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The following overviews the process as to what we may expect to manifest the dream in our heart and/or provide assistance to another.

The easiest way to access and allow the dream of the heart/the intention for our life to unfold is to be in a state of spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration and to do those activities the allow our creative passion to flow and allows us to be in passion, and feel passion for what we do. In attempting to enter this state and subsequently sustain this state of being we will need to address all the reasons why we do not routinely allow ourselves to be in this state of play and creative passion. For most, it means returning to some childhood (or other) memories that caused us to shut down this aspect of our being. We will have to deal with the hurts and pains of the past. How we choose to address these memories will be our choice. But, in remembering reality molds itself to what we believe, we can set the intention to access and dissipate the energy held in those memories in the fastest and gentlest way possible.

Too birth and manifest our dream, we will first have to have learned to access and follow our intuitive guidance, learn to communicate with our creative life energy/creative spirit and we will to have learn to live our creative passion and access the intention for our life. To do this we will have to step out of mind and shatter our ego to create the space within ourselves for it to have room to grow. We need to empty ourselves from whatever does not serves us and our dream. To make our journey much easier we will need to reconstitute our creative ability and creative power and it is highly recommended we learn to access and live in a state of spontaneous innocent childlike play in exploration and discovery of how the universe works.

This journey of birthing the dream within our heart can also be seen and experiences as setting and manifesting four separate intentions done in sequence or in one major effort. One intention would be to return to a state of childlike play. The second is to become the embodiment of our creative passion and the third would be to manifest the dream that lies within the intention for our life.

The fourth intention would be to reconstitute our creative life energy and creative ability and creative power. But that will follow as a natural byproduct is if we truly live and embody our creative passion. However if we have difficulty accessing our creative passion since we have difficulty feeling, we will need to set the intention to open ourselves to feel and reconstitute our creative life energy directing it in a way that allows us to maintain any ability to feel that we regain. It is said say maintain the ability we regain to feel in that when we feel, life may become too painful and we will want to shut the feelings off again.

There is no particular way a dream manifests in the world. Dreams, much like plants, will adapt itself to the time and place of its manifestation the best it can. Dreams can be born in any environment, any time and any place that can support it. When the time and environmental conditions are correct, that is when our minimum set of experience is correct and our external world is accommodating in some way and we is aligned with our passion, our dream will manifest. Each dream is unique and requires a unique space in which to grow. Only we can create that unique space for it requires inner change and the courage to make the change in the outer world.

This is where living our creative passion is most important. It is our creative passion which gives us the courage and energy to do whatever needs to be done to create that space. From the individualís perspective, manifest the dream of the heart becomes a life or death issue in some way. That is, if we do not live our creative passion we know a part of ourselves will die.

The dream of the heart and associated and visions are from the creative spirit and are an expression of the our creative spirit. The consciousness that created earth only provides the opportunity for our individuated point of consciousness or our creative spirit to experience what it needs, and desires, to experience. The consciousness that created the Physical Creation give unconditional love and support for whatever we need to do, or for that matter, wherever we choose to do.

The problem that most of us face in life is that the dream of the heart will cause us to transcend anything our mind can conceive of as to what it is we incarnated to do before we have had the necessary minimum experiences in life to understand the dream. Dreams of the heart can be very frightening. They they represent a path that no one else can travel and is often a left hand path relative to our society in one way or another. The reason for this is our dream is unique to our creative life energy/creative spirit and is key to the purpose for our incarnation into to our particular body. As such, we may, or may not, see it as existing within the world of possibilities. This is because the enculturated ego rarely supports dreams and visions of this magnitude because they do require us to travel a unique path in life. However, this dream of the heart is integrally linked to the our hope and anticipation of future possibilities and the wish of events manifesting in our life.

No one else carries the dream of another. The path required by our dream may, or may, not require us to follow the conventions of our family and the society. As such, our enculturated ego, and our society in which we finds ourselves, may not support the expression of our dream. Societies are created for individuals to survive in the world. The way the collective of society is the way society thinks an individual should live. Societies are created in such a way that most individuals are able to live and survive, and even feel successful in their life. The enculturated ego is that part of the ego that society has taught who and what the ego thinks it is as opposed to whom it is. As a result, our ego is also tied to the belief of survival in the world and we need to face the fear of death. We need to face the fear of death since fear of death is tied to the collective. Breaking free of this fear will be like escaping the pull of gravity. However, every society has a number of individual who seemingly just donít fit in and become outcasts or problems for the society.

