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For any intention we set, we can expect fear to arise. Fear comes into play in any intention we set in essentially the same manner - that is, as an obstruction or obstacle to meeting the intention. In any creative endeavor, every obstacle that prevents us from achieving our intention, no matter what intention we set, will arise as a natural course of events. To manifest what we desire, we need to walk into each and every obstacle that arises or we will never achieve all that we intend. Frequently these obstacles are seen as fears or fears.

The suggested approach to dealing with fears in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material is directed to achieve one of three types or categories of intentions. That is, the approach to dealing with fears in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material may not be the way one would want to deal with fears in other circumstances.

The three types or categories of intention are: manifesting any particular intention that we have set whether it be for an object, experience or a direction in life; aligning with and living the intention for our life for whatever reason we may have; and understanding and experiencing the evolution of our creative spirit that can be described as expanding or awakening our consciousness. The fears that arise around these three types or categories of intentions may be the same but often they are very different. The fears associated with the first category of intentions is a subset of the second and the second is a subset of the third. Similarly, the fears get harder and hard to address for they become more encompassing as we move through the three categories of intentions.

Relative to the fears we experience in response to our intentions, we need to remember two things. One is that to have no consciously chosen intention does not mean we have not chosen an intention. We all have been tremendously influenced by the programming and enculturation we have received in life. In this regard, our enculturated subconscious will always choose for us if we do not set a conscious intention. Even if we set a conscious intention there are often many subconscious intentions arising from enculturation, programming or experiences in life that are influencing what we experience. The most common example of this is when there is something we passionately want to do but our programming and enculturation says that it is forbidden, not good for us, or otherwise something in which we should not engage. Such programming can cause the fear of being "found out" or being embarrassed and punished, if not something worse, to arise.

The fears associated with the first category of intentions, to manifest a particular intention, are the usually the easiest with which to deal and the most common. They are easy in the sense that only the programming, enculturation and experiences we have had which relate to what we desire to create influences us in such a way to cause fears to arise. Additionally, to manifest a particular intention is something we choose to do so we can understand the fear in the context of what we are trying to create. Usually we have some memory to which we can go and explore the origins of the fear we experience. Although the fears which arise in this first category of intentions may be generic or common fears, what arises is usually very unique to our intention and the enculturation, programming and experiences we have had.

The second category of intentions are related to the intention for our life. They may arise for one of two reasons. One is they arise because where we desire to access and align with the intention for our life for one reason or another. It may be to align with the intention for our life to establish a condition of health to have the experiences we incarnated to have, or it may be to find an inner satisfaction in and with life, or it may be to simply optimize our creative power.

The other reason we may have for accessing the intention for our life is that the intention for our life is always present as an undercurrent in our life. It is not something to which we must consciously choose to align. It will always be present in our life to one degree or another. Often it pulls us to experiences our mind does not desire to have. As soon as mind sees our life drifting in a way it does not what to go for whatever reason it can become afraid. If not afraid because of its programming, enculturation or past experiences, it becomes afraid of losing control. As such, many intend to access the intention for their life to get control over this undercurrent.

Unless we are the equivalent of a puppet on a string, we chose to create or our consciousness chose to accept the intention for our life at some level of our being or otherwise we would not have a free will. Although it is something we have chosen, there will be fears which arise because align it will be experienced as a loss of control by our current mind. The struggle between the desires of the transcendental mind and our current mind is reflected in the dance between our heart and mind and what our mind wants versus what our heart wants. When the heart doesnít get what it wants we tend to feel pain and/or separation within our being. When mind doesnít get what it wants it experiences fear at the loss of control.

There are two main issues we face in living the intention for our life and each gives rise to particular fears. The first issue we face is that if we live our life we may become different than that which is desired by society. We may be pushed to live the left hand path of society or totally removed from society. Here there is both the fear of being seen and/or perceived as different and fear of loneliness. In addition to these, there are additional fears which can arise, such as fail of failure or not being successful in the eyes of society, that tend to be associated with fitting into society in one way or another.

