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In the discussion entitled “Body Consciousness” is stated: “...since energy molds itself in response to the desires of consciousness, there is an desire/intention by a consciousness which brought our consciousness and our particular body into incarnation. Alternatively said, our body is the manifestation of that intention. The intention for our life gives rise to a flow of energy that will act as an undercurrent that guides and directs our entire life.”

If we do not work with the intention for our life, a part of us will always be outside of both our understanding and our control. There will always be a pull in a way that our mind may not necessarily want to go. Yet, when we align with this intention there is a tremendous passion in our lives, a creative passion, a passion to create. As discussed in the “The Rain-River Analogy for the Creative/Creation Process” the intention for our life sets our creative passion.

Traditionally the heart has been described as the seat of one’s love of life and in life, and represents the passion and enthusiasm that animates life. If we are fully in our passion, we have all the fuel we need to create whatever we wish. If we have little passion for what we do and/or for life, we have minimum energy to bring a new creation into existence. We may function well in our job and/or satisfactorily meet the expectations of those around us, but we will not have the creative inspiration nor the magnitude of energy that accompanies our creative passion. Similarly, many individuals perform very creatively with great energy but the individual never realizes their passion because they are not following where their creative passion leads. Rather they channel what creative passion they have into what is acceptable to the world around them and they may be actually manifesting a dream another impregnates in them.

If we follow the passion which arises from the intention for our life with unconscious awareness it tend to make us look either crazy or driven by some irrational goal. When accessed through a conscious awareness this creative passion will manifest as an enthusiasm and passion in the form of a desire to transcend the ego. It transcends the ego because the desire and passion arise from something that existed before mind and the associated ego arise from the experiences of our current life.

Surrendering to the passion that arises from the intention for our life can be the safest, most gentlest and fun way to transcend the ego that humanity has ever be know. To live one’s creative passion is to live in the most creative state of being. It is to be in the spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration of one’s own creativity to create and manifest the intention for which one incarnated. Our passion is unique and unlike anything that has ever existed before. Living and freely expressing this passion is the source of our charisma and the gifts we give to the world and ourselves.

For many individuals, the creative passion has its draw backs. When we tap into it and being to flow with it, it is not just something that we like to do. Nor is it or even something that necessarily gives us a great thrill in life. Rather it is something that pushes us forward and will cause us to overcome great obstacles. More often than not this creative passion may by seem more of a burden that a thrill. Yet, in spite of the obstacles, we will have an internal satisfaction the never runs dry. We internally know what we to do and you do it.

Our creative passion will take us to where there are not necessarily any external rewards. The external world may not realize or readily accept what our passion creates. We have no ideas if what our creative passion desires to create will, or will not, be acceptable to those around us until we get there. We have no guarantees as to acceptability when we live our creative passion. Our creative passion will take us into the unknown. There are no reference markers available for what we desire to create with this creative passion looks like manifested in the current physical world.

Our creative passion is something from which we can never retire. It is something that may even lead to our death to achieve its fulfillment. For some, death may be preferred than having to live in the agony of an unexpressed creative passion. The intensity of a creative passion may be so strong in wanting to come out and be expressed that if the physical body and/or the world in which that creative passion finds itself forces it to be limited or live in limitation, it may destroy that world, the body it is using, or destroy itself.

If unexpressed it may render the our creatively lifeless. Or, creatively, we becomes a walking zombie when it come to creating and taking creative risks for we lose our ability to discover and explore the unknown. We end up living in the safety and security of the know, fearing changes and anything that upsets the status quo.

In many ways our creative passion can be frightening to the ourselves and to others. It will control our life if allowed and we will not be controllable by society, our family, or even how we think. It is something that flows from beyond our enculturated mind and how and what the external world is capable of conceiving. Although this energy may be frightening, it needs to be understood, that if we look very carefully at the energy aspects of our being and our creative living process within our being and the desire our energy has for expressing its creativity and uniqueness, suppression of this energy is ultimately the root of many addictions, depression and other disfunctions that “steal our emotional energy. ” Suppression of this energy is the suppression of the life itself that flows within us.

Some interpret living our creative passion as that “perfect” job where money, education, locations, family support, experience and the like becomes irrelevant. It is just something that we enjoy doing and something that really excites us. This definition has many of the characteristics of creative passion and can function as a good approximation to creative passion if we stay at the mundane level of existence and think only in terms of our physical existence. However, doing something that we find enjoyable and even exciting if it is not creative and causing us to manifest an experience or something that did not exist before may sever as an escape from our creative passion. It may actually be an addiction do as to not feel what our creative passion calls us to  do.

Our  creative passion will always take us to the edge of our being and the limits of what we think we are capable of doing and take us into the unknown. If what we find enjoyable in life does not take us to the edge of our being and the limits as to who we think we are and how we think the world works, we are not in our creative passion. We may want to look at the possibility we are just in an addictive behavior and using the pleasure and excitement we get only as a diversion of what we consciousness incarnated to do.

A true creative passion cut across all aspects of our being and including our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical being. In this regard, no part of our being will remain unaffected by our creative passion.It will stretch all our limits for we are an infinitely creative being with an infinite consciousness.

