances were correct as a seed lays in a fertile waiting for the conditions to be just right. In the meantime, while man was evolving and evolving the understanding to learn how to fly, our creative spirit may have spent our time experiencing other forms of physical reality and other realities to experience what would be called flying. We are consciousness at play, and how you choose to play is up to we. As a human we should not limit ourselves by our thinking as to what consciousness can create. We only need to believe, to choose and to freely experience that what we have chosen. However, more often than not as a human, we are not free to fully experience what we have choosing so we end up binding our creative energy. That in turn, holds us to fixed patterns of creation/Creation until that energy is released.

It must be realized that all these thought and ideas that may take lifetimes to evolve that we hold and are integrated into the total desire for experience that we carry. These thoughts, as do all our other thoughts, must compete for our creative life energy as do all the other desires that we hold. What manifests at any particular instant is just that sum total allowing many beliefs and desire to be experienced simultaneously.

As long as we continue to hold the desire and the intention, it will manifest. The only question is where does it “sit” on the priority list and is our current environment conducive to the particular desire to manifest even if it is next on our list of experiences. It is rather difficult to experience riding a cruise ship when you are sitting in the middle of the continental United States The environment does have to be correct for the experience to happen. But it must be realized, that if that experience is next on our list of experience, we can be pretty well assured we are going to get a very strong inner feeling that you want to take a cruise on a cruise ship. Now we are faced with a choice. Do we listen to that inner feeling and go where we are lead fulfilling and experiencing the truth as we know it. Or do we deny the feeling, stay put in central United States, denying our truth and begin living with dis-ease. Or, do we explore the origins of the feeling we have and reevaluate the need for a cruise based on the needs of our creative spirit as viewed by the detached witness to what we truly desire to create and experience. The choice is ours.

Power of our intentions (Top)

In working with karma and the intentions for our life, it needs to be realized we work at the energetic level. Some would call it a soul level but that implies the soul is somehow separated from the body. Rather, our body is our energy manifested physically and what we shift energetically we shift in our mind, our body and the environment in which we find ourselves.

To state it another way, our karma and the motion to our existence that keeps us on the proverbial wheel of karma is created by our intentions at the non localized energy level where all is possible. We experience that level in our creative imagination. We do not make these change by our mundane actions in the world. The beliefs you hold because of our existence in Physical Creation in this current lifetime are the cause and effect  experiences we have because we act on the beliefs we hold. They do normally create karma or set a motion to our existence unless we couple them with an intention that goes out over time.

For example, we are in a conversation with an individual. As we talk to them we think, “This person is a jerk.” It is what we believe and it is our judgment and opinion of them. It may or may not be true. But it doesn’t matter. It is our experience of what is happening. What we are thinking reinforces our belief about the person and will bias our interaction with them in the future, but it will not create karma and is not an intention.

However, if we think, ‘This person is a jerk and I never want to see them again” is something quite different. Here we create an intention that may endure for eternity. Our problem arises when this “jerk” is essential for a part of our unconscious to surface. If we set the intention never to see them again, we may create a separation and tension within our own being with competing desires. To desire “Cosmic” consciousness is to totally awaken all levels of our consciousness. To keep a portion of that consciousness unconscious because of the intention to never see this person again, we create the obstacle to our own awakening.

Here again the rule of thumb. Always intend our actions in unconditional love and for the free and unfetter unfoldment of the creative spirit within each individual. This will help prevent us becoming our own obstacle to what we desire to create.

What needs to be understood is the level of consciousness is what determines how one is affected by karma. The problem with work things at the energetic level is that the energetic level is extremely sensitive to the intentions that we carry that are the basis of any action we take in the physical world. However any action we take in the physical world without intention has no real impact on the flow of our creative life energy. There is no binding of the energy. Throwing a ball up in the air to thrown a ball up in the air has no real impact on the unfoldment of our creative spirit other than having the experience of gravity and the ball. To throw a ball up in the air with the intention of understanding gravity will have a tremendous impact on our creative spirit.

Any intention that we have no matter how expressed or unexpressed causes a chain of events to begin and will continue unless otherwise changed. We cannot hide things from the flow of our creative life energy like we can in the physical world. There are no secrets at the energetic level. We are very accustom to stating things that are acceptable to those around us. But we have intentions other than what way we say and speak. There are things we do not wish to express that reflect our real intentions, desire, wishes, expectations or fears that are really motivating our action.