For better or worse, by the way we are raised and educated by society causes us to believe and think we are other than the dreams and visions we carry and there is the need for us to survive in the world society has defined. There is little regard for the idea that we may have a purpose other than surviving. Rather than being taught how to listen to our intuitive guidance and work with our creative passion to follow our dreams, we are taught to listen to the external authorities and follow their guidance. This is true even when we consciously know that what they tell us stifles and stunts the growth of our creative passion and denies the expression of whom and what we are.

To access and manifest the dream the lies within the intention for our life requires us to think and see differently. We do so by getting them in touch with the dream and vision with lies in our heart and gives a passion and enthusiasm for life. Accessing this dream is getting each of us to come to our own realization of who we are as opposed to who we think they are. Much of this effort involves getting each of us to understand how our enculturation and life experiences have caused our ego, the physical expression of our individualized consciousness, to identify with this enculturation, the particular life experiences we have, and believe that we are defined and confined within these beliefs and experiences. We need to step beyond these boundaries and experience the world of possibilities and release our unlimited creativity.

To do all of this requires significant effort on our part and is very difficult to do alone. Assistance can and will be provided by the universe if we ask for it because the universe does have an invested interested in the dream that we carry. We were created with the possibility of its manifestation. However, we must both be willing to manifest the dream and do what is required for its manifestation. We also must be willing to ask for help and then accept the help that is provided in the form that it is provided.

Unfortunately, what our mind wants, expects and desires is not always what the universe provides. In needs to be understood that birthing and manifesting the dream of the heart is the ultimate journey into the unknown. Our dream will literally and figurative take Creation where it has not previously existed. It is why we are here. It is a journey into the unknown for both ourselves and Creation. Some of the fear that we feel is from all the other individualized points of consciousness (other individuals and more) in Creation that fear change and do not want to change.

We do influence and affect each other more that we realize. Birthing and manifesting a dream of the heart is very much like trying to break free the force of gravity to explore the vast reaches of outer space. We must have a passion and enthusiasm that allows you to overcome any and all barrier in our path. Some of those barriers come from within our being and our past. But many others come from those around us who donít want to change and who donít want us to change for our change upsets their world for we are integral to their world.

In understanding how energy manifests, we are the physical expression of our transcendental ego of our individualized point of consciousness and the experiences it incarnated to have and that only it knows at our deepest levels of being. These experiences are identified by the dreams and visions we carry. It is identified by those feelings and activities that give us a passion and enthusiasm for life and living. Collectively theses dreams, visions, feelings and activities that flow from the heart in alignment with our creative life energy are called, or can be called, the heartís desire.

In manifesting these dreams our intuitive guidance and body wisdom are the best guidance that an individual has for following our individual path and manifesting our visions and dreams. Again, society, for better or worse, by the way we are raised and educated, causes us to believe and think we are other than the dreams and visions we carry. Rather than being taught how to listen to our intuitive guidance and work with our creative passion to follow our dreams, we are taught to listen to the external authorities and follow their guidance. This is true even when we know that what they tell us stifles and stunts the growth and unfoldment of our creative spirit and denies the expression of whom and what we are.

The dream process involved with assisting individuals to see differently by getting them in touch with their dreams and visions and is about getting the individual to come to their own realization of whom they are as opposed to whom they think they are. Much of the work involves helping the individual to understand how their enculturation and life experiences have caused their ego, the physical expression of their individualized creative spirit, to identify with this enculturation and their particular life experiences and believe that they are defined and confined within these beliefs and experiences. In this work, it is only when the individual allows themselves to step beyond these boundaries of the enculturated and ego beliefs and experience the world of possibilities and release their unlimited creativity that they can see differently.

