How Mind Masks the Heart

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For any experience we have, whether it be of another individual, a tree, an energy, a cloud or of physical creation, what is symbolized in the heart and mind both have an experience. It is the same experience for they are in the same body and have the same focus of attention and awareness.

However mind jumps in with its judgment as to how and what it thinks. Mind lives in the world of duality. It either likes something or dislikes something. But whatever it thinks, it overlays the experience that was had with the mask of its judgment and interpretation. Unless we are awake and awake to this process we will not be aware of what we feeling and just be with what we feel without judgment.

If we are not aware of what we feel and allow ourselves to just be with what we feel, we do not really experience what the heart experiences. Rather we believe what mind had told us about the experience and how it has interpreted the experience. Hence, mind masks the heart and what they heart has experienced.

We do this all the time and rarely pay attention to what we feel and just allow ourselves to be without the mind

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