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As discussed in the "Characteristics of the creative spirit - a life giving wisdom," there is a life giving wisdom available to each of us. One of the quickest ways to access the creative spirit and its wisdom to learn how to unfold the dream within the heart. However, most of us need to access the wisdom of the creative spirit to unfold the dream we carry in our heart. We access the wisdom of our creative spirit three ways. One way is through our intuitive guidance. The second is though our body wisdom. The third way is the awareness in what we feel.

Although each of these arise from the same source/Source, each is experienced slightly differently by how we have focused our attention and awareness. Body wisdom tends to work when our mind is so preoccupied with its own thinking, that our creative spirit uses the nonconscious mind to get our attention. Most often it is done in pain and our creative spirit will only cause a level of pain necessary to the attention of the conscious mind.

Intuitive guidance tend to work when we are preoccupied with the mind and thinking but we are mindful and aware of the origin of our thoughts. We can see which thoughts are from our intuitive guidance.

When we are capable of freely dancing between mind and heart, what we think and what we feel, we become aware of the awareness in what we feel and we have what are called knowings. That is we know that we know but we donít know how we know. It is a wisdom and knowledge beyond thought.

Getting started to access the wisdom of the creative spirit

To access the wisdom of the creative spirit, we must become aware of what is going on inside of us. We need to become mindful and aware of both what we think and what we feel. A way to become mindful and aware within is to realize how the inner is reflected in the outer. By becoming aware of what is occurring in our outer world, we can us that to access our inner world.

The traditional place to start is to realize our breathing as one of the outward manifestation of our animating life energy. Our breathing reflective of the minimum energy used to keep us alive. As long as we are breathing, we are essentially alive. A good part of our brain can be dead, but we will be alive as long as you continue to breathe. Our breathing supplies the oxygen needed to burn the nutrients in the body to create the energy for our body to work. Without the pumping of the heart to supplied the blood and nutrient flow and the breathing to supplies the oxygen to release the energy in the nutrients, we will die.

We are alive for a reason. This minimum sustaining energy within our breathing carries information related to why we are alive and why it continues to sustain us. This is one reason why we focus on our breathing. It is a doorway to becoming aware of the focus of our attention and awareness onto our reason for being here. In this regard, it only makes sense to learn to communicate with our creative spirit and listen to what it has to say to understand both why we are here and what it would like us to do in any moment.

But in focusing on our breathing, we need to focus on the feel of the breathing. We need to focus on the feel of our chest rising and falling and the feel of the air flow into and out of our being. It is the awareness within the feeling that will give us the information we seek.

By calming ourselves, focusing on our breathing and listening to the awareness within the feeling, we can ask ourselves in the moment anything we seek. For example we can ask, "What do I need to do to fulfill the intention for my life?" Our intuitive guidance will provide you with an answer. However, most of us carry more than one intention for our life. In addition to our reason for incarnating, we all have picked up intentions based on how we think the world works and what we have been told as to what is important in life. So it is important to become very clear and precise in what you ask.

To ask, "What do I need to do in this moment?" our intuitive guidance on will most probably default to the most energetic conscious or nonconscious intention we hold. That is not necessarily the answer we seek. So it is important to become very clear and precise in what we ask for we will get an answer. We may not like the answer we get but we will nevertheless get an answer. Additionally, as discussed under the topic of intuitive guidance and honoring intuitive guidance, the image or thought presented by mind will not necessarily be correct. However, the direction we need to travel is correct.

When it come to creating with our creative life energy, we each need to realize the energy we have available above this minimum energy is ours to control and direct as we chose. There are no judgements on what we choose but there are consequences. However, this minimum energy sustains us for a purpose and it has its objectives as to what it would like us to do. We say "would like us to do" because we have a free will. How we use our life and the energy that is given to us is our choice. This includes the minimum energy that is necessary to sustain us for you can end our own life if we choose.

This creative life energy gives us the ability and potential to change and transform any aspect of our life or our reality. For us to work with this energy, it is essential that we are free to choose to respond to whatever occurs in life and that we do not live our life to please another individual or because someone wants, or requires, us to live a certain way. Examples include our employer, a parent, a spouse, significant other, society or any other collection of "other" individuals. However, most of us have learned and been programmed from our earliest age to please and meet the standards of others. These habits we have learned run very deep within our being and continually mask what lies within our heart.

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