The language of the Inner World

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Language of the inner world
Function of the inner language
Becoming aware of the desire of the nonconscious mind to communicate
Background on the inner language
Learning the inner language
The non conscious mind getting our attention - symbolism in pain, accident, illness and disease
Learning the inner language of symbols and metaphors
Some observations about our inner language
Authority figures and guides
Intuitive guidance and the inner language

Using the language

Language of the inner world is about the way our nonconscious mind (subconscious and unconscious) communicates with our conscious mind. If we learn the symbolism of this inner language, we find there is a wealth of information that can be accessed through our subconscious and unconscious mind.

Function of the inner language (Top)

The language of the inner world is what our creative spirit uses to communicate to our conscious mind what it desires to experience and what it thinks and feels about any topic. In the same way we are unique individuals but share a common experience with other, this language of the inner world will be unique to us although it will have many common elements with others. It is what gives rise to the traditional archetypes. How our creative spirit communicates, in part, depends on what it needs to do to do to get our attention. It obviously communicates in a much easier and gentler fashion if we are mindful and aware and opened to listening.

This last statement is very important. Language is about communications. As an individual, language is about communicating who and what we are and what we think and believe and what we feel. If we have nothing to say or to share, we don’t really have anything to communicate so we have no need for a way to communicate. The same is true out the language of our inner world. The inner language plays the greatest role when our nonconscious mind has something to communicate to our conscious mind. This, of course, usually means our conscious mind is not listening. When we are mindful and aware and in touch with what we feel, we “know” and our nonconscious mind has no need to speak to us. Rather it is heard without speaking.

The nonconscious mind will do what it needs to do to communicate. It has been observed is that the way the nonconscious mind communicated depends on how much attention the conscious mind give to what it has to say. When the conscious mind does not listen, the nonconscious mind will in essence scream at us - the proverbial “wake up call” - and use a form of communication that tends to be strong and powerful. The nonconscious mind will use pain and things like accident, illness, disease and the like to get our attention. When necessary, it behooves us to listen before we need experience pain or some form of accident, illness or disease.

When we are mindful and aware of our thinking and/or of things that happen in our life, the nonconscious will use things like thoughts, ideas, visions, dreams, intuitive insights, and the like to communicate with us. Some experience voices. Some experience spirits and/or spirit guides. Some experience nocturnal dream. Some get visions. Some use external sources such as familiars and synchronicity. Some simply know. The more we are open to knowing, the less our nonconscious mind need to speak. The problem for most of us is that we try and use another’s technique rather than do the necessary work and exploration to find out what their nonconscious mind prefers to use.

When we routinely list to our nonconscious and do what it desires us to do in our life, the communication seems not existence and there appears to be no inner language. We just know what we need to do and go do it. Here we live in a conscious experience of oneness and interconnectedness. It can be said it is to know without knowing we know. Rather, we just act from the knowing.

The question is, “How is our nonconscious mind currently communicating with our conscious mind?” When we understand how it is communicating, we then need to ask, “How do we learn the inner language that it is using so that we understand what is being communicated?”

Becoming aware of the desire of the nonconscious mind to communicate (Top)

The answer to the first question, “How is our nonconscious mind currently communicating with our conscious mind?” is the nonconscious mind will communicate in whatever way it can get the attention of our conscious mind. So we need to look to see what is grabbing our attention in life. What grabs our attention is what we feel. We need to see if what we feel in life is pulling us toward something, pushing us away from something or whether or not we are experiencing pain.

It needs to be realized is the nonconscious mind communicates through feeling. Thoughts, ideas and the like are just our mind's characterization of what we sense and feel based on its past experiences. We know through feelings when we are in alignment with the desires of the nonconscious mind and when we are not. Our conscious mind perceives based on symbols or metaphors of what we feel. That is the energy of what we feel is characterized by our enculturated mind based on our past experiences into a thought, idea, vision or the like which our conscious mind can understand.

What is important here to understand about this inner mind is that when our conscious mind is engaged, whatever the nonconscious mind presents will be characterized by what we have experienced in our current lifetime. When the conscious mind is not actively engaged, such as in sleep, meditation or distracted in creative play, what is presented by the nonconscious mind will be characterized by both the transcendental mind and the enculturated mind. That is, information will be presented that seems to arise from past lives.