What we fail to realize is our intentions (whether it be in the form of a desire, wish, avoidance of something like fear or pain, expectations and such), even unexpressed (consciously or nonconsciously), becomes the basis of the reality we create. If we act out of fear, that underlying intention of avoiding fear become woven into the creation we experience. If we act gain power but verbally express something different that intention to gain power is embedded in our actions and any subsequent creation resulting from our actions. If we action proactively and seemingly courageously in the world but carry the underlying belief that we are not worth and inadequate because of what our mother or father expressed to us as a child, that unworthiness and inadequacy color our actions and will be manifest in some way in the creation we have.

Working at the energetic level requires us to act because it is correct to act and to leave the results to destiny. We must be detached to effectively work at the energetic level. Any expectation or anticipated outcome is an intention and will carry consequences.

Karmic mismatch (Top)

Karmic mismatch is where we create a tension within our own being It is where we choose to divert our energy at a lower level from that chosen at a higher level of your being. That creates the karmic mismatch. It is where our transcendental mind has its desires and wants are somehow opposed or in conflict with what our enculturated mind desires and wants.

The way of being to experience any creation or experience of Creation which allows for the free flow and nonbinding dissipation of our creative life energy is to act corresponding to the our highest level of non-conflicting beliefs. It is our most natural state of being and is the state of being which allows us to freely enter the state creative play and the most creative state of being. Karmic mismatch occurs when the encultured mind or even the transcendental mind interjects beliefs at the lower levels of being that conflict with the flow pattern established at higher levels of being. Usually mind injects these beliefs because of attachments and/or desires that we come to hold because of the physical body we have and the experiences we encounter in our current life.

The typical example is where our transcendental mind creates and intention for our life. Or surfaces memories about what we are experiencing that would cause us to act one way or another. But, our enculturated mind has created a competing intention or has different ideas about what we are experiencing. The two opposing sets of desires create a tension and we may experience that tension as a pain that we desire and/or act to numb.

The higher levels of beliefs are those which lie closest to the truth of reality and that allows for the free unfoldment of our creative spirit and that of any others. They are the beliefs that lie close to oneness and that enable us to become that detached witness and see the bigger picture behind any experience we have. They tend to be belief that move to strengthening of all part of the creative experience as equals but different. They allow for the expansion and grown into the infinity of our own being. The allow us to experience the inner satisfaction and fulness of being. Since we all are unique, they will most probably be different in some way for each of us.

It needs to be realized from a creativity perspective and how our energy manifests within the understanding of energy consciousness, it does not matter what we choose to believe, what we choose to be or become and/or choose to experience. We are completely free and consciousness at play. The only judgements that exist are those that we impose on ourselves. However, there are consequences for our actions for the time and place in which we exist. There is nothing wrong with being in any motion, or in any direction of travel in life or in any pattern that continually creates and dissolves a particular type and kind of experience. The question is whether or not what we experience serves us and allows us to create a life worth living. We just need to understand that an object, that is, any particle form of energy consciousness, will continue in the state that it is in unless there is the conscious choice to change its motion.

Wisdom erases karma (Top)

In realizing that karma is really only the equivalent of Newton’s law of motion that an object in motion will stay in motion unless it is acted upon by some unbalanced force we have the option of changing karma. We have a choice. Free will allows us to step out of any karmic pattern at any time. Transcending the world of duality is to transcend the world of what you believe. In stepping out of mind we have the option to change the cause effect chain  of events.

To change an objects motion, we must first be aware that it is motion. Once we become aware, we can then choose to act on that object to change it motion. In the awareness of an object in motion we become aware of the cause of that motion based on its trajectory and we can then change the cause effect relationship. To do this within our life, we need to become mindful and aware of the thoughts we have, the feelings which arise and the experience we are having in life. We then need to adopt the perspective of the detached witness to look beyond the thought, feeling and/or experience to see what is giving rise to it. As we become mindful and awareness, we will being to see patterns. We can pull the string on both why we have any particular thought, feeling or experience or, why we have the pattern of thoughts, feelings and experiences that we do. In pulling the string we can get to the root of what which is causing them to arises.

