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The following discussion presents some concepts and principles that have been useful in making the journey to access the intention for our life faster, easier and gentler. The recommendations is to look to make them a part of your life and use them in your creative endeavor.

The thoughts we hold: At the most fundamental levels, Creation does not work the way our mind normally perceive Creation to work. It cannot be understated, or over emphasized how important it is to understand that the thoughts we consciously and nonconsciously hold create our experiences and the reality we experience. We create by how we focus our attention and awareness. We need to become mindful and aware of our thoughts and where we have focused our attention and awareness. To access the intention for our life, we need to look to opening ourselves to explore the depth and breadth of what we feel.

Creation is directional: Creation is directional.Whether or not consciousness is aware of the direction it is intending by how it has focused its attention and awareness is another issue. At a more mundane level of life, most choose to direct their life to move away from pain and anything uncomfortable and move toward what they find pleasurable or toward some type and kind of peak experience. Usually pain is only faced when it stands in the way of getting what we want. For example it is like suffering through climbing a high mountain to stand at the topic to see the view and know that you are capable of overcoming the obstacles to such a climb.

The nature of the feeling giving rise to the intention for our life: We know the intention for our life through a deep feeling within our being. We tend to become aware of the feeling when we become a creator. The reason for this is the intention for our life is related to creating our life. Intention for our life, the business of our life, the dream within the heart is about feeling and creating. In particular, it is about creating a life. It is about creating the way we live in the world and what we do in the world. The more our creative activities move toward consciously creating or recreating our life the more we become aware of the feeling which contains the awareness of what we incarnated to do. The recommendation is to purse creative activities that are directed to creating or recreating the life we live and become very mindful and aware of what we feel in doing such creative activities.

A side note need to be made here on the feeling giving rise to the awareness for knowing the intention for our life. Since the deep feeling which provides the awareness of the intention for our life is related to creating life, sexuality is capable of providing direct pathway to accessing the deep feeling giving rise to the awareness. Since sex is ultimately about creating biological offspring, it primary function is to create life. In this regard the deep feelings that arise in engaging in sexuality are about creating life, whether it be our own life and a passion and enthusiasm for life within ourselves, or that of creating an offspring, or creating life within another individual by causing a passion and enthusiasm within them to arise.

The issue here is about staying with the feeling and going into the awareness which lies within the feelings and not become distracted, lost or otherwise preoccupied by the sexuality. The issue is not whether we engage or not engage in sex. Nor it is about being celibate or not celibate. The issue is about keeping our attention and awareness focused on the feeling and to go into the feeling to see what is revealed and be wiling to face what is revealed Often what is revealed in the feelings of sexuality is frighten for it represents past traumatic experiences and pain which masks the true origins of what we feel. In this regard, sexuality can be used as a tool to explore deep feelings and surface past pains especially those related to creating life and/or creating/recreating our life.

Additionally, the intention for our life provides a deep undercurrent and direction to our life. Often sexual feelings arise and individuals are pulled towards, or into, a sexuality relationship for its purposes. The individuals are then baffled and confused when the sexuality relationship does not work out as mind expects or wants. In particular, the relationship ends up not providing the freedom for their creative spirit to unfold true to itself and as it needs to unfold or past hurts, fears pains and the like surface to be addressed Usually the individuals fail to consider the fact that the pull and original attraction was not the result of the wants, needs and desires of their mind or that of the other individual. Rather the pull was a result of the intention for their life and what they need to create in life. Sometimes a sexuality relationship and the energy and passion that is released in the engagement is the only way sufficient energy is access to address what is necessary to shift the individualís life more toward fulfilling the reason for their incarnation and having the experiences they incarnated to have.

Sexuality, creativity and related topics and issues are further discuss under the topic, "Creative sexuality." The approach suggested here to access the intention for our life is to explore creativity activities related to creating and/or recreating our life to begin to understand and discern the difference between the feelings of sexuality and the feeling that arise relative to the intention for our life that may contain sexual overtones. As with any other feeling we have, we can explore the origins of our feelings. We can come to know whether or not the sexual feelings we have are based on the wants and needs of the mind and its desires or the needs of our creative spirit and the intention for our life. In being able to discern the subtle difference between the feelings of sexuality arising from the desires of the mind and the overtones of sexuality arising from the intention for our life we will know whether or not we should engage sexually with an individual or use sexuality as a tool. We can literally feel the differences and the results are quite profound. The goal in the approach provided here is to explore creative activities relative to creating and/or recreating our life through creative endeavors, rituals, ceremonies, metatheaters and the like to know what creating a life feels like and to look for what activities give us a fulness of being, an inner satisfaction and an enthusiasm and a passion for life and to engage life. It is to know the feelings that are directed towards creating life and not those directed toward only having sex. In this awareness lies the understanding as to how to use sexuality and whether or not we are being served by our sexual relationships.

We have a free will: Whether we realize it or not, or accept it or not, we have a free will. There are no judgements on what we create. We are beings of unlimited creativity who have intentionally limited our unlimited creativity for the purposes of having a physical experience as a human being. We can create whatever we desires as long as we experience it from within our human body and the experiences we incarnated to have. There are no judgements on our experiences but there are consequences for the time and place of our incarnation.

Awareness of our attachments: The key to creation and the key to freedom is attachments. Our attachments and that on which we focus our attention and awareness creates our experiences. Letting go of our attachment is what creates the freedom and releases the energy to create something not previously seen and experienced. Otherwise, we continually recreate the past and experience the proverbial wheel of karma.

Feeling and discerning the flow of energy: Creation is about energy. Without a flow of energy, there is no movement. Without movement there is nothing to experience, everything stays the same. The ability and power to create is about sensing and directing energy to in a way that allows us to have the experiences we desire to have.

