Body wisdom and the intention for our life/dream of the heart


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Our unique creative passion and it is expression in and through our body provides the energy and tools to live the dream of the heart and manifest the dream in the world. In following our creative passion we will achieve the intention for our life and have the experiences we incarnated to have. In this regard, our body and the body wisdom will guide us to the experiences. It will guide us to the landmarks along the way that allow us to know what is necessary to manifest that dream/intention. Our body wisdom will lead us to the minimum set of experience to provide our mind with both the understanding and knowledge that we need.

It needs to be noted that neither the free expression of our creative passion nor is the body wisdom is the dream. In the same way your body is a vehicle that our consciousness uses for a human physical experience, our creative passion is the vehicle our dream uses to express itself in the world. In many ways it is like a boat flowing along the river. The river will carry the boat to its destination if we follow the river current.

In the same way our mind can allow us to take a journey to travel from city A to city B, our body wisdom allows us to take a journey in life to gain the experiences to manifest the dream that lies at the basis for the intention for our coming into the world. However neither the fuel for the journey, our creative passion, and that path we take on the journey, our intuitive guidance, is the destination. The destination is the dream we came to manifest. The journey of life gives us the tools to manifest the dream and it needs to be noted, the dream may be a way of life that gets confused with the journey.

When we access the dream of the heart, we will know it. We know what we have to do and we do it and our creative passion provides us all the fuel that we need to make that dream manifested in physical reality.

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