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There are two ways to live one’s life. One is to live from the mind and what the mind thinks and judges as to what needs to be done based on what it has experienced in the past. The other is to live from the heart, or rather what is symbolized in the heart, and what we feels needs to be done.

Living from the mind by its very nature forces us to live from the past. Mind projects the past experiences we have had into the future and causing us to create a future based on the past. The mind cannot live in the unknown for its essences is of the past and what we have experienced in the past. When mind is involved, even the most creative ideas that we have are only a synthesis of the past and a combination of the past in a original or new way.

What is symbolized in the heart however, is completely different. It is representative of the flow of the creative life energy as it is as it flows from the source/Source of our being. As such it integrates all that is present, both seen and unseen, into one integrated whole that we feel as the feeling or an internal knowing that we have. The heart is able to tell us and lead us into exploration of the unknown for it is aware of, and senses, the energy before us before mind is capable of framing that energy based on a past experiences. Additionally if mind is incapable of explaining or understanding an energy it experiences because it is so different from the past the heart is still capable of give us guidance as to how to response to that energy . The reason for this is the heart does not try and quantify the energy into a thought as does mind. It only tells us how to flow with what is. It allows us to feel our way.

It is possible for the mind to mask both the feelings of the heart or to direct the energy within our being that causes the heart to essentially be overloaded, dominated or smothered by what the mind wants. Mind is a switching station for our creative life energy When we are in our feeling and focused on what is symbolized in the heart we allow our heart to lead. In doing so, we will be out of thinking and judging mind. However, the question is, “Although we are out of mind at the instant we are feeling, is what we responding to a flow of energy caused by the mind directing our creative life because of our past choices or is what we feel responding to the flow of energy as directed by our creative spirit?” If we focus our attention and awareness on the heart and become aware of what we feel, we will always know where our creative life energy is flowing at this instant. It says nothing about what has directed that energy into the flow pattern we are experiencing. To understand the flow, we must go up stream to see what causes or is directing the flow.

If we wishes to live in alignment with the flow of our creative life energy without the interference of mind, we will be living the purpose or the reason for our incarnation. To do so, we will need to be out of mind and all the interference mind has caused with the flow the creative life energy as it flows from the source/Source of our being. To be in the flow as directed by our creative spirit, we will need to transcend the limits and barriers that the mind has constructed to channel the energy of Creation.

The flow path of our creative life energy is from the unmanifested realms of Creation, the Source of Creation. It can be seen to flows from that still point, that place of “no-thing-ness” out of which many see as where all creation forms. Its flow gives rise to our creative spirit and flows through the mind into the emotions, or rather the flow is felt as emotions, and into manifestation as the physical. Actually it should be said the energy flows from the creative spirit through the switching station of the mind. The flow is felt as feelings and interpreted by mind as emotions as it manifested in the physical. Both ways of viewing this flow path, as feeling giving rise to emotions, or as our emotions is acceptable and each is useful in its own way. In understanding this flow path, it is easy to see we can be following the heart, but still be under the lead of mind. If we step out of mind and fully align with our creative spirit our manifested form will be in its purest state. However we have to deal with aspects of both the enculturated ego and transcendent ego with the majority of our effort being on the enculturated ego. The focus is especially on the programming we developed early in life before we have the memory of a conscious experience of how we were programmed.

Our body and its environment of birth, both in time and place is the product of our transcendent ego and that state of our being at the time of incarnation. These conditions existed before we formed any enculturated ego and developed an idea about who we think we are in this life based on our current life experiences. When we return to that state of being, we access the most powerful creative state we can enter in our life and it is to live the intention for our incarnation. Once we are aligned with that intention, we then have the choice of living that intention, changing that intention or going further back into our programming and transcend that intention if we begin to shed the transcendent ego which created the intention for our life. It is at this point of being we access our unlimited creativity for we stand at the point to create any reality we wish while in our body.

What need to be understood is that each lifetime offers us the potential to step into our unlimited creativity. To come into the physical Creation to have a physical experience requires us to forget who we think we are and who we may have been and all the experiences that go with those beliefs. If we are allowed to just be, following what is symbolized in our heart, developing an awareness of life and Creation from the heart space, and awaken from this heart space, we would consciously become the beings of unlimited creativity that we are. However, life itself causes us to focus outward and define ourselves from the experience we have. In a very short time we start pulling together an understanding of who we think we are by the experiences we have had and all our experiences, even those we have before this current life, begin to create our reality. Hence we become trapped in the past and the proverbial wheel of karma begins to dominate our life. In understanding this process we can transcend the process at any point and being to creative the reality of our choice. We only need to choose to do so.

It also needs to be noted that at the moment of birth there is the possibility to access our unlimited creativity even though our body was created by the transcendental ego.Yet when we consciously shed our enculturated ego to get back to the moment of birth, we face the transcendental ego. Why is that? The reason for this is when we remember we realize we can remember all. If we forget all, we have the possibility to just be. If we remember and go into our subconscious programming of this life we raise parts of all the subconscious programming because it is all interwoven. This includes the transcendent ego and who it thinks it is. Some of the habits and preference we have in life are not really habits and preferences we develop in this life. Rather we experiences situations that remind us of what we would call “past lives” or “past experiences.” Because the current situation is similar to what we previously experienced, we begin to respond in life from those remembered habits and patterns we developed in response to these types and kinds of experiences.

We are not compartmented and separated as how our lives would lead us to believe. Hence we have to deal with those aspects of the transcendental ego that have surfaced. As we deal with those aspects, they are interwoven with other deeper aspects and we continually go deeper and deeper into it. As we continually spiral deeper and deeper into our own being as if we were peeling the layers of an onion, we transcend what it means to be human and ascend to the highest realms of our being and of Creation.

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