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When talking about the intention we hold and looking for the results of that intention manifesting in our world, what may not be obvious is what manifests is the composite of our conscious and nonconscious intentions. That is, we do not usually hold a single intention. Rather we hold many intentions, some of which may conflict with each other. The intention we experience as manifesting before us is the resultant intention of all our intentions with the most energetic for a given time and place dominating what we experience.

A resultant intention: Whether or not we realize it, life is manifesting the vector sum of our desired experiences and intentions held both at a conscious and nonconscious level. It needs to be realized that an intention is a vector quantity. A vector quantity has a magnitude and a direction. All intentions have what can best be described as a direction associated with the movement of the energy. In physics such a quantity is called a vector and vectors add and subtract slightly differently that adding and subtracting numbers. A single intention will pull us in a given direction in life at a give rate or speed. A second intention may pull us in second direction which can be totally opposite the first. For example, one may desire a political office which requires them to be among people in social gatherings. However, they may also desire the solitude and peace of a more ascetic life. The two desires are not mutually exclusive but they also do not strongly reinforce each other. It just makes our life more challenging to accomplish both.

Each intention has a "what" component and a "why" component and also a magnitude of passion or energy and a direction of flow - toward or away from something. The most important understanding is that energy flows and forms where one directs through the focused their attention and awareness. From this aspect, we can say that this energy consciousness has a direction and it flows in whatever direction our consciousness intends. There is no correct or right direction and there is no wrong direction. There is just toward and way from something which mind holds.

Often we do not even realized we carry certain intentions because it is our beliefs that contain embedded intentions and are directing the course of our life. Additionally, there are cross currents and counter currents that seem to push us off course. Some of these cross currents are of our own choosing and are the result of conflicting beliefs and intentions. Some are a result of the environment in which we are living. For example, there is the intention for our life which created our body and place of incarnation and there are the intentions of our society, of the human collective and of Physical Creation. The life we are currently experiencing are the experiences that arise from the resultant vector sum of all the experiences we desire and intend to have plus any counter and cross currents that exist. As we choose and make decisions, we add or subtract desires and intentions changing the vector sum.

The essence of an intention is a desire or want with a reasonable emotional content or energy behind the desire or want to make it happen. The emotional content can arise from something we seek to enjoy or something we seek to avoided. What is not recognized by most is that we have and hold desires with emotional content at every level of our being and many are held in our nonconscious mind. Some go back deep into childhood and some even go back beyond our current life. For example, the intention for our life is one intention that existed before this life for it is what became the cause of our incarnation. This is why it is so important to: (1) gain clarity of intention for whatever we consciously desire and pull the string as to what is giving rise to that intention; and (2) create a single point focus of what we desire to create.

Our intentions are what underlay all the energy flow in our life. There is a direction that goes with each intention we hold. The flow of our creative life energy is either shattered and fragmented or brought into a coherence and a unity of force. It is analogous of the difference between a flashlight and a laser. In a flashlight the light my be directed in the same direction but it is not a coherent beam where each particle of light adds to strengthen the power available within the light. In a laser, each particle of light adds to strengthen the overall power available in the beam of light. Our intentions do something similar. They add or subtract with all our other intentions giving you a resultant direction to your life. The question is whether or not the focus of our life has a creative power to it like a laser like focus or is the creative power scattered and fragmented more light a flashlight focus.

For example, we may seek a mate or partner with whom to share life. But we also desire the freedom of movement in life. Many see getting married or creating a formal relationship with partner as a way to share life. However, getting married or creating a formal relationship greatly reduced one’s freedom of movement. If we pull the string as to what we really seek in a partner and why we desire freedom of movement, we would probably find many of the traditional ways of forms of partnerships will not work. When we understand what we really seek that effectively combines the desire for a partner and freedom of movement, we will be moving much closer to a single point focus to create the lifestyle and way of being in the world that allows us to not have two opposing, if not conflicting intentions.

The most energetic for a given time and given place: Intention in many ways are like seeds. They sprout when conditions are correct. It needs to be understood the "lay of the land" in Creation never remains the same. The creative environment in which we find ourselves is always changing. Our creativity is being challenged in moment in a different way. As that environment changes, the obstacles to any one intention we hold can change and suddenly that intention become free to manifest. What we may find is that suddenly we see an opportunity in life for something we always longed for having or experiencing. If the environment did not change we would not have the opportunity. Similarly if we did not hold the intention for what we desired, we would not see the opportunity which presents itself. We have not changed what we think and believe and we have not changed all the other intentions we hold. However, we suddenly find the opportunity for our life to move in a totally different direction in life.

Quite simply, all the intentions we hold, whether they are conscious or nonconscious are always active and always growing. The rate at which they grow and manifest can be quite different and their rate of growth can change as the environment changes. In many ways it is like a plot of land which has many different types and kinds of seeds scattered in the field. Depending on the time of year and the type of seeds, some seeds grow quickly. Others grow more slowly. Some remain dormant. Some take over the field and suppress all the other seeds from growing. But then, as the weather over the field changes, some seeds shrivel up and die, some become stagnant, and some seeds come unexpectedly to life. In this regard, it is important to "garden our mind."

To garden our mind is to come to know what types and kinds of intentions we hold and our belief structure we have. It is what we think and believe that ultimately determines the intentions we hold. It is our beliefs and how and what we think and believe that allows us to see the opportunities to manifest what we desire as our environment changes. We need to learn to nurture those intentions we really want to manifest and remove those intentions that do not serve us to create the life we desire to create.

