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An important concept related to how we create our experiences is that our past experiences, as do all of our experiences, have imprinted feelings into our being. These feelings act as doorways or access points to our subconscious and our creative power. Whenever we have an experience that causes certain feelings that resemble out past experiences, a doorway to the past opens. We do not have to be consciously aware of what we feel. The doorway opens independent of what we are consciously thinking.

In the positive sense, all the wisdom of that past is now readily available to us. Or, if the memories of that or those past experiences are not so good, the doorway provides an opening and opportunity to process the pain to free the creative energy bound in those experiences. The release of that pain frees the creative life energy for a new creation and can be experience as euphoric if not as the Kundalini rising. This is the whole basis of metatheater in the creative process to access and free the energy bound in the past.

In a negative sense, when the doorway opens to past painful experiences fear can arise. The fear arise around the painful memories and the similarly of what is being felt. Mind believes that what is currently being experienced will give an experience much like the pain experienced in the past since the feelings are similar. That fear then paralyze our movements. It can even terrify us. The fear can literally steal our creative life energy such that we either run away or we revert to the need to further protect and defend our creative spirit. So, rather than pursuing the creative endeavor we started, these feelings cause us to create a way to leave the situation or create an new defensive pattern. This in turn, will create a stronger cage which keeps our creative spirit bound. In essence we dig ourselves into a deeper and deeper hole that is much more difficult to get on out in the future. Unless a safe and secure space is found for our creative spirit to come out, process and release the energy bound in the past, we will be able to access our full creative potential.

Relative to negative experiences and the imprinted feelings of these experiences, many of us naturally see pain as something to be avoided if not fear pain. Hence, whenever we feel a painful situation we open ourselves up to revealing all the pain we have faced. That, in turn, further binds us. At some point we will need to face our pain and deal with it at its root. That does not me we endure the pain and that we do not do something to mitigate what we feel. Rather, we allow ourselves to explore the origins of our pain and look to the gift of pain and what it has to offer in our unique situation.

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