The Seven Chakra System

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Seven Chakra System
A generic overview discussion

The Chakra System is a way to view the operation of the human being that comes from Eastern Mysticism. It also provides a framework to access and surface our programmed responses. Exactly how a chakra is interpreted and/or used depends on the tradition which use it. What is provided here is a generic overview and is biased by the used and interpretation based on the creative perspective. The creativity perspective and energy consciousness model view of the Chakra System is provided in the topic “The Energy Consciousness View of the Seven Chakra System.”

There are individuals who are able to view and/or perceive what is called the subtle energy body. When one is able to perceive this energy body one can see what are vortexes of energy. These vortexes are called chakras. These vortexes are beleive to be created by the presences of consciousness within the body. The subtle body is seen as an energy field normally hidden from sight that carries our urges, emotions, habits and is imprinted with all that has happened to us. The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit word which means wheel or disk since the chakras are perceived as vortexes of spinning energy.

Some traditions and views perceive more than seven, but thee are seven major chakras. The location of the seven chakras correspond to the seven nerve ganglia branching out from the spinal column. These nerve ganglia are where there are a large collection of nerves which spread out into the surrounding tissue. The seven chakras are seen residing at the top of the head, the brow, the throat, the heart, the solar plexus, the abdomen and genitals and the base of the spin. Biologically, they correspond to the cerebral cortex of the brain, the carotid plexus of the head, the pharyngeal plexus of the throat, the cardiac plexus of the chest, the solar plexus of the stomach region, the sacral plexus of the abdomen and the coccygeal plexus of the spine.

In many ways, from the creativity perspective and with the energy consciousness model, the subtle energy body is how our consciousness has localized its energy into a form that gives rise to our body or holds the body together in it current shape and form. Or, it can be seen as the flow of creative life energy as it organizes itself to give rise to and animate the body. In either case, the chakras can act as doorways between the mind and the body. They are door ways in the sense that the chakras can be seen as representing a collection of beliefs about an areas or aspect of life. The feeling we have in the corresponding area of the body give us some indication of how the energy is or is not flowing in those areas. The beliefs we hold and how we hold them allow, or don’t allow, for the free flow of our creative life energy to energize those areas of the body.

Within the traditional chakra system there are perceived to be four flows of energy. There is an upward, downward, outward and inward flow. The traditional yoga practices are methods used to consciously access the flow of energy. Yoga, as a word, means to yoke or union as one would harnessing an ox or unite it with a wagon to use its life energy to pull the wagon. The goal of many of these yoga practices are to unite or join the individual with the divine.

Within the creativity perspective and energy consciousness model, such activities are unnecessary for one is already in full union with the divine and Source of Creation. We can never become separate from it. It is just that we don’t live with the conscious awareness of its presence because of what we think and believe about Creation and who and what we are. Calibrating our internal compass is the fastest why known to bring our conscious awareness to the creative power/Creative Power within our being.

The upward flow of energy is the flow of energy to which most traditional yoga and chakra system interpretations apply. It begins at the earth and rises up through the body. The traditional yoga practice is seen as stepping up through the chakra and their corresponding physical and mental attachments to move toward liberation and freedom from the attachments, constrictions and limitations of the body. This upward current is seen as current of liberation and traditionally called the mukti or freedom. In moving up through the chakra one obtains awareness and moves toward transcendence of the physical. Moving up is seen as and expansion into consciousness and allows one to open up to new possibilities and previously unseen and options not previously experienced. The experience of this flow is what gives rise to the Kundalini experience. The kundalini is seen as the awakening of the energy at the spine, releasing it from it attachments and flowing upward. When this energy is released it is experienced as euphoric if not sexual. If the upward flow is blocked we cannot experience liberation and the freedom provided in the expansion of consciousness.

The downward flow of current is seen as a current of manifestation. It flows downward from consciousness to the earth into manifestation. The energy is seen as “becoming more dense” as it moves down through the chakras until it animates the body and manifests as a physical experience. This downward currents is seen as catalyzing our actions in the physical to give rise to the idea or desire we have. It has been described and bukti or enjoyment. If the downward flow is blocked, we will have many ideas, dreams, and desires and the like but will be unable to manifest them and never bring them to completion. We may talk about them, plan the and the like but for some reason or another, we can do nothing within them. Our energy is “not grounded” and we do not complete the energy flow to cause manifestation.

Although not necessarily practiced in many of the systems which utilize the Seven Chakra Sytem, conceptually you want to balance these two flows of energy. We needs to be able to free ourselves from fixed and limiting internal and external forms to experience our true nature and/or an expansion of our consciousness and gain the full benefit of our creative imagination. It is here we can imagine that which does not exist manifested in physical form. Similarly, we need to be able to manifest our dreams, visions and desires to fully experience the beauty of creation/Creation. Within this system if we cannot move upward to liberation, we cannot access both the energy to create nor can we have the expansion of consciousness to perceive options that we can not otherwise see. If the downward flow of energy is blocked, we cannot bring our ideas into manifestation.

The higher chakras are seen provide a freedom to explore options but there is little substance. The lower chakras about substance that give us structure and form to what we see and touch. But in this structure and form we have much less freedom and flexibility provided in the freedom of an expanded consciousness. Within the Seven Chakra System it is perceived that if all the chakras are open, we can experience of our full potential.

It is perceived that as these two flows of energy pass each other vortexes are created, namely, the chakras. The vortexes in turn active the body into action or are activated by outside influences. The outward current is a current of expression where we express what is inside and whose form is determined by the upward and downward flow of energy. We express outwardly our thoughts, ideas, believes and creativity and express them in what we love or hate, seek or reject in life.

The inward or receptive flow of energy is what we received from the outside in what we normally perceive through the five senses. Within the energy consciousness model it would be added “and interpreted through mind” and the unseen energy perceived through our being. Here we mean the unseen as that which is not sensed by the senses. In the same way our eyes only seen a narrow spectrum of the entire electromagnetic frequency, our physical sense only perceive a small segment of the total energy we can perceive.

If the outward flow of current is blocked, we cannot fully take into the world what is within our being. Similarly if the inward, receptive flow of current is blocked, we cannot fully nor accurately perceive with is external. The general understanding of the Chakra System is that depending on how we choose or do not choose to respond to life we create “imbalance” within the individual chakras, individual flows of energy or imbalances between the chakras or flows. These imbalance result in what we experience in life. Whether or not we consider what we experience as pleasurable or painful is another issue.

Depending on the tradition, yogic and/or meditation methods are provided to work with one or more chakras and/or one or more of the flows of energy to achieve the intent of the tradition. It has been the author’s experience that numerous traditions and practice to which he has been exposed that utilize the Chakra System tend to emphasis transcendence and leaving the physical or somehow fixing the physical whether it be the body or physical Creation. These traditions seem to perceive there is something wrong with pain and there is the need to escape pain rather than learn to see the gift within pain.

In any case, many of these traditions offer brilliant insights in our creative nature and can provided many technique and methods useful in our creative endeavors. The recommendation made here, as always, is to allow effectiveness be your measure of truth. The recommendation is to eat and digest any technique and/or method and making it your own as you would eat any food. Additionally, it needs to be remembered that any system or interpretation we make about creation will be incomplete, including the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity interpretation. This reason for this incompleteness is simply that we cannot put infinity into a box. We may be infinite creative beings with an infinite awareness but our minds are finite. The topic “The problem of mind and the experience of the Source of Creation - the trap of mind,” provides some understanding on the nature of this issue.

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