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To sort out the hazards within fears can be very difficult and unless we are able to dance in and out of mind and become very aware of what we feel. If we cannot dance between the heart and mind, we will be trapped by the past and be unable to access the creativity we need. It needs to be remembered and emphasized, creativity takes us into the unknown. We cannot fear the unknown for we have no idea what to fear. Mind as we know it is incapable of address that which it has not previously experienced. Anything we fear is of the past. But that does not mean a hazard does not exists. It simply means the fear is based on a past experience and the past is haunting us. The fear is not real but the hazard that could exist may be. But if we live in the fear we will be unable to access the true nature of the hazard we face and that will significantly impact what we can and cannot create.

If one looks at any hazards as something that can causes harm to our being, from a creativity perspective, there are two ways that your being can be harmed. Although they are ultimately connected, it is easier to see them as separate for this discussion.

The first way we can be harmed is to cause some form of harm or injury to our physical body. That is, to damage in some way the vehicle that we are using for the physical experience that we desire such that we cannot have the desired experience. Here it needs to be noted and emphasized that if we desire to know what a particular illness feels like, it is not harming the vehicle for the physical experience is to have that illness. Harm and injury occurs when what we experience does not serve the intention we have. For example, if we desire to know what it feels like to be spun around in a centrifuge as in an amusement park ride and we get sick in the process, we cannot really say we were harming our body. We were simply having the experience of what it feels like to experience a centrifuge in a physical body. In hindsight we may say that was not too pleasant. But, nevertheless, it was an experience we choose to have.

The first set of hazards we may need to face are those that cause actual damage or injury to our physical vehicle that is not giving us the experience we desired to have. Here we will need to study the physical process with which we are dealing or using. For example, if we wish to design a new flying machine, we will have to learn and respect the laws governing aerodynamics. However, fear of flying and the fear we may have because we previously crashed are not inherent to what we are choosing to create but they are inherent to our ability to create what we desire. The creativity perspective rarely causes physical conditions to change such that physical hazards arise. We may choose to act differently because of the creativity perspective we choose to have and expose ourselves to greater physical hazards but the hazards are inherent in what we choose to do not exist in the creativity perspective itself.

This is why free exploration of a situation in our creative imagination  is so important. We can look at options and scenarios without making them physical. Then we can then look at what we experienced in our creative imagination and make a ritual, metatheater, pilot of some type and the like to test in the physical world what we explored before we overly commit ourselves to a course or action.

We need to remember, the creativity perspective and holding our creativity sacred does not require us to ride a centrifuge type amusement park ride to make us sick. However, it may allow us to choose to experience the amusement park ride that us otherwise would have avoided.

The second way that your being can be harmed is by anything that causes us to bind, block or otherwise interfere with the free flow and free expression of our creative life energy. Here we move into the spiritual, mental and emotional aspects of our being and how we create our experiences by what we think and believe. Although the creation process itself blocks and binds the free flow of our creative life energy by the way it creates creations and/or how we experience an existing creation, what we choose to create should be serving what we desire to experience. Any time we create something that blocks or binds our creative life energy in a way that does not serve us we cause injury and harm to our being in some way. The key here is to come to know what serves and doesn’t serve our being. The recommendation is to look to create a life worth living and what holds our creativity sacred.

What needs to be understood about hazards is there are situations, things and individuals that do not serve us and/or that do not allow us to sustain our full creativity capabilities even though there is no direct physical harm. In these cases, often the seeds of an accident, illness or disease are planted. If the conditions continue to be fertile such a condition will manifest.

The issue here is to understand that whatever we perceive as a hazard is to explore how we will not be served. For situation that serve us even if there is some pain, we will need to face whatever is required. For example, we can have a surgical operation to fix some internal conditions in our body that can otherwise not be fixed. For those situations that do not serve us or what we desire to create we need to understand that no matter how pleasurable the experience may be, we will be harmed in one way or another. This is the type and kind of activities that lead to addictions. The question we will need to address for ourselves is how do we know when we and our best interests are being served and not served. This is why the recommendation is made in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material to develop an awareness of the feeling of the fullness of being and use an internal compass to guide all that we do.

The creativity perspective does not, can cannot, cause harm to our non-physical being because it holds sacred all that gives rise to our creativity and the free flow and free expression of our creative life energy. The free flow of that energy within our being is what created and sustains our being and is what allows us to create the experiences you desire to have. Its free flows within our being can, and, will cause us to be in a very fertile and creative state. What will cause us harm is the intentions we hold and the thinking and belief patterns that do not server our best interests and the free flow of this energy into what we desire to create from the truth of our being.

The awareness of what serves us coupled with the creativity perspective can effectively be used to address the hazard our mind perceives to mitigate the real hazard. However, we will still have to deal with any fear that may have accompanied the perceived hazard.

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