The existence of our transcendental mind takes us to the third category of intention and associated fears. The whole purpose for our existence in Physical Creation is to have an experience as a human being. If that were not the case we wouldnít be here. We would be somewhere else. Why we are here is reflected in the intention for our life. But there is more to our existence than just having an experience as a human being. We can set the intention to understanding and experience the evolution of our creative spirit that can be described as expanding or awakening our consciousness. Such an intention takes us into a whole new realm of being. Here the fear of the unknown can become so overpowering as to not continue the journey. To our current mind, which only knows the experiences of our current life, stepping into experiences of a different aspect of Physical Creation or into a whole new realm is too much to face. It can project the worst that it can think.

It need to be understood that is through the experiences we have that our consciousness awakens. Because of the way reality is designed, just by incarnating and living our life we will awaken some portions of our sleeping and/or dormant consciousness. Because any creative experience is about experience that which has not been previously experienced, we will have experiences never experienced before by us. It can be said the whole purpose of creation is to go where we have not been before. Setting the intention in one way or another to expand or awaken our consciousness brings us face to face with the unknown in much more conscious way such that the fear of the unknown stares us in the face so to speak. Because we are awakening our sleeping consciousness, we will have experiences that we have never had before so it is only natural that there will be the fears of the unknown. Just to live in this incarnation, we will have to live with and in those fears of the unknown.

However, we forget that we are consciousness at play and we really cannot hurt our selves or anyone else so there is no need for those fears. But we become attached to what we have, what we like, and what is pleasurable, and rather than letting go of the experience we have to become like the wind. We try and hold on to that which must pass through our life. In a way analogous to the way we may play many football or baseball games were each game is different and each game contains the fear that we may make an error and drop the ball or fail to capitalize on each advantage offered and lose the game, we don't play the exact same game a second time. No two games are ever alike. So to with our experiences. Each moment of our life is actually an adventure into the unknown, into something we have not yet experienced.

However we usually do not recognize it as such and look to repeat the past. Each experience seems to be very similar to the last one so we assume they are same. Life tends to appear to be usually, very routine. As a result we do not see the unknown we experience every moment of life. However, when we set the intention to expand and/or awaken our awareness, we become very aware of this fact. If we have not stepped out of mind as a detached witness, the fear can be paralyzing. Addition it brings to our awareness the need to take responsibility for our thought, words and actions for we can begin to see how we are the creator of our experiences and the creator of the reality of those experiences. This responsibility can appear to be awesome and give rise to new fears about our responsibility and the consequences we generate.

Awakening and/or expanding our consciousness brings us to the realization the cycle of the universe is to breath out an intention. That is, to create by intending a thought, actions or experience, manifesting that intention. Then it breathes in by experiencing the manifestation of that intention savoring the experience, allowing the energy to dissipate and starting the whole cycle over again. If the energy is not fully dissipated, we create a repeat to one degree or another to dissipate the energy. That give rise to the proverbial cycle of Karma.

To fully experience what we came to experience, we need to do two things. One is to let each individual become who they incarnated to become and let them reveal what aspect of the divine spark they carry within their heart to have the experiences they incarnated to have. We, too, must be willing to become who we incarnated to become and have the experiences we incarnated to have. If we donít allow these two things our energy becomes bound in some way. We need to remember the individual before us is only there to gives us the experience we desire to have. If they are not free to be who they need to be, they cannot gives us the experience we desire.

The intention for our life in coming into incarnation is to live what is symbolized by the heart and to be that expression of the truth that is contained in our heart. However, enculturation normally conditions us to live a life that is different and frequently quite at odds with that intended for us when we incarnated. But in living either of these lives, the intended or the enculturated, we end up having to fear, but the cause of that fear is different for different reasons. If we live the way we are enculturated, who we think we are, we normally tend to live somewhat at odds with the expression of our heart, for society normally does not support living from the heart. Unless we have consciously intended to live our life different than the intention for our life and we have a belief structure that is consistent with the way we choose to live, our lives will constantly be pulled back to the intention for our life and we will be internally at odds between how we are living and what our beliefs say is true. In living this way of life there will be the incessant fears of not meeting the enculturated success criteria, whether these enculturated success criteria come from our society and social requirement to "fit in" or our own thoughts of who we think we should be, while having a constant pull, sometimes strong, sometimes weak, towards the heart.

