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The creativity perspective on death
Our perspective
Identification with the body
Why the need for death
The physical experience

From a creativity perspective there is no death. There is only the transformation of an existing form of energy consciousness into some new form. Energy, as consciousness, can neither be created or destroyed. We perceive death as we do become of (1) our perspective and (2) we identify with the body as opposed to the awareness within the body.

Our perspective (Top)

Death, experienced as the ceasing of something to exist, exists only because of the perspective we hold. If we look at the life of any creation there is it birth, it preservation and then its death followed by a quietness or non-existence. But this perspective is to view the creative/creation process from either within the eyes of the creation and/or within the world of the creation. There are multiple perspectives available. Form other perspectives we can seen that within the perceived quietness there is also a birth, a preservation and death in the unseen world. In the unseen world beyond the world of death there is life. Death exist only in relation to an expressed creation. In actually there is an ongoing, never ending, cycle of birth, preservation, death, dissolution and rebirth. We can look the ďMaking music analogy for the creative/creation processĒ and look at the quiet between the notes as the death of the note. Yet, there is movement in the unseen to make the next note.

Identification with the body (Top)

Our true identity is that of an infinitely creative being as described in the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective. We are a unique aspect of an infinite Consciousness seeking to discover and explore itself. As a unique aspect of an infinite Consciousness, it will take and infinite number of finite experiences to fully and totally experience exactly who and what we are. Creation is simply the composite and superposition of all these unique aspects of this Consciousness simultaneously experiencing themselves.

The essence of who we are is the awareness of this unique aspect of Consciousness awakening to the flow of energy within the body and looking out from within a body. As a human, there are an infinite number of unique experiences we can have as a human. Death is simply shedding our body, the vehicle for a physical experience as a human, for another type and kind of experience. Our problem is that, because of the intensity of the physical experience and the way it imprints our memories, we become attached to the body and think we are the body. As such, we are consumed by viewing our experience in the body as if our identity is the body.

To view our existence as a human means that we must die. To be human means we have a physical body which dies after a certain period of time. To view our existence as a human means that we cease to exist upon death. But a part of us knows this is not true. The awareness that something of us exists past death has been prevalent in almost every culture no matter where it has been found on earth. Some say it is wishful thinking on our part that we donít die. But others feel there is something more. They feel there is something beyond the physical. Some have said that we are a spirit having a physical existence.

What is missed is that we are the awareness within the body that awakens within a flow of energy. We then begin to define ourselves based on the experiences we have as that flow of energy. Yet we are not the flow. We are the awareness within the flow and it never dies. It simply redefines itself based on the flow of energy within which it awakens. Because of the intensity of the experiences in the flow, those experiences dominate our memory. But sometimes we remember. Sometimes we remember other experiences, other lifetimes, other bodies or other vehicles. We think it is our imagination but we never look to see what is really real. We fail to become aware that what is real are the feelings that give rise to our thoughts and images, not the thoughts or the images.

Our thoughts, which come from our mind that has arise as a result of the experiences of the body, say we are our body. But we are the awareness of our thought and the awareness of our feelings. If we identify with the awareness and live our life from that perspective, more as a detached witness, we can come to see we are not our bodies. In that awareness we can come to see death is a perception because of a view we have taken. In the awareness of a detached witness, we can come to see each moment provides death but it also provides a life. To think we live means we must die. To become aware we exist, death has no meaning other than a transition from one state of being to another. How much pain, suffering, joy or pleasure we experience in death is simply a matter of how we are choosing to view it and to what we do, or donít, hold. This, of course, is quite a leap for most of us and much easier said than done. Yet, it is nevertheless true.

Why the need for death (Top)

Death is not what we think it is. Death as we experience it is needed so that we donít get stuck and our creative life energy so bound such that we lose total freedom of movement and ability to create. In many ways death as it is currently experienced is a safety measure put into place so that we don't become trapped. There is no reason to die other than to release all that we have come to think we

In actuality death is actually about liberation. We create the condition to experience as we do only because of how we hold onto the past. If we learn to let go and simply flow with the flow of energy that sustains us, we could seen death no different than going to sleep in an airplane leaving one city and awakening in the morning being in another. Many do it all the time and think nothing of the experience. Death is no different. But we believe it is different so we fear it and try to avoid it.