Whether or not we actually lived the past lives which arise doesn’t matter. What is important is the information that is presented to us. Similarly, even if we have tremendously details from past life memories that can be proven as correct such as a name, time of birth or death and the like, whether we live that life or not doesn’t matter. What matters is that person’s life that we access contains the information or understanding we need to have. This then takes us to the second question, “How do we learn the inner language that it is using so that we understand what is being communicated?”

Background on the inner language (Top)

Each of us are an aspect of an infinite Consciousness as describe in the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective. Some analogies of how this is possible is presented in provided in the topic “Analogies for understanding the individualized points of consciousness.”

If we can move past the illusion of mind and the illusion of our separateness, we can see we have access to anything we need to understand for what we desire to create. As an aspect of this infinite Consciousness we can access any other part of this Consciousness and anything that it knows. As an infinite creator of the experiences we have and the reality of those experiences, all is available to us. It is available so that we can create what we desire. The question is, “How do we access such knowledge and power.”

Although most of this information lies outside the realm of our conscious awareness it is available to our conscious awareness through the awareness of the nonconscious mind. Our nonconscious mind is tasked with a way of giving it to our conscious mind. When we can understand these concepts, we can see that what we need to know to create anything we desire is accessible to us from within. We only need to go within to make it conscious.

Although this is possible, it is tremendously difficult to do consciously because of the design of the physical experience and nature of mind and its need to obtain a minimum set of experience before it can consciously really understands how something works Consciously going to the Source is very difficult for we can get easily distracted and become lost in the infinity that exists.

However we can access what we seek relatively easily through the use of our intuitive guidance and the our unique inner language. We just need to become aware of our own unique inner language to properly understand and interpret what we find. To learn this inner language we first must become aware of its existence and then become mindful and aware of what arises from within our being and exactly what we are experiencing in life. We then must be willing to experiment with it at least in our creative imagination much the way we learn to do anything in life.

Learning the inner language (Top)

Learning the symbolism of the inner language depends on how the nonconscious mind is getting the attention of our conscious mind. The nonconscious mind will use essentially a different language depending on how mindful and aware the conscious mind is of what the nonconscious mind desires. These are which most individuals experience to one degree or another.

First there is a language which is reasonably precise and with somewhat generic symbols the nonconscious mind uses when it needs to use pain and/or accident, illness or disease to communicate. The symbolism here seems to arise from the fact we are human being sharing a common experience. As such there are common or generic ways the human body processes the energy it experiences. Hence, the type and kind of pain and/or accident, illnesses and diseases we have as human carry common energetic origins. This is the symbolism in which many psychics and medical intuitives access when “reading” an individual.

The second is the language and symbolism the nonconscious uses when we are mindful and aware that there is a communication with our nonconscious becomes different. The symbolism that is used begins to take on a more unique and personal flavor based on all the experience we have had. Here we have to study and learn our own symbolism. In creativity there are no mistakes but only learning experiences as to what does and doesn’t work. However, it is here one can make a mistake. Namely, many make the mistake of going off on the wrong path relative to the needs of their creative spirit and what truly serves them. Rather than experimenting and learning to work with, and understand, their own unique symbolism, they being to us that provided by another.

The third is when one is aware of the existence of their creative spirit and they are willing to work with it to meet its desires, the language of the inner world is feeling. Here there is no separation within our inner being. Here one experiences an inner satisfaction and a wholeness to life and existence. Here we simply know what needs to be done. There is no need for the conscious mind to interpret and put what is felt into symbols. Rather we simply act on what we feel and we know.

The non conscious mind getting our attention - symbolism in pain, accident, illness and disease (Top)

Any physical experience we have is ultimately created by how we choose to focus our awareness and attention. Our focus of our awareness and attention is determined by the composite energy of what we hold consciously, subconsciously and unconsciously. The question is what part of the experience we have in the world is being determined by our conscious mind and our nonconscious mind.

