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It is stated in the discussion ďThe Creative/Creation ProcessĒ: In reading this discussion, it needs to be noted the creative/creation process discussed here is not readily discernable for several reasons. The three most significant reasons are: (1) we are one perspective in a infinite, multidimensional Creation; (2) the perspective we take greatly determines what we see and donít see; and (3) we, ourselves, are in process. We are a creative living process continually recreating ourselves as a result of what we experience.

The following have been observed as influencing the effectiveness of how readily we can discern the creative/creation process. How big an influence and what combination exists depends on what
part of the process we observe and the creation which is unfolding.


The perspective we use  to view the process often masks the process which occurs in the unseen realm.

Environment of unfoldment

The creative/creation process will look different depending on the environment because of the way the environment and the creation are integrally connected. But, nevertheless, although the process looks different, the fundamental structure of the process remains unchanged.

Multidimensional beings

We are multidimensional or multifaceted beings as is physical Creation. Alternatively said, we, as Creation, are the composite and superposition of many large and smaller creations. We are a creation within Creation composed of creations. In any one moment we are in the creative process at a variety of levels within our being and at different points in the process. At any one moment, all the various aspects of our own being and Creation are at one point or another along the creative/creation process proceeding at different paces.  We rarely see a ďpureĒ creative process where everything else is stopped we see and experience only the pure process.

It is much like what very early chemists faced. In every moment, they were actively experiencing the chemical processes they wanted to study. Yet, to get the atoms in a pure state to observe the actual chemical process at its most fundamental level proved difficult. It takes time, effort, discernment and focus to follow any one process and not become distracted and lose focus.

Time for discernment and not being distracted and losing focus is one reason why many traditions require isolation and separation from the normal everyday world for an individual to create what they desire. This fact may require one to move into isolation as they work through the creative/creation process. To study the creative process requires an even greater effort, discernment and focus.

Creation is an experience

The creative/creation process is something that needs to be experienced to be truly understood. We have to be willing to consciously create and need to be aware and awake of the process as we travel the process to see what the process really is. There is a great difference between the mental understanding which can be learned by reading or in the classroom and the experiential or laboratory portion of the creative/creation process We are always creating subconsciously and unconsciously. The human being is creativity machine that cannot not create. However, the conscious experience of the process and see the limitations of mind in a truly creative endeavor and feel the process is not something that can be taught. It must be experienced in mindfulness and awareness.

Raw material of creation/Creation

We rarely go back to the raw material of Creation out of will all creation/Creation forms to see exactly what this material of creation is. We only focus on the flow of energy in the creative/creation process or the consciousness aspect. We continually recycle the material of creation in some already existing form Rather, the steps are ultimately discernable only in looking at the raw material of creation and understood in the light of the dance between energy and consciousness. In essence it is like using steel in a multitude of ways melting it down and recasting it again and again. But we never going back to see what the steel is to realize it is made of something more basic and fundamental and this fundamental material can be adjusted to change the properties of the steel.

We are a creative living process

We, ourselves, are in process. We are a creative living process continually recreating ourselves as a result of what we experience. Often we are what is changing and then project those changes externally. Until we become aware of our own process we will project our movement as the world external to us as moving.

We are a creativity machine

As an awake consciousness within a creativity machine, we continually create new flows of energy by how we focus our attention and awareness as a result of what we think and believe. Some things we believe more passionately than others. Some things have a greater influence on us than others. It is hard to discern exactly which flow of energy is giving rise to, or dominating, the experience we have.

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