If we live the intention for our life assuming we have transitioned through the fear of moving from living the enculturated ego, our intuitive guidance will ultimately lead us into new fears. Although our intuitive guidance will protect us, it lead us into those opportunities and circumstances to develop our personal unique structure to become a vehicle to carry the light of the universe and give the gift we incarnated to give. The Universe does not use our intuitive guidance to necessarily direct us to material comforts. But it will supply our needs to fulfill the intention for our life. It leads to protection and survival of the physical form, then to the unfoldment of our creative spirit and not to material satisfaction as defined on the earth plane.

As we advances on our path to awakening consciousness this usually means our intuitive guidance leads the us into those circumstances and situations that cause the death of the enculturated ego. The process involving the death of the ego usually causes great fears arise. The enculturated ego does not want to die. However, this process is not a one step process. Rather, it like pealing the layers of an onion. Each step feels as though we are tearing down a cage built of fears and freeing and releasing our creative spirit. As soon as we begin to become comfortable in our new found freedom, we discover there is a larger cage, a new set of fears. As we awaken our consciousness, we move into experiences we have never had before and new fears arise. The process continues on and on, awakening and expanding our consciousness, approaching and transcending a new level of fears to new and broader understanding. It is a continual process, so we need to learn how to do it. In each step we gain more confidence and become less and less affected by negativity. We begin to see and understand the process is about growing and strengthening our will and determination.

The journey of the evolution of our creative spirit or awakening to the depth and breadth of our creative spirit is about empowerment. Many spiritual traditions teach that by applying our higher willpower we can transform ourselves into tools for enlightenment. However, we must first accept our innate urges and confront our fears, not pretending to function without them. We cannot deny who we are. Our life focuses on learning discipline and control - control over our thoughts, disciplining our thoughts, facing our fears. As in the process of pealing the layers of an onion, layer upon layer of the onion is pealed away and when you take the all the layers away - what do you have? Nothing! It is all an illusion - the layers of the onion are the layers of our beliefs all built on illusion as to who and what we are. Although we may cry as we peal off the layers, as we cry when we peal an onion, the process is necessary to learn to consciously create and have the strength of will to eventually come to control the experiences we have as we return to cosmic consciousness, at one with the All That Is.

As we evolve our consciousness, our thoughts change and some of these thoughts can be both extremely powerful and frightening. But, we do not have thoughts we are not prepared to accept. How we judge the thoughts as good or bad is not the issue. Also realize that in accepting a thought, it does not mean we necessarily have to act on that thought. But, if we have the thought, no matter what it is, that thought has the possibility of manifesting if we have the discipline, strength of will and responsibility to act on those thoughts.

We have no need to fear as our thought become broader and more encompassing. What is true for us today may not be true for us tomorrow. As we remove our limiting beliefs, truth grows and expands. There is no need to act on or accept another's truth. All we need to do is accept our truth and the truth in our heart, realizing it too changes and grows and expands. Fears get in the way and donít permit us to have the experience as we are meant to have it. We become focused on fear because we hold on to the past or anticipate the future. We need to learn become like the wind and how to have the experience we are having as we are having it. Then, when the experience is over, release it and have the freedom to move on to the next experience.

We must remember that our awareness never dies and we will survive the body, as we survive any given experience in life. Each life we live in each body allows a different set of experiences and a new portion of our sleeping consciousness to awaken. We spend lifetimes developing different abilities. If we view each life that we lived as a day, it is then like the way a piano player could spend some of the days of their life practicing to play all and anything on the piano. One day they practice jazz, one day folk music, one day renaissance music. Then at times they perform, one concert is a jazz concert, one is a folk concert, one is a renaissance performance, and sometimes they just sit, watch and listen to the others as they perform their concert. We spend the lifetimes of eternity developing our abilities and lifetimes displaying our abilities in different creations or watching others as they display theirs, until we have played the entire selection and return to the Source, completing the breathing out and breathing in cycle, only to start again. When we start the cycle again we choose differently. Maybe the next time we choose to experience a series of incarnations as a guitar player or clarinet play until we fully awaken to all that we are and we start the process all over again.

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