Play and the Source of Creation


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Play and the Source of Creation
The playful characteristic of the Source
The relationship of the Source and our creativity

The playful characteristic of the Source (Top)

In understanding the nature of the relationship between energy and consciousness and acting on that relationship to create what we desire, we can come to see two things. One is the nature of energy consciousness is to dance into and out of form depending by how consciousness focuses its attention and awareness. The energy of creation/Creation flows to create an experience of that on which consciousness focuses its attention and awareness. The other is all of creation/Creation arises out of the same material or “stuff” of creation/Creation. This of course means, all of creation/Creation contains the same inherent essential properties and characteristics for it is all the same material. It is in how these characteristics are, or are not, expressed which gives rise to the experience of creation/Creation.

What is not normally experienced and understood is that Creation is only consciousness at play with itself and that the Source of Creation is playful. By play, we do not mean the competitive play of mind and what the mind thinks is play. Rather it is the play that allows for a freedom of movement to create what is desired. Exactly what is meant by the term play is discussed in the topics, “Understanding Play and Its Relation to Creativity.”

Our problem is to experience the truth of these words that the source/Source is playful for ourselves we need to have an experience of the Source of Creation. Because of the nature of the Physical Creation we experience as discussed below, we most probably not see and experience the playfulness that lies at the source/Source of creation/Creation until we have an experience of the Source. But we cannot create an experience of the Source with our mind. Our mind is a product of what flows out from the source. Mind cannot get outside itself to experience the process which created it. Rather, we can only stumble into an experience of the Source as in an experience of the Ultimate Accident. We can create the conditions to enhance the probably of having the Ultimate Accident, but it is not something we can guarantee.

But even if we have a direct experience of the Source, we are faced with another problem. We will not necessarily properly characterize what we do experience. Whatever we experience will be interpreted and filtered by our mind. Depending on our preconceived ideas and beliefs, we will not properly characterize what we experience until we have the necessary minimum set of requisite experience. This problem is discussed in the topic “The problem of mind and the experience of the Source of Creation - the trap of mind.”

All of our problems in understanding the true nature of the Source of Creation is a result of the fact that our mind as we know it, arise from an experience of Physical Creation. Because we are human and experience pain and death, we have come to think pain and death is the essence of reality. However, the opposite is true. The universe is creativity playful and any experience of Creation can can be painless. We experience what we do because we are inside a Creation experiencing the Creation and not outside the Creation creating it. There is a huge difference between creating the creation and being in the creation.

Inside Physical Creation there is pain suffering, and death because that is the nature of the physical experience which we chose to experience. Physical Creation as currently designed, is designed to create such experiences. There is a function and purpose to pain. However, most of us have never come to understand the function of pain and how to use it.

What is not understood by most is the physical plane or Physical Creation is not the only realm of existence. There are other realms. Most however think that what we experience in Physical Creation is THE experience of Creation. It is only that Physical Creation is the one we chose to experience at this time and there is pain in this realm. Pain is a gift and it is designed to show us the limits and boundaries we have created for ourselves.

Outside any created form there is nothing but play and the freedom to play. There are no limits and boundaries as to what can be created when we are outside of form. But when we are outside of any created form we are at the source/Source. At the Source we are free to be spontaneous and innocent to discover and explore what is possible. There are no limits and boundaries at the Source.

When we experience the freedom of play to explore what is possible, we can step out of our normal way of thinking. We step out of the limits and boundaries imposed by our thinking. In doing so, we move towards the Source of Creation from which all Creation emanates. The more we move out of mind the more we move toward the Source and the greater expansion we feel within our being. The Source is a place of spontaneous and innocent play of discovery and exploration as to what is possible. At the Source all is possible. There are no limits and no boundaries.

The most creative state of being is the type of play characteristic of the Source of Creation. The play of the Source of Creation is the freedom to spontaneous and innocently discover and explore what is possible simultaneously at every level of being, whether it be physical, spiritual, emotional or mental. It is to discover and explore without the judgement and imposition of any mind and what any mind thinks and believes. It is to simultaneously experience a calmness and inner satisfaction arising from the pure motive of nothing other that to explore and discover what is possible within any given desired context. It is the freedom to flow unimpeded in any way to flow with the flow of energy consciousness creates as a result of its exploration and discovery

We are born from this state of being and carry it with us into the world. We all have been there and we all know what it feels like to experience this type and kind of play. In actually it is the essence of our being. We remember the feeling of this state of being when we come close to reentering this state. The ability to enter and be in this state of spontaneous and innocent childlike play is inherent within our being. Yet, for one reason or another we shutdown, or turned off, this ability to play when the free flow and free expression of our creativity/creative play is thwarted.

The lost of this state of being which we carry into the world upon our birth has given rise to the concept of original sin in the Christian tradition. Returning to this state of being is to find heaven on earth. Having explored creativity and how we lose our ability to be creative, it the opinion of the author it is why Christ said, “Unless you become like a little child, you will not access the Kingdom of God.” Given the power of creativity found inherent within our being it is this state of being of childlike play at a very early age in life is to what Christ was referring. It is also apparent that the Kingdom to which Christ was referring is this early playful state for it is truly heaven when experienced.

