The Conflict of heart and mind
The simplest most basic example


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Probably the first most basic and fundamental experience we have where the view of heart and mind are in conflict are when the child becomes aware of the feeling they are going to eliminate bodily waste. Before the child becomes aware, when the time comes to eliminate waste, it does. So obviously, we keep the child in a diaper until they learn to control the elimination of bodily waste. Now there are three ways to act on the feelings to eliminate bodily waste. One is to allow whatever happens to happen - hence the diapers.

The second way is by mind, and that is to hold the waste until mind decides the time and place is correct. That is, mind will do what mind chooses to do until it decides to release. For example, a child is told to “hold it” until whatever is happening at the time is finished. Then one is allowed to go eliminate if the need still exists. Often the immediate needs passes and one holds waste within themselves longer than necessary. Here one risks constipation.

The third way to respond is to feel the need to eliminate bodily waste and in the awareness of the feeling, the feeling is acknowledged and understood and the individual immediately acts on the feeling. That is, they look to see where they can go and immediate eliminate the waste in an appropriate way acceptable to one’s society and/or enculturation and that does not block the natural flow of the elimination. Here one dances between mind and heart and where both the feeling and the thinking are honored. The significant difference here is whether mind control the feeling until mind decides how and when to act. The question is how mind blocks the natural flow or does one surrender to the feeling allowing the feeling to direct one’s action in a way that the natural flow is respected and not blocked.

The same process is true for each and every experience we have in life. Unless one is aware and awake and living in the moment, that is fully present to what is, as it is without the biases of mind, they cannot response in a way that does not deny or negate the natural flow of our creative life energy. Now there is an important point to realize here. Any intentions we hold, consciously or subconsciously, creates a flow of energy. To create what we desire we need to discern that flow we feel is in response to the intention we have set and not get lost to other feelings and flows of energy. By learning to surrender to the feeling created by our own intention we honor our own intention and our own creation. The question is whether what we feel is serving or not serving us.

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