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The intention for our life will direct and influence our life in a variety of ways. Some of them we may have a conscious awareness of it effects but usually they are nonconscious. In particular, it will establish conditions to direct us toward certain types and kinds of experiences. It will create circumstances, limitations and other means to channel our life into a particular direction.

What needs to be understood, is that our consciousness never dies and never really forgets. It simply recreates itself in new way. It can choose to have experiences it never previously experience or it can recreate the past based on its memories. It creates new experiences by finding some way to forget the past. Additionally it will intentionally block memories of certain talents, ability, habits, preferred ways of doing things, likes, dislikes, and the like so as to not recreate the past. However, with a proper focus of our attention and awareness or certain powerful experiences, we can break through the memory blocks and being to see the depth and breadth of our being. Properly focusing our attention and awareness in meditation and the solitude of the monastic or convent life has been know for centuries to assist an individual to master the art of going within and discover themselves in the depth of their inner being.

For example, we may have spend many lifetimes on a spiritual path. We may have used these methods extensively and have developed great habits around such methods. To continually use these developed patterns will cause ourselves to revert back into our old pattern and habits causing us to neglect what we incarnated to do and/or prevent us from creating new experiences. In particular, if we use them, they could cause us to withdraw from the world as opposed to acting in the world or even acting in the world with the conscious awareness as achievable in a meditative state. So our consciousness intentionally place blocks before incarnating to control that method of achieving inner awareness in order to not fall back into that old pattern.

What we will normally do is establish a path where we can achieve inner awareness extremely easy if we keep ourselves aligned with the direction of our lifeís intention which we can do through the use of our inner compass. For example, one whose destiny it to be a teacher would most probably find whenever they teach they get spontaneous realizations, insights and achieve an inner joy and bliss just by teaching. However, if they pursue any of the traditional means of inner awareness they will find obstacle after obstacle or just great frustration at the lack of progress. Similarly for someone whose destiny was to be a healer, carpenter, artist, engineer or any other occupation in life that occupation will give inner awareness if that occupation is in alignment with the individuals lifeís intention. However, rather than listen to our own intuitive guidance, internal compass and follow the passion within our heart which gives us the easiest and gentlest path, we look to the path of others. That in turn, causes us to have only a minimum fraction of the wonderment and joy of life that is possible.

Another way the intention for our life directs the experiences we have is that the body we choose will have certain abilities based on heredity. For example, musical or artistic abilities, physical abilities, mental abilities, mediumistic or psychic abilities, or a variety of other inheritable traits and talents. These hereditary abilities whether we see them as an asset or a hindrance will assist us in achieving our lifeís intention. They help to create the set of experiences that we need to have the understanding for what we came to do and how to do it.

Another area where the intention for our life has a profound impact on the experiences we have in life is that some individuals carry the innate ability to carry anotherís burdens. We can literally feel anotherís pain and/or experience what binds another individual. If we are not aware we carry such an ability and understand its purpose we will not be sufficiently aware of how to follow our intuitive guidance to process and free what we feel and "pick up" from another individual. We will allow the otherís burden to cause significant problems for ourselves that could result in a depression, accident illness, or disease or lead us to some type of addictive behavior in trying to numb or suppress the pain we feel. If however we are capable of listening to our intuitive guidance and internal compass, our intuitive guidance will guide us in how to process what we feel from another in any situation and allows us to remain free and unbounded.

When we select and live the intention for our life, we may be unnecessarily hampered by the vows and commitments we make from our heart that have been made in an earlier lifetime. Much of what we commit and attach ourselves to is related to the Physical Creation, whether it be people, places or things or to a given time and place. When we leave a particular time and place or Physical Creation, any commitments and attachments normally fall away and/or we are pretty good at blocking and/or forgetting memories of the past. However, vows, commitments or attachments that are made with a passion of the heart and/or strong emotion can become a part of our being that we carry into future experiences. All it takes is a similar experience in life to break through our forgetfulness to remember our commitment.

Vows such as chastity, obedience, poverty, silence and the like will transcend time and place and can severely impact further exploration and discovery of the true depth and breath of who and what we are. If we carry any of these vows, our life will continually bounce up against situations that offer us the possibility to let go and step beyond them. However, unless we chooses to let them go, they will always limit and curtail our experiences of life and the release of our unlimited creativity. Similarly, attachments, commitments, and oaths to ourselves or others will also carry over from the past and may similarly need to be addressed.

If we are aware and awake to observe the life we are living, life itself and the experiences we have will tell us if we are free or we are limited by one or more of the carry overs from the past. On this note, the desire to please those in authority over us is a very strong programming that controls much of our creative abilities. It is something that is usually reinforced with every childhood we experience.

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