In many ways our creative passion is like a light house that shines brightly before us guiding us and calling us into that unknown both keeping us away from dangers yet allowing us to always know where you need to be going even if we have never been their before - that is, in the flow of the passion itself. For others their creative passion looks more like a navigation start that will always lead true. We just need to get out form the under the clouds of any storm created by mind to see where we need to be going no matter what sea we sail on and how turbulent and stormy the external world is around us.

When we enter life, we are naturally aligned with our creative passion. However, it is rare that anyone consciously accesses their creative passion before they have been enculturated socially. As an infant, our creative passion causes us to explore the world to define ourselves and come to some understanding of who and what we are. However, very early in life we are faced with survival needs. We learn to satisfy our early care givers and align with how they see the world. We do not have the knowledge or physical strength or ability to live our creative passion. We must align with the world in which we find ourselves. This adaptation process is inevitable. The only question is, “Do we get through the adaptation process and get to consciously experience our creative passion and be allowed to act on it in consciousness or do we mold ourselves to the reality in which we find ourselves before becoming consciously aware we have a creative passion never to express it?”

The sad thing about this process is that if we enter life and never consciously live or experience our creative passion we will never miss it. We can become very excited about many things in life and become very passionate about things. But we will not live your creative passion. However, what we will find is one of two things. One is that there will be what can be described as longing in our heart and/or a pain in our heart the remains unfulfilled because an essential part of our being has been lost. Although we may not consciously feel the pain, we go through life searching for something, a thing, a person, or a deity, but we know not what. Or we will go through life meeting all the success criteria and become extremely successful in our eyes or the eyes of the world yet seem unfulfilled in some way. We will feel something is missing or there is a hollowness about what we have achieved. We will be haunted by the equivalent of the question, “Is this all there is to life?” Then again if we lack abundance in our life, physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually, we may spend our life struggling to survive and never realize there is something deeper within our being. It is usually only after we obtain our abundance that we begin to realize there is something missing.

Some individuals long for what can be called a soul mate or that companion who will fulfill this longing. It cannot be found in another individual. Others have a very deep spiritual longing, similar to longing for a companion, but here the longing is for a beloved of Divine origin.  However, in the oneness of the universe, the Divine longing is only for a part of one’s own being that has not been fulfilled. Still others simply to numb the pain and longing through some type of distraction or some addictions. All this longing evaporates when we live our creative passion.

We need to understand, we are the manifestation of the creative life energy of the universe and the energy itself is creative. We, in turn, are the expression of the creative life energy. In being this energy, we too are creative and have a passion to create. If we cannot live our creative passion we are denying the essence of our being and the essence of Creation itself and that which created us. Remember, creativity is the language of consciousness. The language of the energy of which we are is creativity. If we cannot become the embodiment of the creative being we are, and communicate through and in our unique creativity, we will always long for that creative portion of our being. We will always be seeking something but not exactly know what it is. What it is we long for and seek is our own creative passion that passion that lies embedded in the energy of our being.

If, and when, we experience the full depth and breadth of our own creativity, we can never live the way we lived before the experience. We find we must live to be the embodiment of this creative life energy and be the embodiment of the passion that lies within this energy. Our creative passion, as with many other aspects of our being, can be lived in the full expression of our creative life energy or We can live where it minimally impacts our life and creativity. How much of our creative passion we embrace and how much we allow it to express itself in our thinking and our actions is a function of how we have come to define who we are, how we think the world works, and what is it we need to achieve in life to become “successful.”

The dream that accompanies our creative passion, that dream of the heart, will appear before us as a guiding star in our life as an inspiration for our creative passion. When we live our creative passion we will surface the dream of our heart. Often this dream will reveal itself as if we are standing on top of a high mountain clearly seeing the valley below and knowing where we need to go and how we are going to get there. But then as we start our journey and descend into the valley, we no longer will have that view available to us. But we will have that memory to assist us on our path.

To descend into the valley we will need some form of compass and some landmarks to assist us on our journey. The feeling of the fulness of being and/or the fulness of life we get by expressing and living our creative passion functions as that internal compass and our intuitive guidance provides us all the landmarks and course changes we need to make.  However, if we don’t know the intention behind our life, we will simply pass by what we came to do when the opportunity or opportunities present themselves. We need to have access to the dream of our heart to have the information we need to know when we need to act. We will find it and it will grow in clarity the more we live our creative passion.

Once we have a conscious experience of our heart, that is, our creative passion and what gives us a feeling of a fulness of being and full of life, we understand what it looks like for us. We are each a unique creation. We only need to use that experience as an internal compass and reference system to guide us through the external world. If we observe carefully as to what guides our decisions, we will discover that following the mind and the mind’s criteria of success will give a disappointment and disillusionment. Following the mind will not necessarily create a lack of pleasure but rather a sense that something is unfulfilled and incomplete. In following the heart, our creative passion, we will ways have an internal warmth no matter what happens externally. When we live our heart in alignment with our creative passion, we return to the Universe the gift of life that was given to us while finding an internal bliss and inner satisfaction within ourselves that never runs dry no matter what is happening to, or within, our external world. However, living in passion does not necessarily guarantee we will live the intention for our life. We has to choose to live and manifest that intention. It is then we access our creative passion.

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