An important part of the creative/creation process is the need to forget and becoming lost in the creation. If we do not become lost in the creation we will not fully experience what we have created. Similarly, if we remember exactly how we create what we do, we will attempt to change the creation whenever there is an aspect we may not enjoy. Memory is of mind. Being overwhelmed in the feelings which arise in the energy generating  step of the creative/creation process takes us out of mind. Being out of mind, the chaos of creation, the anxiety of creation and the annihilation of aspects of the existing creates conditions which allows us to forget how we created our experience. The overwhelming feelings of the dark night of the soul and/or the euphoria of the Kundalini in the flow of released energy allows us to become lost in the experience of the creation. These phenomenon, in turn, only prepare us to fully experience the creation we desire by causing us to forget we are the creator of the experience we  have.

In this regard there are two types of liberation. One death is the death of the creation. For example, the death of our body. The other type of death is the awareness shedding its identity while within the creation. The key to avoiding an experience of death is awareness. In awareness we can learn to let go of any experience we have when we have it and each experience is face new without judgement or bias. In that process the point at which physical death would occur is seen and experienced as any other moment.

The physical experience (Top)

The physical plane is a plane of grounding. That is, it pulls our awareness into form. It is a very important experience for it shows us what we have become and are creating. The physical plane slows down our ability to create and ties our creations to time so that we can actually come to learn and understand how we create what we do. It gives us a chance to see exactly who and what it is we are creating and capable of creating. This is why so many esoteric and mystical teachers talk about earth being a school. But it is not a school to learn anything in particular. It is simply to experience our creations is a greater awareness. The only lesson to be learned if there is one is awareness. Awareness of what we thinks, say, feel and do and to come to know what serves and doesnít sure us. 

Life tells us if we are living in heaven or hell. Because the experience can be so intense in the physical and each life gives us the opportunity to clean up our act so to speak. We can either make heaven here on earth and take it with us or we can create hell and also take it with us. However, before we can consciously create heaven we need to understand how we create hell. In that realization then we can learn to let go of our creation and allow heaven to exist and not hold onto it and become bound. We can become seriously bound to seeking pleasure and that which is pleasurable. At every moment we have the choice of changing what we have become to not repeat the past or we can hold to the past or even increase our burden of what we carry. All death does is provides us with a sharp break with the past to gives us the opportunity to start over. That is, of course, true only if we allow ourselves to release all that we carry with us at the moment of death.

How much we create that is truly new and how much of it is only a repeat from the past determines how much energy we allow to be bound in the memories we hold. It is here that the seeds of heaven and hell reside. If we are in heaven, our creative life energy is free and it is available to create whatever we desire. If we are in hell, we cannot free our energy and we are stuck in the past. We have little freedom to create something new. Yet, hell is only a cage of our own making. No one holds us to the past but ourselves. We hold the key to our own freedom or imprisonment. No one can unlock the door to our cage but ourselves. Each death gives us the opportunity to let go and become free.

Each death gives us the opportunity to let go and become free. This is why so many perceive heaven to be something that occurs after life. Many see the need to transcend and/or leave the physical to become free and/or to find heaven. But heaven, as is hell, is here an now. It is simply matter of allowing our creative life energy to be free or bound in the memories we hold and the experiences we have. It is a matter of how we have or have not defines ourselves in the experience we have.

True freedom and freedom from the experience of death is to become like the wind, coming with nothing and leaving with nothing. There will always be change and there will always be the transformation of energy from one form into another. But the experience of death is only the view we get from the perception we hold - namely from looking from the perspective of the creation or from the world of the creation.

There are the saying, ďYou canít take it with you" and "Naked you came into the world naked you will go out.Ē At one level, the physical level these statements are completely true. However, energetically and creatively these statements are not true. We did not come into the world naked. Our body and the time and place of our incarnation are a direct manifestation of an intention that we carry, the intention for our life. As we go though life we can change and adjust that intention such that when we leave, we will leave with some desires and intentions that will carry over into the future. Whether we incarnate or not in the future is entirely what we choose to carry with us when we leave and what we may choose to do after we leave.

As we go through life we literally and figuratively become too full as to who we think we are and how we think the universe works. There is no fertile space for the creative life energy to continue renew itself and create anew within our being. We cannot stay young and innocent because we loose our trust that all our needs will be met and the universe is only molding itself to what we intend. We may say that is the result for that is what it means to have a human experience. But it also true to say that if we continually renewed our whole being we could continually recreate ourselves in given a human form. But in continually recreating ourselves in our current form, we would become stuck and death is only a way to insure we donít become trapped. When we come to the realization of how to sustain ourselves in our current human form we will also loose the need to do so. We will realize and understand why things are perfect exactly the way they are - with death and everything else that goes with begin human and having a physical experience.

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