There are no judgements on what we create but there are consequences. Sometimes what we choose to experience in life have the consequences of pain and/or accident, illness and disease. However, at other times, our nonconscious mind will create pain and/or accident, illness and disease to get our attention and call us back to an alternative path for our life. Exactly why we experience what we do is only something we can individually answer. Here we must look within to understand what we really desire to experience in, and with, our life to know why we experience pain and or accident, illness or disease.

There are books available that individuals who are medically intuitive at diagnosing the origins of an individual’s medical condition have compiled. Often these are a helpful starting point. But, they will not necessarily be accurate in any individual case. The place to start is to ask our inner self “Why am I experiencing this particular pain, accident, illness or disease?” We then need to be open to what we receive. Sometime we don’t want to hear what needs to be told to our conscious mind. Often we will not get the specific answer we desire. Rather we get information that leads us to a source that can provide the answer we seek. It is not uncommon to have a synchronicity as an answer. For example, one may ask, “Where is my back pain coming from?” Then a book such as Healing Back Pain by Dr Sarno crosses their path or someone gives them a book by Louise Hay or Carolyn Myss that puts them on the path to their answer.

As we become aware of some of the types and kinds of things that can be causing what we experience, we learn to become more mindful and aware of the experiences we have. In this awareness, the language of the inner world changes. We move from our nonconscious mind having to get the attention of our conscious mind to a language of symbolism and metaphor. It is here one being to see the traditional archetypes and dream work. However, what we experience will be unique to us.

Learning the inner language of symbols and metaphors (Top)

What needs to be understood is that how we focus our attention and awareness is creating both our experiences and the reality of those experiences. Our nonconscious mind can and will communicate what it knows about why we have the experiences we do, where the experience is carrying or not carrying us, what we can expect in the future and other information about our life. How it communicates will be unique to who and what we are. But we have to learn to listen and pay attention.

What we hold in mind can also be expressed as creating the offspring through the marriage of our inner masculine and inner feminine. The experiences we have in the world are then the result of the dance between this offspring and the world in which we find ourselves as this offspring tries to unfold in the world. It is here we can find a starting point to being to understand and explore this inner language, We need to both look at the type and kind of inner marriage we have and exactly what type and kind of experiences we are perceiving externally.

What will be observes is that we explore this inner language and begin to work with it, what we experience internally and externally will change. We will move from a world what appears to be a shallow and only a physical world into the unseen world characterized by the mystic and shaman. If we continue that journey we move even deeper into a world where the mystic and shaman disappear and there is simply feeling and the awareness of the knowing within the feeling It is here one finds the oneness of Creation and all existence. It is beyond what our mind can comprehend and effectively characterize. It is here the language of symbolism and metaphors also seems to disappear. There is a different type and kind of communication which occurs.

This is the realm where we can understand how we can be the creator/Creation of the experiences we have and the reality of those experiences. It lies outside the realm of our conscious awareness. This is by design and not because there is anything wrong with us. This is why it make no sense to try and fix ourselves or feel we need to somehow transcend the physical world. Rather we just need to allow ourselves to step out of mind and enter a world that already exists.

The physical world is the way it is to give us the experience we desire to have at some level of our being. To experience something that better serves us or that we think we would like better, we simply need to access our creative power and creative ability to create it. However most have never been told they have such creative power, let alone taught how to use it. The language of our inner world will teach us how to access and use the depth and breadth of our inherent creative power and creative ability if we allow it to teach us.

What needs to be understood is that what we perceive depends on the experiences we desire to have. This includes the inner language. If we consciously want to become a shaman or a mystic, the nonconscious mind will use a language that both allows us to become that shaman or mystic and communicate what it desires to communicate. This fact is ultimately what brings confusion to individual.

