Freezing water analogy for binding our creative life energy


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Water in many respects is a good analogy for our creative life energy. It is normally free to flow and will take the shape of its container. When water freezes, it is no longer free to move and holds its form until it melts. If the water is in a flowing stream of some type, as the water freezes, less and less water is free to flow and eventually the flow can be completely stopped.

If we look at a calm body of water, as the temperature slows decreases, the water will slowly form a thin, invisible sheet of ice across the entire surface of the body of water. If the water stays calm, and the water continues to cool, the sheet of ice become thicker and thinker. Eventually it becomes a solid piece of ice capable of supporting large weights.

So too with energy consciousness. As consciousness continues to hold focus on a given clear intention, not disrupted by other thoughts, the energy of energy consciousness “condenses” itself into a denser and denser form until it is eventually experienced as a physical experience or creation. Additionally, as our creative life energy “solidifies” less is available to create something else. In this regard, often a sacrifice of the existing created form, whole or in part, needs to occur to free up the energy for the new creation. If we refuse to let go of the exist form and yet hold our desire to create the new, we will create a dark night of the soul. If we let go of all that needs to be let go and allow ourselves to flow freely, we can have a kundalini experience. We can experience great pleasure in the freeing of our bound energy.

The problem with this analogy is that water freezes because thermal energy or heat energy is removed from the water. However, as energy consciousness “condenses” into physical reality nothing is removed and nothing is added, it only reshapes itself based on the intention of consciousness. What is removed if our freedom of movement. So if you wish, you can consider our freedom of movement as the heat within water. As we remove the heat, our freedom, we solidify ourselves into a fixed and rigid forms. To free ourselves, we must and heat, we must add freedom to our lives. We add freedom by letting go of what we think and believe and how we think the world needs to work.

The beauty of the analogy is that almost everyone is familiar with ice and water and one can readily sees that ice and water are just different forms of the same thing. The key to understanding is that there is not spirit and there is no physical. There is just the “stuff” of creation existing in a localized or non localized form and we readily switch from one to the other if we properly focus our attention and awareness and choose a perspective that allows us to see what we desire to see.

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