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The goal of play in creativity is to ultimately step out of mind and past the limits and barriers imposed by mind so as to explore and look at the true options available to us in any situation. Mind by its very nature will work to keep control of any situation and work to keep our options within it imposed limits and barriers. Losing ourselves in play is about finding ways to get around the control of mind. Losing ourselves in play is about using play to enter a state of where we experience a feeling of freedom or flow in what we are doing. That is, our whole being is free to flow in what we are doing. Then become so focused on what we are doing and flowing with what we do, allow the flow to carry us out of mind. The topic “Ways to use play in our creative endeavors” provides some ideas on how to start the process of losing ourselves in play.

There are two primary ways to get out of the control of mind. One is to be in our feelings and allowing what we feel to guide our path. The second way is to develop a beginner’s mind. Beginner’s mind is much harder to develop and cannot easily be achieved with a conscious mind. To create a beginner’s mind with a conscious mind, we only create an approximation to what a beginners mind can do for us. That is, we create a perspective which allows us to innocently act on what arises.

To create a beginner’s mind like state with a conscious mind we need to become very mindful and aware of what we think and feel and create a single point focus for our life based on feeling. Losing ourselves in feeling is relatively easy for we are so absorbed in what we feel there is no room for thinking to enter into what we do. Creating a beginner’s like mind however requires us to see what thoughts arises and check each thought to see if it leads us to create the feeling we desire to experience. Then continually to pull our attention and awareness to what serves us and innocently act on those thoughts wherever they lead.

The issue we face is that we ultimately desire to create a state of play as it would be experienced by an young innocent child living in the wonderment of Creation and at the discover and exploration of Creation. It is about living in the spontaneity of the moment and letting the flow of energy within us leading our effort and being out of the thinking, judging and analyzing mind. For an adult, that is obviously difficult to do for we do have many concerns that our mind finds difficult to escape.

The idea is to move towards this spontaneous state of being without making this state of being “the goal” to be reached. Otherwise, if this becomes our goal, play of what is symbolized in our heart cannot be obtain and will be lost if accessed. Rather we will become stuck in play of the mind. Any goal we attempt to achieve is something being imposed by mind. This is why it is said we must use play to lose ourselves in play and allow the play to turn into creative play. If we try and create creative play, we are in mind and will never be able to live mind to experience the creative play we desire to create.

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