The intention for our life provides a direction to our life


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The intention for our life provides a direction to our life. The flow of energy that brought us into this world and is sustain us is carrying us some where. It is carrying us toward creating certain types and kinds of experience we incarnated to have.

Relative to any creative endeavor if what we desire to create is not in alignment with the intention for our life we will not have access to the full creative power available to us. We will either be opposed by what our intention requires or we will have a "drift" or  undercurrent to our effort such that we always seem to have to correct for something we do not quite understand. It is like trying to cross a body of water that we think is calm when in reality there is a current to it. If we are aligned with the current, things go faster and we are carried to where we desire by the current. If we are opposed to it, thing are more difficult to do. If we are at cross purposes or cross directions, we will have to correct for the pull of the current or we will drift past our target.

When we do not consciously allow our creative spirit to lead our life it will create conditions nonconsciously to push us toward its purpose. One result of being out of alignment is that we may feel a deep internal struggle, inner longing or even pain which we may try to numb. If we try to numb the pain rather than addressing the root of its origins, we set ourselves up for developing one or more addictive patterns in life or addictions to suppress what we feel. How significant an addiction we develop and whether or not it is damaging to our being depends on the significance of the pain we feel.

We can only know the direction to where this intention is leading us by feel, in hindsight and extrapolation, or until we get the minimum set of requisite experience to properly characterize it by our mind. We can align with it instantaneously by feel if we are open to what we feel and can discern what we feel. Hindsight and a review of our life, may or may not work depending on whether or not our path is metaphorically straight or curved. Similarly the minimum set of requisite experiences depends on how varied our life is and how varied were the types and kinds of experiences we have had relative to giving us a complete picture about our life. The more diverse the experiences we have the faster we will can begin to see the intention for our life. The contrast of the experiences provides the context for the awareness to arise.

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