Feeling and sensing are about the body. Creative power lies in feeling and what we feel and can access in and through feeling. Hence, creative power is accessed through what we feel. It is to understand what is symbolized by the heartand use the energy aspect of energy consciousness. Creative ability is about being able to use and direct what we feeling to create what we desire. It is to understand the mind and use the consciousness aspect of energy consciousness.

Directing what we feel is about the mind. We come into life based on a feeling to guide us to have certain types and kinds of experiences. However, mind interjects itself based on what it thinks and begins to control what we feel based on our enculturation and the experience we have in life. In time, we allow mind to dominate our actions and decisions about life rather than checking the awareness available in feeling as to how we should proceed.

We need to give ourselves permission to explore the depth and breadth of what we feel and become aware of all the judgement mind makes about what we feel and how we go about becoming aware of what we feel. We need to look for those feelings, those flows of energy, that give a fulness of life, an inner satisfaction, and a desire to engage life. However, rather than learning to focus of the feeling and the flow of energy giving rise to the experience we have within a particular environment, we focus on the experience and try to recreate what we feel by recreating the experience. What we fail to understand is how the environment and the unfoldment of a creation are related and how the inner is reflected in the outer. We become different because of the experience we have had. As a result, the same flow of energy will create a different type and kind of experience because how we perceive that flow is now different.

This is why it is so important to live focused in the moment as a detached witness. It is here in the moment as a detached witness that we can see creation/Creation for what it is not biased by the judgements of the mind about what is experienced. This experience can be quite paradoxical. Out side of mind and the biases and judgements of mind, we may find experiences that we think are pleasurable actually painful and painful experiences actually pleasurable and freeing. This fact, in turn, gives rise to the need to know what truly serves and doesnít severs us and our truth.

Body memories: Exploring what we feel will cause us to access body memories. Consequently, this exploration of feeling needs to be done in conjunction with exploring our beliefs which lie in the judgements about what we feel that arise when we feel or just prior to feeling.

As we uncover beliefs which do not allow us to hold our creativity sacred and/or allow us to expand into the infinity of our being, we then need to reprogram ourselves. We need to program ourselves in such as was as to find a perspective, a set of beliefs and a way of thinking which allow us to continually expand and grow into those feelings and the awareness revealed in those feelings. We need a set of beliefs that do not deny our creativity in any way nor do they cause us to give our creative ability and creative power away to another or other in any way creating a victim consciousness.

We need to open ourselves to feeling and use the body as the tool that it is to use it much like an antenna to access the awareness in what we feel. In becoming aware of the awareness that lies in what we feel, we can learn to create an alternative way to life . It is a way that provides more satisfaction than the way most of us have been taught to live life. The reason for this is we open ourselves to the truth depth and breadth of our creative ability and creative power available through the intention for our life

The alternative way to live life is to become aware there is an awareness in, or behind in what we feel. It is to dance between the awareness available through the mind and what we have experienced and the awareness available through what lies in feeling to consciously create our life. It is to not recreate the past in a new way as most of us do. Rather, it is to consciously step out of mind to bring into existence something not previously seen or experienced by ourselves or even another. It is to live a truly creative life.

Escape the cage of our own making: Because of the pain we experience in the loss of our ability to creatively play and the other experiences of life, we put our creativity in a box or a  cage of our own making. We create the cage by how we choose to respond to life and by what we come to think and believe about Creation as a result of the experiences we have. We think we are protecting ourselves but only rob ourselves of our own creative power to create something which better serves us.

In trying to escape the cage, the key issues we face are the top and bottom of the box in which we have placed our creativity. We fool ourselves into thinking we are escaping this box or cage in our ability to move laterally in life. But our problems never really seem to go away. It is because we never face the top and bottom of the box and what they really mean.

Facing the top and bottom of the box is about, removing, flushing out, and/or reprogramming all that is not of our truth. Moving laterally in life, which is relatively easy to do, tends allows us to explore the truth of the external world. But moving laterally does not allow us to appropriately explore the truth of our inner world. To explore the top and the bottom of the box does not require us to move anywhere in life. Rather, addressing the top and bottom of the box is about creating the space within ourselves to allow ourselves to fully expand and grow into the depth and breadth of our true creative ability and creative power. That truth then becomes reflected in the external world .

The "trick" so to speak, is about finding a safe and secure space to explore our inner world. Then as we discover our inner world, we allow our revealed inner world to move us laterally into life in a way that allows us to continue expand simultaneously in all directions. In time, we find we will completely recreate both the inner and outer world we experience and it will be a world which better serves us and who and what we find ourselves to be. That is, an infinitely creative being possessing an unlimited creativity who has only chosen to limited it creative power for the specific purpose of having an physical experience as a human being.

To begin such a journey, we can create rituals, metatheater and the like, which allow us to explore our creativity, what we feel, and discover and experience the limits of the cage in which we placed our creativity. It is to use the concept of complex integration and our creative imagination to explore the type and kind of life we wish to create without constraints. Then bring back the results we find and what we learn into the physical world to create that life.

Talking directly to the Creator: It needs to be noted, when we are creating we can talk to the Creator as creator to creator. It is when we are creating we have the best access to the Creator to talk as an equal. We need to realize a physician talks to another physician differently than the way they would talk to a lay person. An engineer talks differently to another engineer than the way they would talk to a lay person. A parent talks differently to another parent than the way they talk to a child. So too talking to the Creator. We can talk differently to the Creator when we talk as a creator.

We need to catalyze ourselves: What we need to learn to do is to catalyze ourselves for what WE want to create, not any other wants us to create. What we create should be something in which we can become lost in the play of creativity as opposed to a strict adherence to what mind wants or thinks should occur. The "spirit" of whatever we create is more important than the form.

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