Seeding the creation


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Seeding the creation
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The fourth step in the creative/creation process is stated as: Seeding the creation - planting the seed and/or uniting complements [the way the masculine and feminine join - conception - rainmaker - setting the mold - the point of creative power - single point focus]

In the Conceptual Formation Step it was said: Conceptual formation is about creating the seed condition or the blueprint for our creative endeavors. The seed condition is one of two things. One form of the seed condition is to create a seed if planted in the correct soil will germinate, grow and unfold. The second form of the seed condition is to create all the necessary conditions that are needed that lie within one’s power. When the appropriate complementary aspect is found and the two parts a brought together a seed is produced much the way sexual reproduction works. This fourth step is about actually planting the seed and or uniting the complements which allow the seed to be created and planted.

The second step in the creative/creation process was seen as creating the inner and outer space for the creation. The third step was taking all the material out of the space and throwing it into the Cauldron of creation/Creation to be dissolved and the energy made available to finance the new creation. This current step is about making it happen. Up to this point all that is done is infertile. It will not produce the desired creation. Many of our creative endeavor stop at this point for there is an essential piece that occurs in this step.

This step is the culmination of the masculine act of thrusting. It is to actually plant the seed and/or to unit the complements to create the desired seed. It is the planting of the seed or the conception of that seed that makes all the difference in what does or doesn’t manifest. No matter how you look at it, it is to take the thrust of the masculine desire and insert it into the feminine womb to be nurtured. Whether we plant a seed in the ground to nourish it formation, inserting a seed crystal into a supersaturated solution, or the uniting of a male and female to impregnate the female, it is about inserting the seed into the fertile feminine space. Here a transition form the masculine to the feminine occurs. “Ownership” of the creation moves from the masculine into the feminine aspect.

It is here there is also what can be called a “magic” is introduced. When the seed is inserted, it is push into the unseen and “underground.” The “magic” exists in that exactly what allows any one particular seed to spring forth and grow is not known to our mind. All seeds that are planted do not grow. There is a question as to “why?” There is the question, “Is there something we can do that will increase if not guarantee that any one particular seed will grow?” The recommendation made here is that you do your own experiments for the seeds you wish to plant. What you will find is that there are conditions within your control that will increase the probability of your seeds germinating and growing. But you will have to study them for a big part of the issue is what type and kind of energy you carry into the environment you will use to grow your seeds.

Everything up to this point was playing with the potential for creation. Nothing was really committed. However, with the insertions there is a shift from the potential for creation to moving into what is actually possible for the environment selected. Up to the moment of insertion, there is the possibility of changing and shifting the seed condition. At the moment of insertion, the commitment is made. If we pull the seed back out, we end the creation. Even if we reinsert the same seed, a new creation is formed. A new creation very similar to, but different from, the one removed. Even if we use the same seed and insert it into the same place, there is a difference in the energy.

To take a bean seed and put it in a hole and immediately take it out because there was a doubt about planting that bean seed then reinserting it, the energy is different. You may not perceive the difference, but there is a difference. How big an effect it makes on a the bean plant is probably minimal. But consider a man and a women making having intercourse. Consider either the man or the woman saying, take it out. Then saying, okay. The child conceived before such a statement is conceived in a different energy than after that statement is made. There is a profound difference in the energy. That difference can and will affect what unfolds. In one case there is a question of doubt as to whether or not the child is freely chosen and wanted. This doubt will always be there throughout the life of the creation.  In the second case doubt is removed and the child is desired. Here again, the energy you carry into the environment will make a big difference as to what grows and unfolds.

What needs to be understood in this step is the energy condition created at the time the seed is planted. The most important things we can do to insert the seed in optimum condition is to mindful and aware of all the conditions that we can. It is to be very clear in what you intend and why. It is to hold a single point focus as the energy flows out of the cauldron of creation/Creation into your desired creation.

Hopefully we have realized long before this step that the blueprint for the flow of energy to follow to manifest the creation is determined not just what we hold consciously. It also includes our subconscious programming. Our mind determines the form our energy will take and that form is solidified into a physical experience. So it is essential that we become mindful and aware both consciously and subconsciously as to what we really desire to create. If we do, we will continue to plant seeds that come from our subconscious and then be puzzled as to what keeps interfering with our own creation.

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The way the masculine and feminine join - conception - rainmaker - setting the mold - the point of creative power - single point focus

The way the masculine and feminine join
(Top): Although the seed has either already been created or created when the masculine and feminine join, how they join can be essential to the creation. In planting a seed in the ground, the masculine aspect is to place the seed in the fertile feminine soil which will nurture the creation. Some seeds need to lie very close to, if not on, the surface to grow. Other seeds need to be placed within the ground to a certain depth. When we are faced with a masculine aspect and feminine aspect which are conscious of themselves and have a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspect, what occurs energetic is even more variable. Relative to human creativity, some of the more important aspects are discussed in the series of discussions around the masculine creative aspect, the feminine creative aspect, the joining of the masculine and feminine and the web site Creative Sexuality.

(Top): Conception is about bringing together the compliments of a created seed conditions. As stated above, often all the necessary conditions that are needed that lie within one’s power are established. However, the seed itself cannot be created until a complement is joined to complete the creation of the seed. This step is where those complements are joined and the seed created and inserted in the available environment. In most cases the joining of the complements also create an adequate space for the seed to be planted.

(Top): The rainmaker in this step is much like the function of the rainmaker in the Energy Generation Step. The rainmaker is not always present in a creative endeavor. When the mature nurturing feminine creative energy is available, the rainmaker is usually unnecessary. In many ways, the creation rainmaker supplements and complements the feminine presence to bring it up to a level of the mature nurturing feminine creative energy. When they are present, they do two things. One is they help to create the safe and secure space for the free flow of the creative energy and for the individual’s creative spirit to freely express itself in the way it needs to be expressed. The other is they hold the individual accountable to the intention they created. It is very easy to become distracted in a creative effort and/or to try to escape the anxiety of creation experienced during the transit through the chaos of the cauldron of creation/Creation. The rainmaker help’s to keep the individual focused especially if the individual faces a dark night of the soul as the individual’s current world is stripped away.

Setting the mold
(Top): Setting the mold is very much related to the masculine and feminine joining in a creative effort. The previous step, Energy Generation, functions as that cauldron of creation/Creation where the existing form is dissolved much like iron which is melted in a blast furnace and ready to be poured into a mold. It is here the freed energy is directed to flow into the new shape. Although one may have a preselected mold based on a given intention, the intention we hold can change. If we fail to hold a single point focus for what we desire to create, we can become distracted and misdirect the energy into a form we do not really desire. Where this has the greatest impact is when our emotions outlook concerning our intention shift at or near the moment we act to manifest our intention.

The point of creative power
(Top): The point of creative power where the universe of infinite possibilities exists occurs the moment between the energy of creation being released from the exist form and just prior to directing the energy into a new creation. Our intention and attitude are key to what we create in this moment.

Single point focus
(Top): When the existing form is dissolved to release the energy into a new creation there is a fluidity in what can be created. All possibilities exist in that moment. The form that is created depend on the focus of our attention and awareness. Holding a single point focus allows the energy that is released to flow into the creation we desire and not be scattered and fragmented by competing internal influences and external influences.

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