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The reason why we don’t live in the moment to be aware of what both heart and mind have to say and the decisions we make between heart and mind is that we view life much the way we see with our eyes. The way we normal use our eyes is that we focus our two eyes onto, or into, a particular view and really never see what each eye individually sees.

It is much like holding two fingers up in front of your eyes. Most of us perceive only two fingers when in reality we are seeing four fingers. If you defocus you can become aware of the separate view of the right eye and the separate view of the left eye and you can see four fingers. However you have to defocus or change the way you are currently seeing to see four eyes.

If you don’t believe this, cover one eye and observe how many fingers you see with the other. Then cover the other eye and see how many fingers you see with the now uncovered eye. Each eye sees two fingers for a total of four fingers. Yet when we focus both eyes, we only see two.

To compare the two views of each simultaneously, you must defocus and perceive what is in front of you differently that you normally do. Otherwise, you can only see what you left eye is viewing by closing the right eye and you can only see what the right eye is viewing by closing the left eye. In fact, you may have to do this. Close one eye and then the other to see what each eye sees independently for the habit to keep the both eyes focused in the same way is strong.

So too with the view of the heart and eye of the mind. One needs to defocus and become aware of the separate view of the eye(s) of the mind and the eye(s) of the heart separately and learn which each looks like. If one does not do that, they will never know what the view from the heart really is and what the view of mind really is. Most individuals have not learned to defocus and view the heart and mind simultaneously (the equivalent of seeing four eyes) to know both visions simultaneously. Or, They have not learned to alternate between the two visions as you would alternate the right and left foot as you walk. Yet you can do this and it becomes essential if you desire to become a conscious creator.

As with the eyes, the habit is strong. Most individuals will have to give themselves permission to step “out of mind” and practice to see what the view from their heart looks like to be able to recognize it. Then, only after being out of mind for a sufficient time to learn to recognize what the heart really looks like can one begin to seen heart and mind simultaneously. To have balance between mind and heart is to see both views simultaneously.

To see the two views, one needs to be able to separate their awareness from identification with the mind and place it totally in the heart and what one feels. However, to see the view of the heart or the mind, one needs to remain detached from both mind and heart. To access the heart one will have to learn to be “out of mind” - the thinking and judging mind and becoming that detached witness. To experience the view from the heart, one needs to identify with the heart and surrender to the flow of energy of the heart - that is, to become their heart.

Most, if not all, lose their ability to be in the heart in childhood because of the life experiences one had that caused them to retreat from freely living their heart. To experience reality thought the eyes of the heart, one needs to go back and recover their spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration and view reality thought those eyes. It is to be in that state of wonderment and “ah” at the universe. If you don’t go back and re-experience this form of play, you are fooling yourself as to whether or not you know what an experience of the heart looks like and as to what Creation really is. If you have not experienced a conscious return to a state of being that can be described as a spontaneously and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration and/or a feeling of wonderment and “ah” at the Universe at some time in your life, you have not experienced the consciously awareness of the heart. Otherwise what you have experienced is only a creation of the mind no matter how blissful, joyful and fulling the experience may be. We are all born mystics fully in touch with that unseen and seemingly mystical and magical part of creation and lose it growing up. We only need to regain what is already ours. When we do, we will find that we are aligning with the Source of our creative powers.

Step one in accessing the deep undercurrents of Creation that gives rise to all that we experience and become a conscious creator is to move towards regaining the ability to be in spontaneous and innocent childlike play at discovering and exploring the world in which you find yourself. . The other step is that one needs to work on is to access the deep undercurrents and to become a conscious creator is to awaken their heart consciousness and awareness. It is to awaken to what one feels to discern the subtle flows of energy perceived within their being and to learn to know which flows serves their interest and to which they should align.

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