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In discussing a variety of creativity topic, there is one particular attachment that is appropriate to discuss and that is what we call love. As was stated in the topics Love and the creativity perspective and What do we mean by love there is a great differences in what is called love. The aspect of love that we can all probably agree upon is that when we say we love someone or something we are attached to that person or thing such that having it, owning it, possessing it, or having it available to us makes us happy and it gives us pleasant feeling. Also we tend to love things we are suppose to love. We love family, friends, spouses, children and the like. But the question is, do we give freely, willingly, non exclusively, non conditionally and with judgment? If not, we are only supporting our attachment as to how we think things should work. In this situation our giving is not unconditional love nor what the individual needs to grow and flourish. The universe in its giving is unconditional, non exclusive and without judgmental. If we wish another to become fully who and what they are, we have to become the same way. We have to give non exclusively and without judgment. The individual must be free to use what is given any way they choose. Similarly, we have to be free to become who we need to become unfettered and without judgment.

What needs to be understood is that what one has for another, that we call love is probably the greatest and most binding attachment we can have on ourselves and impose on another. We do not give the other what they truly need but rather we take for ourselves what we cannot find within and call it love. It is only when we are whole and complete within ourselves and free of attachments that we can give another what they really need. That is, the space to become who they really are in all ways.

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