The intention for our life and the creative tension


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The intention for our life whether experienced as an intention, a dream within our heart, our Fatherís business or simply as an influence arise from creative tension which gives rise to the experience of a creation. We are unaware of this tension unless we have focused our attention and awareness on what we feel. In being open to feeling, depending on how we have focused, we will experience the creative tension as a longing for beloved as a soul mate, playmate, partner in life and the like if focused externally into Physical Creation. If we focus externally into non physical Creation we will see it as the Beloved, God, the Divine or some other unseen power/Power. If focused externally in wholeness we will see it as the manifestation of the world we experience as the creator of our experiences. If focused internally in separation, we will see it simply as a pain to be numbed or suppressed. If focused internally in wholeness, we will see the it as the tension between what we desire and what has not yet manifested to satisfy that desire. We will being to see it for the creative tension that it is and see it as a dance between the inner masculine and inner feminine.

Whether experienced as an intention for a dream, it manifests in the creative tension of opposites. It is the tension between the inner masculine and inner feminine and the annihilation of a part of each that provides the energy for an offspring to be created and unfold as a new life, a new creation. Within each of us is a masculine and feminine aspect. It is only when they come together true to themselves, whole and complete, is the dream of the heart revealed and that dream can flow into life within that flow of energy.

The inner masculine aspect of our being is reflected in the mind. The inner feminine aspect of being is the heart. Only when mind surrenders fully to the heart and uses its ability to create a safe and secure space for the heart to manifest and unfold freely according to its nature is the dream capable of coming forth. To surrender to the heart means to be "out of mind" or out of the ego and how it has come to believe and think the universe works. In creating a safe and secure space for the dream to unfold the mind becomes feminine and the feminine heart in thrusting forward into creation with is dream becomes masculine. It is here wholeness and completeness is obtained.

The heart already carries the seed for the dream of unfoldment for life but it is only "activated" when the inner masculine and inner feminine are brought together. In allowing it to unfold, we will feel a passion for life and a passion for living as the dream guides us through life. The creative life energy that flows in and through joining of the inner masculine and inner feminine in the heart will nourish and sustain this dream in the world. It will also give an inner satisfaction and an internal bliss and joy that never runs dry no matter what is happening in the external world.

Here again, the purpose of mind and the inner masculine is to protect and keep the heart safe without impeding its growth and unfoldment. Mind should not be controlling the heart but rather using all its creative insights and creative ability to create that safe space for the heart to freely unfold within its creative passion. In this regard, the seed of the heart will lie dormant or can lie dormant until conditions are correct for it to germinate. The most important factor that keeps the seed dormant is ego. The dream of the heart cannot break through the hard shell of ego. Although there are other factors which influences the unfoldment of the dream of the heart, most dominate is the ego. Unless the ego is some how shattered, there is no opening for the dream to manifest. It has no space to grow and unfold for the ego is in the way.

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