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In many ways the intention for our life and the dream in our heart will act a seed in that a seed can lie dormant until conditions are correct for its germination. Whether created intentionally or accidentally, when conditions our create the seed will germinate.

Our creative passion is essential for the germination of that seed. Our creative passion creates the environment for the dream of the heart to manifest and it is the easiest way to shatter the ego. If we are allowed to live our creative passion, it will both shatter the ego and nurture the dream to grow and unfold. Without our unique creative passion it will be very difficult for the dream of the heart to germinate. The dream of the heart and our creative passion are integrally connected and can be considered one and the same but different aspects of the same thing.

Dreams encoded on the heart will have a tremendous inner transformation of the individual. The dream that manifests may not only be a new way of being for the individual but also most probably will be a new way of being in the world and for the world. For example, The dream of man flying would be such a dream of the heart. It provides both a new way of being for both the individual who has the dream and a new way of being for the world. Only our creative passion can fuel such a transformation and only surrendering to that creative passion will allow the seed to fully germinate.

On hearing these word, it may seem impossible to think there are five or six billion new ways of being for the world. But we need to realize the current human physical experience is much like the seeds on a large tree. Although a tree will produce many thousands of seeds, only a few fall to ground to germinate, grow and bear fruit. Many never germinate and all that do germinate never grow to maturity. So too with the dreams the lie in our hearts. They are seeds waiting for the opportunity to germinate and grow. Our creative passion is what brings the waters of life to water the landscape for the seed to grow. All we need is a fertile mind for that dream to manifest. This is why it is so important to develop both a creativity perspective and to hold our creativity sacred. They provide the fertile ground for the dream of the heart to manifest. All we need is the safe and secure space for our creative passion to be expressed.

Our creative passion can be controlled by mind and used for what mind chooses. We can use our creative passion to create anything that we desire with mind except manifest the dream of the heart. We need to remember the intention for our life existed before the enculturated mind and its ego formed. The enculturated mind has no idea what the dream of the heart looks like. Although it may think it does, it is only fooling itself, living it its own illusion. Mind can only recognize our creative passion by how mind learns to recognize the feel of it. If we have shut down our ability to feel or our feelings, then we will be unable to feel our creative passion. To allow the creative passion to lead, we must surrender to the flow of our creative life energy and to do what is required for us to experience not trying to control the energy or the experience. That is, we must learn to step out of mind.

If the dream with the heart involves a new way of being in the world, the time to maturity may take many years. In many ways it is not unlike clearing a forest to turn it into farm land. It may take a very strong will to clear all the trees and obstacles to the old way of thinking and then plowing the land and sowing that first crop. It will take an intense passion to achieve this end.

We can see the evolution and growth of flight (other than balloons) from it first successful physical manifestation in 1903 and as compared to today to see how it has taken years to come to maturity and then evolve into a life of its own. At it takes on a life of its own is has gone through several generation over approximately 100 years. This, of course, does not including all the unsuccessful attempts at flying prior to 1903. It took about 14 years for military flight to mature and yield a first crop (about 1917 near the end of World War I) and about 25 years for commercial flight. Commercial operation took longer in part as a result of the size of the aircraft needed for commercial operations. Of course, we can see that the difference in unfoldment between military and commercial flight is that there was a greater feeling of need and a desire for military flight. That is, there was a greater desire for an airplane as a military weapon. That in turn fueled and accelerated the maturity process.

The tension provided by the polarity of war, the conflict between opposites, fueled the airplane’s accelerated development. However the same achievement could be obtained in love. But it would have required someone to create a safe and secure space for another to be free to experiment in the spontaneity of innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration to gain that minimum set of experience to unfold the dream of flight.

The manifestation of a dream with a strong need can always move faster than where a strong need or desire does not exist. Space flight is another clear similar example of a dream manifesting where a strong desire existed to allow the dream to reach maturity. The United State put a man on the moon in approximately 10 years only because to the intense passion that came from the competition with the Russians in the Cold War. In many ways that United States needs to thank the Russians for the motivation to act.

Whenever a dream is passionately held or where there is great passion behind a dream, like the dream within our creative passion, it can manifest very quickly. What is interesting is that much of the action of the United States was propelled by a mental decision to act and compete with the Russians. The Russians seemed to have a desire for space, Their desire seemed to have been more of a dream of the heart for it persisted without the need for the competition even without the cold war.

Our creative passion is vital to the dream process for the creative process to have sufficient energy for the required transformations. When our creative passion is diverted by mind, it is unable to properly nurture the dream of the heart. Often we needs to reconstitute our creative ability and creative power to have sufficient energy to birth and manifest our dream. In any cases, we will find the intention for our life by living our creative passion and following our intuitive guidance. But, we have to recognize the intention and hold it in the way would we plant a seed clearing the space for it grow and nurturing as necessary.

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