In pulling the string on what we experience, this also brings in Einstein’s observation and the concept of “Creative Relativity.” It is to realize that within a give reference system, we will not know that we are in motion. We can become aware of accelerations and changes in motion but we will not become aware of the motion itself unless we have a point of reference outside ourselves. We only become aware of our motion in comparison to another object by how fast or how slow the other object is moving toward or apart from us. If we are traveling together in the same direction at the same speed we will see no motion. We only become aware of our motion in relation to another object. This is why creation is not done alone. We another if for no other reason that to gauge our own motion. So too with our karma and the direction of any aspect of our life. We only become aware of the motion in our life relative to the motion of another. We simply need to look at how quickly we are moving apart from another to understanding what direction and at what speed we are traveling relative to their motion. As an infinite creative being, we will need many such individuals and interactions to explore the depth and breadth of our own being.

The question we are faced with is, “Is there a point that doesn’t move from which all motion can be measured?” What is interesting is that many physicists and astronomers of the world would have us believe there is a point from which all motion seems to emanate. That point is the point at which the Big Bang occurred and physical universe as we currently know it was created. Similarly, theologians of all religions and spiritual tradition have such a reference point in their concept of God. In some ways the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective is such a reference point created for this material. The Eastern masters would have you believe that there is such a point when we consciously detach ourselves from our body and we reach the stillness within our being, that place of “no-thing-ness” and tap the Source of all Creation. However, they all are only a perspective in comparison to something else. How and what we believe is our choice. The recommendation made here is to allow effectiveness to be your measure of truth and the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective allows for the creation of many effective creative tool. It is not the answer but a starting point we may find useful in our creative journey.

The point to be made here is that there may be experiences that we have elected to experience in this life. But what we have elected to experience does not have to be experienced in pain, unless of course that is our desired experience. Wisdom can be used to change karma and/or make our experiences more enjoyable. When the obstacles seem insurmountable there are ways to get around any obstacle. What we need to come to understand we can choose to have our experiences when the obstacles are as simple as stepping across a stream. Or, we can wait till it becomes a creek, a small river, or as huge as a lake or ocean. The choice is our.

Taking on another’s karma (Top)

Taking another’s karma is really putting up with or tolerating another person’s karmic mismatch at the expense of our own way of being. Hence creating our own karma mismatch. It is something that is done quite routinely by everyone but done at a subconscious level and it is one of the common ways that we cause our energy to be bound. It is putting up with someone else’s non-natural way of being and living more towards their satisfaction at the expense of our being as opposed to being who and what we are.

We have a natural way of being for the flow of our energy as we are directing it by the beliefs that we hold. Whenever we live other than our natural way of being and follow a belief or a way of being contrary to our own, we create a karmic mismatch. If we live other than our natural way of being to live in such a way to make us acceptable to another person who is living outside of their natural way of being, we take up there karma for their mismatch becomes the source and cause of our mismatch. That is, they are living with a karmic mismatch. Because we are focusing our life on their way of mismatched living, we cause our own mismatch in response to theirs. Hence we take on their burden because we allow them to stay in their pattern. In doing so, we create a non-constructive pattern of our own.

Taking on another person’s karma is not necessarily bad. There is only two questions that really need to be asked. One is, “Are we aware enough to shed the karmic mismatch we create in ourselves by working with, being with or tolerating the other individual.” The second question is, “Why are we putting up with that other individual at the expense of creating a karmic mismatch in ourselves.” If the person is willing to change and working to change, that is one issue. However if that person is unwilling to change then we really need to ask why we are denying our own natural way of being for another.

Working with the karmic mismatch of another (Top)

Karmic mismatch is ultimately and usually a result of a difference between what our enculturated mind desires and what our transcendental mind desires. When viewed from the enculturated mind, the issue is about aligning our enculturated mind with “higher” or more all encompassing beliefs that tend to be found within spiritual traditions. Given the fact that wisdom can erase karma and our intentions can shift karma, three approach have been identified that attempt to remove the mismatch. One, called the teacher approach, is being in the world as a traditional teacher attempting to convert the world. The second called the guru approach is the approach used by the traditional guru. The difference between the teacher approach and the guru approach is essentially the difference between a home game and an away game. That is we play the game as we want to play it or as others want to play it. Then there is a seldom used third way called portaging.

Both the teacher approach and the guru approach is based on the belief that the teacher or guru has a method that will resolve any karmic mismatch. Quite simply it is that the teacher and guru have a set of beliefs which they consider “higher,” more spiritual and more powerful to which an individual can learn and align their enculturated mind. The expected result is to remove any pain, discomfort or misfortune as a result of misalignment between one’s higher or spiritual beliefs and the other beliefs held in their enculturated mind.

