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The tenth step in the creative/creation process is stated as: return to conceptual formation

Creation is a never ending ebb and flow of energy into and out of form. All creation will ultimately come to an end and the materials of that creation returned to the source/Source out of which it came. When our current creation ends, the energy is then freed to create something new.

What needs to be understood is that creation/Creation is multidimensional. We continually exchange energy across dimensions. We are not segmented and compartmented like watertight ship. Nor are our creations.

We think the various aspects of our lives, such a parent, lover, employee, sibling, offspring, and the like are separate. We think we can keep what happens at work separate from our home life. We think our relationships with our siblings or parents is separate from our relationship with our friends and the people at work. But nothing can be farther from the truth. Most of these exchanges goes on at a subconscious and energetic level so we are never consciously aware of exactly how they affect us and the various aspects of our lives.

What is important to realize is they also affect our creations. In essence we are returning to the conceptual formation step all the time. This is why a single point focus with a very clear intention is so important in our creative endeavors. Life will continually pull us away from any and all our creative endeavors and/or cause them to go off tangential to what we really desire to create. It takes an exceptionally strong strength of will and passion to keep focused. This is why someone who holds us accountable to what we desire to create such as a creation partner or a rainmaker is so important.

The only questions are, “Are we creating what we desire and are we creating a life worth living?” If the answer is yes to both these questions, then your are offered the following thought and recommendation: There is no time but this time, there is no moment but this moment. This moment is the perfect expression of the beliefs that you hold at this instant. You are perfect, you are the perfect expression of your beliefs. If you like who you are, enjoy life and have a deep enthusiasm for life and a passion to be, you have found your bliss and you need do nothing. Enjoy it and make a toast and give gratitude to the experience of life and wonderment of the universe. You already are your heart’s desire.

If the answer is no to either of these question, then the recommendation is recommendation is made to ask your intuitive guidance, “What really is keeping me from creating what we desire or a life worth living?” Then honor the intuitive guidance you get and in entering the journey offered by your intuitive guidance, you may want to enjoy it and make a toast and give gratitude to the experience of life and wonderment of the universe.

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