Many of the intentions which no longer serve us lie in our nonconscious mind and come to life as the environment changes. Many are the result of past programming, enculturation and former ways of thinking. The intentions which lie in our nonconscious mind are not often recognized for what they are and readily found unless they make a very strong presence in our life. The normal passive way to find them is to become mindful and aware of the thoughts we have and look to see what catches our attention. We will note that we have preferences for certain things or a series of thoughts about certain things. If we pull the string on why we have that preference of the thoughts we do about something often we can find some nonconscious programming, issue or belief that is influencing the thoughts we have. When accessed, we can then decided if we should change what we think and believe about the issue.

A more proactive way to surface nonconscious intentions is to realize the conscious intention we hold influences the resultant intention as does our environment. By changing and varying our intention we can surface different aspects of our past and see what arises as a result of varying our intention. Similarly we can change our environment for a given intention and see what surfaces in response to that new environment. When we change either the intention we hold within the same environment or hold a constant intention and vary the environment we are changing the resultant composite intention and cause the nonconscious intention we have to both change their influence and reveal themselves. By pulling the string on what arises, we can then ferret out the controlling intention of the past and the associate beliefs and patterns of thinking. It is only a matter of stepping through each intention we uncover until we get a rather consistent direction in life as we vary the either the environment or our conscious intention. That consistent direction will be the major overall underlying intention for our life. It is then a matter of either surrendering to it, working with it our swimming against it. But even if we choose to swim against it, it is easier than we might first image. It is easier because we have clarity as to what we are swimming against rather than being pulled in many different direction as before w sought clarity.

On the point of removing intentions that no longer serves us we need to understand more often than not we are facing a habit of the past. Habits can also lie dormant. When conditions are correct we find ourselves acting in ways we have given no thought as to how we would respond. In looking at the habit, we may find the intention we had which created that habit has long been fulfilled or even discarded and replaced with other intentions. Nevertheless, the habit still persists pushing or pulling us in a given direction in life. Here again, we need to pull the string on the habit as to why the habit exists and whether or not it serves us. How we break the habit can be more difficult for some are very hard to break.

For some habits it is best not to allow the environment to be created such that the habit returns. For example, a prevalent problem with habits is in operating mechanical equipment. If the function of a switch is changed for whatever reason but the same kind of switch is still in the same position, it is very hard not to reach for that switch based on old habits. But since the function of the switched was changed, the habit will cause the wrong things to happen. If a switch is to be changed, the size, shape and feel of the switch should also be changed. Then, if the operator reaches for the switch out of habit, they will feel that it is different and (hopefully) not act.

It is important to understand we have similar conditions and situations in our own mind with our habits. We create a response pattern to life based on a given understanding, belief and way of thinking about life. We then change what we think and believe but the habit and response to life persists. Here we need to become very mindful and aware of how we are responding to life and look to see if there is not something we can do such as analogously putting in a different type and kind of switch to catch ourselves before we act in a certain way. However, often, the only solution is to become very mindful and awareness of what we are thinking and how we are choosing to respond to a given situation.

Nonconscious intentions - undercurrents to our life: It needs to be realized that any intention create a flow of energy and the flows of energy created by the intentions we hold act a undercurrents pulling us along in life. In any one moment, there are five primary flows of energy to which we can  surrender which are acting as an  undercurrent and are influencing our life and creative endeavors. Each flow is the result of a single or composite intention we hold within our nonconscious mind. They are (1) the intention for our life, (2) the flow of Creation, (3) the flow of our society, (4) the flow of the intention of our enculturated mind, (5) the composite or resultant flow of the conscious and nonconscious desires of our mind. Of course there are other flows of energy that are variations of these five or a subpart of one of them. .

Although not necessary, for any conscious intention we desire to manifest, we should pull the string to see how these five areas will influence what we desire to create. Here again, the more we can create a single point focus, the greater our ability to manifest what we desire.

It also needs to be realized that the flow of Creation and the flow of our society will be very difficult if not impossible to change and all we can either do is either  surrender to the flow and accept it as an influence in our life or swim against it if we have sufficient passion. The reason why these currents are very difficult to change is that given the wave particle nature of energy consciousness, the energy of each individuated consciousness permeates all of reality and permeates every other individuated consciousness. This is where the interconnectedness and oneness of Creation can be fully experienced. As such the flow of energy of each individuated consciousness caused to arise by their intentions, desire and beliefs blend into a composite which manifests as the experiences we have in the way that they do within the environment in which we find ourselves.

This interweave of intentions and desires give rise to multiple layers within reality and give rise to the deep  undercurrents that influence what any one individual desires to manifest. For some, it is these undercurrents interpreted to be the "hand of God" what makes us think and feel we are at the mercy Creation and from give rise to a victim consciousness. In some ways this is true that we are at the mercy of these current. Yet, the existence of these currents as a composite influence on our creative endeavors in no way belittles or negates the power of the individual to change the flow of Creation. We need to realize a small force exerted on a massive object over a long time will change the direction of travel of that massive object. More importantly, as we expand our awareness and access greater and greater depth in our creative power, the influence we can exert increase.

Here again, we need to remember, as reflected in the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective, each individual point of consciousness is only an aspect of the consciousness within, or behind, Creation. We each have the ability to go to whatever depth we like to change what we experience to something which better serves what we desire to experience. The question is whether or not we are willing to take the inner journey to the appropriate depth to change the intention which is controlling the flow to be able to create what we desire.

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