Getting an individual to manifest the dream of their heart is not about being a counselor, therapist or healer. It is only getting the individual in touch with their own creativity reflected in the dreams and visions they carry. It is to help them to manifest their dreams and visions once they find them. Often an individual will need assistance to birth and grow their dream it in the world as with a dream midwife. They need help to nurse and nurture that manifested dream until it is strong enough to stand in its own power as does a dream nanny. It is much like the way a gardener sorts through all the possible seeds. In finding the desired seed, the gardener searches for the proper terrain and fertile soil to plant the seed. Then, after in planting the seed, they water and nourish the seed as it grows into a strong, self-sustaining plant.

In the same way the gardener only assists the process, a dream midwife and dream nanny only assists the individual to sort through all the possibilities until they find their correct dream - the one they freely choose. They assist the individual to come into their own power and understanding of whom they are and what they are here to manifest. One often needs the assistance of a keen observer to look carefully to understand the our dream. In understanding the dream, this dream midwife can then scout the terrain of the individualís belief structure to see what obstacles stand in the way. This belief structure comprises how they view and perceive the world. The dream midwife then look for the path through this terrain that will allow them to gestate, birth, grow and sustain their dream in the world.

What the individual will find is that the dream midwife and dream nanny will seem to have the uncanny ability to speak to the heart of the individual in a language that the heart understands. Often the individualís ego will become very disturbed that it is not getting the attention that it wants. This is only a result of the dream midwifeís focused awareness and attention on the individuals dream and their heart. This language and way of speaking to the heart is in many ways is feared by the individualís mind, for the ways of the heart are sometimes very opposed to the ways of the mind.

In this context, it needs to be remembered the heart represents the life that flows within the individual. It is that creative life energy that created and sustains the individual. This is the focus of the dream midwife The mind only interprets, filters and experiences of the flow of energy. As such, the dream midwife does not really care how the mind is experiencing this flow for that is all an illusion created by mind.

The mind is not this energy but the mind is capable of channeling or directing the energy that is already flowing into or out of alignment with the intended flow path for our creative life energy. When it judges that it doesnít like something it will shift, or attempt to shift, the flow. Therefore free will and how we choose to believe and think is extremely powerful in allowing, and not allowing, dreams to manifest. On this note, often the dream midwife will struggle with the individualís free will as long as the individualís mind controls the will. Only when the mind surrenders to the lead of the heart does the process become gentle and we can experience what is traditionally called the kundalini rising as opposed to the dark night of the soul

One who hopes to assists the dream process must set the intention for their life to be unconditional love and become a creative shape shifter to create the space to properly nourish another. The individual who hopes to assist must become whom ever they need to become yet remain true to the truth within their being and in alignment with the flow of their creative life energy no matter what it looks like. This is especially true as the individual tying to manifest their dream struggles within themselves for their mind to surrender to the heart. The one who assists cannot hold judgement. They need to become a rainmaker, and chose to serve the heart, not the mind. However, unconditional love is not what people think it is will require more of us that our mind suspects.

Most love that has been experienced by individuals in life by, or from, other individuals is conditional love - love that is given with some type or kind of condition being placed on it, or in anticipation of some type of return. Unconditional love is freely given with no expectations. In the same way the sun shines, and the rain falls on the good and bad alike, unconditional love makes no judgements on how that sunshine or rain is used. Nor is there a judgement to whom the rains are given. Unconditional love is being whatever the individual needs us to be to manifest their dream with no expectations and no judgements on their dream. As a rainmaker, the rainmaker only creates and hold a safe and secure space that allows the nurturing and creative waters of life that are already flowing within the individual and given unconditionally by the universe, to be re-channeled and directed into manifesting the individualís dream.

The key to dream manifestation and assistance are to manifest the dream is to realize that the inner world is reflected in the outer world and the outer world reflects the inner. To create a safe and secure space to manifest a dream of the heart, we must go inward, returning to the Source of our being to restore the natural order. That will the result in a return of the rains of life giving water outwardly, as a restoration of the natural order. So in reality, it is only becoming aware and attuned to the universe within and around us to understand how the outer reflects our internal state that we can create the safe and secure space. Then by making the appropriate changes inwardly, we can change the outer and have that safe and secure space in the outer world to manifest our dream. The rainmaker who acts as the dream midwife goes within making the necessary changes to create that outer world which in turn, create the safe and secure space for the individual to birth and manifest their dream.

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