The role of an initiation in reestablishing feeling


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Within the creativity perspective where we hold our creativity sacred, an initiation is some type and kind of action where the door is proverbially open. It is to open to another aspect of our creativity which we have never explored or use and/or it provides an opportunity to revisit and free aspects of our creativity which have been placed in the cage of our own making for whatever reason. Any initiation is really about getting us out of our mind and past what we currently think and believe creating a doorway to take us into the unknown and what we feel.

What we feel lies at the source of our creative power. However, because of how our creative play was thwarted in life and how we lost our ability to creatively play because of the pain we have experienced in life, most of us have raised the threshold of what we feel. The pain of the past, the fears we develop and the response patterns we use to protect ourselves from such pain in the future all become embedded in our ego and who we think we are. To regain and optimize our creative power, we need to become open to feeling and face the pain of the past, the fears which arise as a result of the pain and response patterns to life we developed to protect ourselves.

Many of these respond patters like deep in our subconscious mind and well protected. Additionally, the fears we develop as a result of the pain we have faced, continues to keep us from going in and addressing the pain of the past. To get past these pain, fears and response pattern we developed the ego must change. But to change our ego thinks it will die and it resists any changes to how it identifies itself. It is here an uniquely designed initiation can be used to get us around many of our protective response patterns and fears of the past.

Since the ego fears dying and/or losing control for, in many ways, both are the same to ego, it will stop any process that it can control that will create an experience that will cause it to change who and what it thinks it is. This is why initiations have been used so extensively throughout history. All initiations are about having an individual enter a new way of being and or living in the world. If left to its own ways, our ego will not allow us to fully embrace and/or accept a new way of being and living where we live in the depth and breadth of our creative power. To get around this issue, a initiation can be created.

In any initiation, normally the individual is somehow "taken" away from their past and they go through a series of actions or activities that create a set of experiences such that the individual’s ego cannot go back to way it was without some difficulty. It is forced to think differently about itself and its world. For example, to cut one’s hair totally off as an entrance requirement forces the ego to see a shaven head for some time such that it sees itself different. The same is true for uniforms, badges, jewelry, body mutilations and any other symbols with which the individual is forced to live. Every time the individual looks at the symbol they see themselves different. The symbol we use are there to take the ego outside who and what it believed it was into a new identity.

Relative to feeling what is symbolized in the heart, our body sensations, and other feeling within our being, often a similar process needs to be used. Although an individual will desire to feel and be open to the experiences the body provides, it does not what to loose control. An initiation help to get around the control issue.

As an energy localized in the form of a body, the wave nature of the energy of our body still permeates all of Creation. In this regard, our body is connected in oneness and experiences no separation. It is capable of sensing things the mind would rather not perceive. If mind keeps or blocks the body sensations out of its perception, the ego does not have to change the way it perceives the world. Once the body start to feel and those sensations are perceive by the mind, the ego can never return to who and what it was. As such ego will stop any process that will open the mind to feeling the body.

To get around the ego, there may be the need for an initiation that takes the individual into the body so as to become aware of what the body sense and feels without the ego stopping the process. What such an initiation would look like is entirely dependent on the ego. There is no single initiation that can be used. Any initiation will have to be tailored to the unique way the ego perceives it environment, controls its environment, controls its body and what particular techniques and patterns it uses to deny and/or numb what the body feels.

In all cases, the most powerful tool the mind is currently using in this modern world to maintain control is thinking and what the individual ego thinks and believes about how the world works. This aspect of how the ego thinks is something that lies in the collective consciousness of humanity and not necessarily the individual. This is why it is so difficulty to get most individual in touch with what is symbolized in their heart. Unless there is a great passion we cannot overcome the pull of the collective to break free of our own thinking. It is like the rocket trying to escape the pull of earths’ gravity. Without sufficient energy, it will not break free.

Another way of saying this is that over the past few millenniums the human collective has evolved to not wanting individuals to live in the freedom of their own heart as unique creations. Rather it has evolved to have individuals follow as lead and do what they are told. This is why the United States Declaration of Independence was so unique. It stated each was endowed by the creator/Creation with certain unalienable rights - among them was life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It took a revolutionary war to create the United States as a country that allowed such self determination and why there are continuing struggles in so many countries. The ultimate struggle is to creatively grow up and mature to become self determined at every level of our being. The struggle will be just as great as a personal revolution until a sufficient number of individuals influence the collective to think differently. Until the collective changes, an initiation maybe the fastest, quickest and gentlest way to transform the ego to allowing ourselves to feel the depth and breadth of what we are capable of feeling.

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