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Relative to the needs of any creation, two things need to be remembered. One is that we must give an unfolding creation what it needs, not what we want. The second is all creations are something not previously seen or experienced.

What is means is that if we nurture a creation in the way we want to nurture it, we are recreating the past. We literally force the new creation to mold itself into the past rather than unfolding true to itself as a unique creation. The reason for this is quite simply. Mind only knows the past and what it has experienced. To nourish a creation based on what mind thinks is to only feed the new creation the past. That, in turn, will nourish those aspects of the creation that looks like or resembles the past. It will not nourish those aspects of the new creation that look nothing like the past.

To nourish a creation true to its needs, we must be mindful and aware and either follow the symptoms revealed by the creation and/or our intuitive guidance. The more a creation is like the past, the more we can rely on our mind as to what needs to be provided. But for anything that is significantly different from the past, we must become very observant. We must pay close attention to what the new creation is being drawn, or not drawn, to explore and/or respond. For example, most plants tend to bent or move toward the sunlight. Often you will see plants struggling to grow toward the sunlight. If we should see such a thing in our creation, then we must move it toward the sun. Otherwise we will stunt its growth.

We must watch at every level of being. We must look to see how the creation is responding and to what does it respond. If we are not sure and see nothing, we may want to ask our intuitive guidance and see how it responds and what it says to do. Sometimes doing nothing is totally appropriate.

If we ask our intuitive guidance and it responds and honor it. We must allow ourselves to experiment as appropriate and as necessary. It needs to be remembered the thought or image of intuitive guidance may be wrong but the direction in which we need to go or act is correct. In terms of nourishing a creation, we must act on our intuitive guidance but we must be careful, mindful and awareness it may be telling us to do something that is not quite correct. We need to watch how the creation responds as we act. The direction in which we act will be right but we must be prepared for the fact that what we may be doing may not be in the creation’s best interested. If what we do is not correct we can expect either the creation will respond in some way or our intuitive guidance will provide addition direction as it gains experience about the creation.

In all cases, we must remain focused on giving the creation what it needs and not what we want to give it. Focusing on its needs will direct our attention and awareness in that direction to seek that answer. In doing so, we will gain that understanding and access what we seek.

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