Yet, we fail to realize what Christ was really talking about for this most creative state of play to an adult mind can be terrifying. It is terrifying to an adult mind because all of the reason for which we shut down our ability to be in the creative state of play come screaming back to haunt us. Rather, than face the pain we experienced in life as we lost this ability, most avoid looking at the possibility of returning to this state of being. Yet the possibility of a gentle phoenix, of a gentle transformation of our being to return to this most creative state found at the Source of Creation is possible.

What need to be realized is that the most creative state of being is a much more powerful state with a mature level of consciousness than what we experienced as a very young child. It feels the same but the creative power is much magnified. In childhood, a small child is not fully conscious and unaware that it is being lead by what it feels like doing as opposed to judging and evaluating the experience by mind. With an adult conscious mind, the awareness is aware of what is leading it and, as a detached witness, it is able to see the possibilities that could otherwise not be imagined.

It is reported in the esoteric literature, especially that which originates from the subcontinent of India, that reality is Consciousness at play with Itself. In having studied our inherent creative power, it is apparent it is rather difficult for our human mind to put these the concepts of Consciousness at play with itself and our experience of Physical Creation together to comprehend that it is very possible the Consciousness behind the Creation we see is like that of a child about one or two years old that is fully engaged in play and only playing. Rather it is only we, in our little finite minds, that puts meaning onto what we see before us.

To think the existence of the reality where Creation is only the play of a Divine Consciousness that is the equivalent of a one or two year old in play really takes some of the self importance out of our own little egos and who we think we are. It also reek havoc on the notion that “God has a plan for humanity and creation,” to reach some end objective. It is tremendously hard to accept the idea that Creation only exists until God becomes interested in something else that catches Its attention much like that of a child. As we explore the depth and breadth of our own creativity and stumble into the Ultimate Accident, we can find ourselves being completely at peace with this idea and marvel at the whole idea being a very real possibility.

Paradoxically, this is why it is recommended with the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material that we are in a state of spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration when we enter any of the deep undercurrents of Creation and/or the unseen realms of Creation. If we are in this state of creative play and access the Source then we will be in the proper state of being to explore what we find. Otherwise, our mind will try to insert its judgements, fears, expectations and the like.

The best way to learn about creation/Creation and the source/Source of creation/Creation is to experience them. The best way to experience them is to experiment. With a little innocence and spontaneity one can come to find the Universe will feel more like a child than an adult. If we be free to be sincere, curious and have a willingness to be open to see what happens, over time we can explore the depth and breadth of no only the Source of Creation but the depth and breadth of the source of our own being.

To start this journey to find the truth of these statements, we only need to look to an area of our life or our world in which we wish to explore. Set a clear intention for what we wish to explore and then listen to our intuitive guidance for instructions as to what to do. We then need only honor that guidance. In time, we can look back and see how much we have learned and experienced. The topics “Returning to the most creative state of being through creative play” and “A practical method for returning to a state of play” provide some guidance in this area.

The relationship of the Source and our creativity (Top)

We can use this understanding of the characteristic play of the source/Source in our creativity. We can create a creative play. What needs to be understood about our creativity is for any creative endeavor we undertake, we draw the energy we use to create from a flow of energy which emanates from a source/Source deep within our being. No matter what we desire to create, whether it is spiritual, mental, emotional or physical, the energy to create, and our creative ability, comes from the same source//Source. The energy for creation comes from within our being and not from anything external. The source/Source lies within us. We may use external things to help us create what we desire but they do not supply the energy for our creative effort. We experience this flow of energy within our being through feeling or as feeling and when it is strong enough we call it passion. Only when there is some passion, some flow of energy within our being to create, will we more forward into the world to create.

In understanding all our creative power emanates from this source/Source, one can realize all creative endeavors will have certain characteristics in common and reflect the characteristics of the source/Source. These common characteristics can be used to indicate if you have accessed or established an appropriate creative state of being. Conversely, if you create these characteristics in what you do, we will find ourselves becoming more creative about, or in, what we do. If what we are doing is not giving us the creative solutions we seek, we are probably missing these key characteristics.

The state of being which contains these characteristics of the source/Source of creation/Creation, to one degree or another, can be called creative play. That is, a type and kind of play that will allow our creativity to flourish to create what we desire. These particular characteristics of creative play arise from the characteristics of the most creative state of being that we can enter. This state of being is found when we fully align with the flow of energy that flow from the source/Source of our being. Since all emanates from this source/Source, any creative play that we need to enter for our creative endeavor will have the “flavor” or the characteristic of this most creative state of being to one degree or another. Alternatively said, the characteristics of creative play contain the same characteristics of the source/Source of our creative power and this most creative state of being. It is only that we experience them to a lesser degree than when we access the source/Source. The more our play has the characteristics of the creative source/Source within our being, or we can embrace these characteristics in our play, the greater the creativity we access. The key characteristic are found in the file, “Creative play - the key characteristic of the Source of Creation.”

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