The main difference between the teacher approach and the guru approach is somewhat like the different of playing a game where there house rule for the game. Either our house rules are used and one can play a home or we can play an away game using someone else’s rules. That is, house rules tend to favor the home team. The main problem with both the teacher and guru approach is that, in general, they do not allow for the uniqueness of the individual and what they have incarnated to give humanity. Portaging uses a different approach than either the teacher or guru approach.

Teacher approach to karmic mismatch
(Top): In the teacher approach, the teacher goes into the world with their beliefs and try and “convert” the world to a different way of thinking. That is, convert the world to the thinking held by the teacher. The teacher approach can also be called the conversion approach since one tries to “convert the world.” This is the approach many religious and spiritual traditions use although they do not necessarily see their efforts and helping individuals address their karmic mismatch.

The teacher goes into the world in some way to show the world another way of being, namely the path of the teacher and/or embraced by the teacher. It many ways the teacher approach is the equivalent of an away game. That is, the game of life is played by the rules of the home team (those in the world) and the teacher tries, in some way, to convert those in the world to the teachers way of thinking. Those whom the teacher approach play the game of life in a way that is different than the way the teacher would want to play at home. The teacher plays the best they can the way the home team wants them to play. As a result, conversion moves slowly as others move to embrace the teachers beliefs or the teacher slowly evolve the others to the way they want to play at home.

The teacher approach has an established tradition and way of being in the world. The teacher has usually achieved an awareness of some type and they working to bring others to that particular awareness that is had by the teacher. Whether it be by publishing books, creating a school to educate the uneducated, a hospital to heal the sick, or just to be in the world showing individual a different way of being with the intent of conversion are all methods which can be used.

In some ways it is very much like bating a hook. Once we caught the fish, we can do with it what we desire. In this cases it is to educate them into way of being reflected in the tradition/teachings of the teacher. The process can work well if the teacher can stay truly faithful to their way of being and pull the individual towards themselves by working on the mismatch between the individual’s way of thinking and being in the world and the teacher’s way of thinking and being in the world that the teacher believes will relieve the mismatch. The relief obtained by the individual becomes the bate for the hook, which is to learn more about the teaching.

However, in working within the world, it is very easy to accommodate those of the world and the message becomes quickly compromised. The reason for this is quite simple. In trying to ultimately convert other individuals, the teacher is attached to them and become reluctant to let them go. That reluctance to let them go slowly causes the teacher to move away from their center to live more and more within the world of those they are trying to convert.

Since the teacher is focused on at those who are carrying a karmic burden and not living their natural way of being, the teacher slowly starts to pick up their burden. Remember our creative life energy goes to create an experience of that on which we focus. By focusing on karmic mismatches, we slowly create and experience of the mismatch. If the teacher does not remain aware and alert, before they realize it they carry their own karmic burden. They end up compromising their truth for they relinquishing their own state of being to be present to the other.

The problem with the teacher path is two fold. One is the problem of the path in that the individual is taught to focus on the path of teacher, their tradition and the state of being that it creates rather than the individual following their own unique path. The second is that since the teacher is not operating in the way that they would prefer as in a “home game” it is much easier for the teacher to compromise their message for the sake of the audience.

Frequently, the teacher gives the impression they are taking on the weight of the world trying to convert the world. There is the belief that if we make truth more palatable in small bits, one can slowly reel another in as if we were trying to catch a fish. Yet, if the bits are too small the truth becomes lost and/or pieced back together in the wrong way..

It is to be noted that this teacher path is sometimes called the path of compassion because the individual goes into the world to work with the individuals where they are found trying to get the individual to release their mismatch in their life. However in it not so much a path of compassion as a path of conversion. It does need to be noted that it can become extremely frustrating if the teacher becomes attached to the rate at which the individual are, or are not aligning, with their teaching. Of course, the more frustrated the teacher becomes, the more karmic mismatch they creates for themselves

Guru approach to karmic mismatch
(Top): The guru approach to karmic mismatch is the equivalent of the home game played with the rules of the home team. The guru has an established tradition and way of being in the world. Individual come to him/her and focus on their presences. Focusing on the guru as the focus of their meditation and their life is part of the process For some gurus that is the process. To say nothing but only be the focus of the disciple’s meditation, the disciples’s watchfulness, the disciple’s observation and the disciple’s awareness.

