Our animating creative life energy and the intention for our life


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The intention for our life is what is supplying the animating creative life energy to our life. It is the source of our life and the source of our creative power.

If we wish, you can look at our breathing as the outward manifestation of this animating life energy. Our breathing is representative of the minimum energy used to keep you alive. As long as we are breathing, we are essentially alive in Physical Creation. A good part of our brain can be dead, but we will be alive as long as we continue to breathe.

We are alive for a reason and this minimum sustaining energy carries the information as to why we are alive and why it continues to sustain us. It only makes sense to learn to communicate with this minimum flow of energy to understand both why we are here and what it would like us to do in any moment. This is the main underlying reason why it recommend we focus on our breathing to calm ourselves and before we ask our intuitive guidance for information. Such a focus brings us to a centeredness within our being. This centeredness is directing us towards aligning with the flow of our creative life energy if we are willing to surrender to the feel of flow and follow its direction and lead. This flow is also capable of taking us to the source/Source of our being since our creative life energy flows from the source/Source. What we find at the source/Source and experience the source or the Source depends entirely on the focus of our attention and awareness. If we do not flow with the energy, we will use that energy above the minimum to sustain us to create the experience our mind has chosen to experience including creating and residing in a place of centered and nothingness or any other experience our mind chooses to create as creating in many of the traditional meditation techniques.

The energy we have available above this minimum energy is ours to control and direct as we chose. There are no judgments on what we create. There are consequences for the time and place in which we reside, but no judgements. However, this minimum energy sustains us for a purpose and our creative spirit reflected in the flow of this energy has its objectives as to what it would like us to do. It is the intention for our life.

We say "would like you to do" because you have a free will. How we use our life and the energy that is given to us is our choice. This creative life energy gives you the creative ability and potential to change and transform any aspect of our life or our reality. We only need to access the creative power and creative passion to do so.

For us to work with this energy to achieve its purpose, it is essential that we are free to choose to respond to whatever occurs in life in the spontaneous and innocence of childlike play. It is important that we do not live our life to please another individual or because someone wants, or requires, us to live a certain way. Examples include our employer, a spouse, significant other, society or any other collection of "other" individuals. Unfortunately, most of us have learned and been programmed from our earliest age to please and meet the standards of others. These habits we have learned run very deep within our being and can be difficult to change or from which to break free..

This energy sustaining our being, sustains us for a reason. Consciousness is very intentional. Although consciousness may act from nonconscious programming, it nevertheless is very intentional. Once the intention is set and cast into a form and not changed, consciousness (whether acting consciously or nonconsciously) will direct its energy within its span of control into that intention. Additionally, since energy and consciousness are the same, the energy directed by a conscious intention is the embodiment of that intention and it has a consciousness unto itself. The consciousness that is the consciousness of the energy embodied as the intention is capable of acting as an independent consciousness. That is, a fully independent consciousness within consciousness. So too with the energy that sustains our being. It is both the embodiment of an intention of a higher consciousness and has a unique consciousness unto itself. In our case as humans, the consciousness associated with the intention for our life and the flow of energy sustaining us is our body wisdom that grows us from a fertilized egg into an infant and into an adult. The consciousness that created the intention for our life is our creative spirit which is embodied in the flow of energy sustaining us. Hence we seem to have a physical and non physical part. Yet both are one and the same.

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