We focus our attention and awareness into a particular direction based on the understanding of our conscious mind. As such, we create experiences based on that focus. However, our nonconscious mind continues to push its desires but we are unaware of the nonconscious push that is biasing what we create because of our enculturation, life programming and/or the intention for our life. We think becoming a shaman, mystic or anything else in life like an engineer, doctor, spouse, parent, politician and the like is what bring us the satisfaction we desire in life. But, in reality, it is our nonconscious mind allowing us to meet its needs as a shaman, mystic, doctor or whatever. What is missed is that as an infinite creative being, there are an infinite number of ways in which we can meet the needs of our creative spirit which surfaces through the inner language provided by our nonconscious mind. However, some of the ways are much more fulfilling and internally satisfying than others. We think the fulfilment comes in what we choose to become in life. However, it is what we do in live that is important, not what we become.

Some observations about our inner language (Top)

Authority figures and guides (Top): Because we rely on our care givers early in life and there are physical needs which they provide for us, we develop a perspective that what we need in life lies outside of us. Additionally, many are taught that authority comes from outside of us rather than us have the capability to lead ourselves. Many do not believe we could have authoritative guidance for our life within ourselves. We are never taught much of what we need in life relative to our creative power and creative ability lies within us.

It is only natural for us to continue to look outside ourselves for guidance for our life. Authority figures are seen as other beings in our life. Even when the guidance does originate within our own being, we will experience it coming from outside ourselves. Since we believe in separate we will perceive internal spirit guide or some type and kind of seen or unseen external guides providing the guidance. Either we are lead to someone externally who tells us what we already know or represents the type and person we feel we must visit to get what we desire. Or, we will have some type or kind of mystical experience where we experience a vision and/or we experience unseen guides or entities that provide us the direction for our life that we need. The concept of channeling in a trance state is such an occurrence where although the guidance comes through us it appears some other entity rather then ourselves is providing it.

Most never consider that no matter what vehicle is used to communicate to us, it is a part of our own being talking to us. So rather than just allowing what works for us unfold, we seek what others have. We hold other who have communication with unseen realms as somehow special or having powers we don’t have. The key is to learn to ask the question of our intuitive guidance and then seen how the answer is provide to us.

Intuitive guidance and the inner language
(Top): In many ways it can be said that the inner language is another form of intuitive guidance but slightly different. Actually, our intuitive guidance is part of this inner language but the inner language encompasses much more. The main different between intuitive guidance and this inner language is the way the material is presented.

Intuitive guidance is what we feel and experience presented in the best mind can present based on its past experiences. As discussed in the topics “Intuitive Guidance” there will be an inaccuracy in what is presented until we obtain the necessary minimum set of requisite experience to understand what is being sensed.

This inner language is different. It is what gives rise to dreams and visions, especially nocturnal dreams which carry information for our life. Here mind chooses a symbolism and tells a story or presents an understanding of a situation based on and within that symbolism. The story it tells is accurate if we understand the symbolism mind is using. An example of this is the nocturnal dream of the author discussed and presented in the topic “Dream Mediation Vision on Sexuality.” The dream, is very rich in symbolism and truth. However, unless we have the key to the symbolism which is unique to the individual, the dream does not make as much sense as it can, if it is seen to make any sense.

Using the language (Top)

Each of our nonconscious minds has a symbolism that it uses to communicate. It is based on our past experience but is capable of using both the enculturated mind and transcendental mind. Some of this symbolism will correspond to the traditional archetypes but will not always be used in the same way.

If we desire to access, explore and release our unlimited creativity it is recommended this inner language be studied and understood. The key is to understand the language of our own unique inner world is this inner language use by our nonconscious mind. How to learn and use this language is simply a matter of becoming aware of its existence and experimenting with it in our lives. It is a language unique between our conscious and nonconscious mind. Others may guide us and offer their advise but it is something each of must explore and study in our own way. Learning this inner language open the door way to both is seen by the outer world as opening the door to shamanism and mysticism. However, it is only really accessing the depth of our own inherent creative power and creative ability to communicate with the unseen part of ourselves and Creation.

One way to explore our inner language is to look at our life. For example, drawing a life map or telling our story, and looking to see where the was a direct or indirection communication from our nonconscious mind using the inner language and/or our intuitive guidance. As we do this exercise, we need to become aware of the symbolism that was used and what type and kind of information was provided. In becoming aware of how our nonconscious mind communicated in the past and symbolism that was used we can become more aware of how it speak to us and be more aware of its communications in the future.

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