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To become like the wind is to be free to let go and flow with the process. It is to be present to the moment as it is. It is to not be focused in the past or the in future. Rather, our awareness sees reality for what it is as it is. It is simply to be free of attachments. But here lies is the seeming paradox and difficult of becoming like the wind.

Our creative life energy flows into a given experience by how we focus our attention and awareness consciously and nonconsciously. We need to hold that focus to manifest an experience of that focus. Otherwise, our creative life energy will become diverted and we thwart our own creative efforts. We have to be attached to what we desire to create to hold that focus as a single point focus. The goal is to become like the wind. To be free to let go and flow with the process. But yet, to become like the wind, we need to become unattached and free to flow with the energy.

In general the pain, suffering, discomfort and the like that we experience in the creative process during he sacrifice and transformation for our creative endeavor is a result of our attachments. Either we are unwilling to let go of what needs to be let go or we are unknowingly holding on what should be released. The pain of not being willing to let go is our own fault and the result of the preferences and judgments of our mind. Unknowingly holding to what needs to be released requires us to become aware of the process of which we are a part and become open to feeling to know when to let go.

The key here is to learn to dance. It is to dance between holding focus with our mind and letting go to flow with what we feel. To do this we need a perspective and understanding of the process and to be open to feeling to feel the subtle differences in the flow. It is to hold focus with the mind on what we desire to create and then let go and hold focus on the flow and what we feel. When the flow begins to diminish for whatever reason, it is to return to mind to deal with what is causing the decrease in flow only to return to focusing and surrendering to the flow.

We need to realize, becoming like the wind to be free of attachments is to hold our creativity sacred. It is hold focus on the feeling of freedom. We hold it sacred because we do not give our creative life energy to the service of any other. For the attachments we do choose to have we know how we are being served by these attachments. We understand how in the end, they will give us the freedom we desire to experience.

In this regard, five areas have been identified that can assist us becoming like the wind. They are our perspective, the lessons learned from others, being open to feeling and discerning what we feel, freedom to let go, freedom of movement in the world. There are in essence the same issues we face in creating a gentle phoenix and are each is discussed in the topic, "Creating a gentle phoenix."

The most important thing we need to be free to let go is that we need a perspective and understanding. We need a perspective which allows us to understand the creative process and to trust the creative process as to what unfolds in our live including what unfolds in the sacrifice of creation and the chaos of creation. To flow with the flow, we need to be open to feeling at each and every level of our being including what we feel in the body

Be present to now

The alternative to living with attachment is to be fully present to now. That is, to allow ourselves to die each moment. Die to the past, die to the future. To be present to now is to be mindful and aware. It is to not live in the past nor the future but to be present to what is, as it is. To be present to now is to be out of mind and what we think and the judgments we have. If we observe ourselves at any given moment we will find we are thinking how we like or dislike what we are experiencing. Or, we are thinking about what we will do at some future time or remember something that has happened in the past. The more we are doing something that is of habit the more we can allow ourselves to not be present to what you are doing but off thinking about something else. Much of what we do in life is out of habit as opposed to awareness.

It is here our body can become a real asset. As we work with the body wisdom and become aware of the way it communicates to us , we have to be come very mindful and aware of its presence. As we do this more and more, there is an awareness that grows within our being and that is the awareness is that there is no moment but now. A difficult concept for most individuals to accept let alone embody is that there is no time but this time, there is no moment but this moment. This moment is the perfect expression of the beliefs that we hold at this instant. We are perfect. We are the perfect expression of our beliefs. We say this for in learning to accept what is, as it is, and the fact that at some level of being we have created what is, we allow ourselves and open ourselves to seeing exactly how and why we have created the experiences that we are having. But in any case, we cannot experience what is unless we are fully in the present, in the here and now. To do that, we can not be attached to the past or the future.

Becoming like the wind - non-exclusivity and letting go

The energy of the universe is non exclusive and non-judgmental. It is like the rain and the sun shine and each falls on the good and bad alike. The rain even falls when no one is there to appreciate it The rains do not swear at an individual because the individual is not the person the rains wanted to be there so it can fall upon. We cannot hold onto the energy of creation/Creation and it cannot be held. We cannot own it and we cannot possess it. It flows though our being and all of Creation. All that we can do is flow with it and utilizes its flow. We each need to let go and allow our creativity to become like the wind. The wind comes with nothing but the energy that it is and leave with nothing. Our goal in life should be to become like the wind and unattached with what we create, bringing our creation into the world, savoring each and letting the go without any attachments.

The illusion of Creation is energy can be held in a fixed form such as the way the mass of the earth appears fixed as mass and that mass arranges into what we experience as earth. However, there is nothing but space between the atoms and the atoms themselves are almost exclusive space. The creative life energy of Creation is always moving into and out of a created form just as consciousness is always awakening and going to sleep. The way Creation creates this illusion is through the infinite dimensions of being where one dimension is fixed and another moves. One dimension under goes a transit that is a very long expansion and contraction into and out of form that gives the illusion of millions and millions of years. Where as, other dimensions have transits that are very short cycles which we observer as a life forms that occurs during a season of a year, in minutes, in seconds or even in microseconds. However every form that we experience, whether it be a thought, a cloud, another life form, our physical body or the earth itself is only cycling between no-form and form ever collapsing and expanding and collapsing back into itself. While the form is cycling into and out of form, consciousness is awakening and going to sleep, remember and forgetting, experiencing one or more of the expansion of the energy in a long period that seems endless. When we attempt to hold onto the creation we experience, we live in the illusion of the creation. When we let go, we transcend the creation.

To be human is to experience the very long expansion and collapse of the physical world that we call earth and the relative short cycle of our bodies that couple the body cycle with the awakening and sleeping cycle of our consciousness. When we learn to change and adjust the awakening and sleep cycle of our consciousness, we will change the type and kind of physical reality we experience if we experience the physical reality at all. We can adjust this awaken and sleep cycle of consciousness within our own being such that the entire cosmic cycle of the formation, evolution and collapse of the earth occurs within a very short period of a wake cycle of our consciousness. In this fashion it would not be possible to experience physical reality in the way that we do for our period of being awake would transcend the physical cycle. Many see transcending the physical plane as living as a non-physical entity while the physical plane goes on the way it does in some parallel way. Although that is possible, that is not really what transcendence is about. Transcendence is having an awareness of consciousness such that one’s cycle of awakening and going to sleep is much longer than physical reality such that physical reality essentially no longer exists for you.

When we allow ourselves to flow with creation and become like the wind creating our reality and letting that reality flow past without attachment and readily allow our being to flow into a new creation we become free and unbound in every dimension of being. When we become like the wind, we become neither this nor that but part of everything and everything for we can flow into and out of everything without attachment.

In understanding and acting upon what is required for us to become like the wind at each and every level of being internally and externally for whatever creative endeavor we experience, we can have a gentle phoenix for any transition we ever face.

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