The other part involves the individual’s karmic mismatch. The individuals who come will have a variety of issues either about the guru’s approach, their own lives, or the universe itself. If the guru chooses only to sit, the individual must wrestle with all their issues inside themselves. They must continually bring themselves back to the focus on the state of being embodied in the guru.

If the guru chooses to just be who and what they are, the individual must create the reality that they become the guru. That is, they become the object of their focus for they have made the judgement that the guru’s way of being is the way they want to be.

If the guru chooses to engage the individual on their issues in whatever way the guru chooses, he will be moving from his way of being more towards the individual’s state of being. This means the guru will pick up the individual’s karmic burden. He is relinquishing his own state of being to be present to another who is outside of their state of being and living their karmic mismatch. Although the guru moves from being centered in his natural way of being he keeps focused on his way of being. The guru pulls the individual towards him by working on the mismatch between the individual’s way of thinking and being in the world and the guru’s way of thinking and being in the world.

If the guru forgets, which they sometimes do, they pick up a karmic burden and then must shed that burden in a way most appropriate to themselves. The only really issues with the guru path is the individual focuses on the guru and his state of being that is created from within the guru’s tradition rather than the individual following their own unique path. It is to be noted that the guru path is sometimes called the path of the heart because the guru becomes the sole focus of the disciples love and attention. But one needs to ask if loving the guru and denying the love of oneself as a unique creation is really the path of the heart.

Portaging approach to karmic mismatch
(Top): Portaging is unlike the teacher or the guru approach and uses a different philosophy. The teacher and guru approach look to the karmic mismatch as a result of failure to align enculturated beliefs with beliefs that transcend our current life. To address this issue both the teacher and guru provide a set of beliefs that can transcend our current life and an enculturation which allows the individuals to align both. Portaging is different in that it about creating a space for another to become true to themselves and helping to carry their load while they rest, heal and find themselves. To portage we work with the individual in their world and are present to their needs. All we do is help them to move a new current in life.

The concept of portaging comes from the way many Native Americans used the inland streams and rivers. Traveling in a canoe was much faster than traveling overland through thick forests. But the streams did not always go where you needed to go. Rather than travel across land, the Indians would travel the rivers and then portage their canoe and baggage across a narrow stretch of land to a new river or stream that would get them were they needed to go. However a fully loaded canoe and maybe the canoe itself cannot be carried by one individual. Analogously, if an individual wants to take their canoe and all their baggage out of one river of life and carry it to another, they will need some assistance. Portaging is not about directing a person or acting as a guide. Rather we function only to help in the way the need help to move out of our flow of life into another. It is to assist the individual in becoming the mythical phoenix and recreating their life.

In portaging is based on the realization that the individual needs to learn to follow their heart and to move in whatever stream of life to which their heart leads them. It is about assisting the individual to align with the creative life energy that flows within their being and sustains them. It is also to help the individual to get in touch with the reason they incarnated to either chose to align with that reason or at least be aware of what direction it is and has been leading them.

Portaging is much more similar to gardening than some type of teacher-disciple, priest-disciple or guru-disciple path. It is about gardening our mind and what we do to see if we are nurturing the individual’s creative spirit. Portaging is about becoming a gardener who nurtures the individual into their own unique path the way one would help a seed to grow.

The gardener does not make the seed grow rather it only assists its growth by provided nutrients, water and maybe some weeding. Portaging seeks to analogously do the same. In portaging, the individual is always in control of where they want to go and the gardener only helps to carry their baggage. But in helping them carry the baggage they help to discard what they no longer need. The individual is lead to new currents of life that are found within the individual’s own heart. We help the individual to explore and replace beliefs that the individual holds about the nature of themselves and reality to create experiences which serve the individual and help them to create a life worth living.

In this path, the gardener is willing accept the other person’s karmic burden for a short time until the individual can get firmly place in a new life current. Then that current will lead the individual to where they need to go, not the gardener. The biggest issue with this path is that the gardener needs to remember that they are there only to help the individual for a short period of time and they move on to another. There is no tradition to follow and there is no community to build. The only goal is to get the individual to operate from their own internal compass of the heart. To do this, the gardener must remain focused on what it is they are doing and not pick up a karmic burden. The easiest way to do this is to make the portage as close to creative play as possible and be in the innocents of play. Then the load is light and easily released when the individual reaches the new currents of life and realize the load they were carrying was not needed and simply slowing them down.

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