The intention for our life cannot be fully understood by our mind


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The intention for our life is described as a dream. It is a dream in that it is a desire embodied within a childlike creative spirit that longs to be free to unfold true to itself much the way we hold a precious dream. It is a dream in the sense it is an idea, image, feeling or awareness of something we desire to experience or create in life. It acknowledges there is something we are here to do and experience, and our lives will never feel fulfilled unless we are moving toward the fulfillment of this dream or desire. However, mind will not readily know the intention for our life contrary to what our mind may tell us.

As a result of how mind forms, we can never fully understand with our mind the dream we carry. Rather it is something we must feel. The reason for this is that the dream we carry is reflective of why we incarnated or localized our creative spirit into our body. The flow of energy within our being that brought us into life and why that flow of energy even exists existed before our mind, as we know it, became aware of itself and its environment. Mind, as we know mind, arises after our incarnation and as a result of the experience we have in the body. To fully understand the intention for oneís life, one must fully live the life that was intended.

Our mind will form and present an image, thought or vision as to what it thinks this dream/ intention is. But mind only knows what it has experienced. Mind forms such an image only as the result of the experiences it has and it does not have the experience to fully understand what it is here to do. As such, this dream or intention goes well beyond what mind is capable of understanding and fully comprehending.

Mind may piece together the minimum pieces to understand the intention. But, it will not fully know the intention until it is lived. Mind cannot give us the accurate answer we seek to know the intention for our life. To understand the dream that lies within our heart, we must find a way to step out of mind and consciously experience the energy unfolding that intention. Then, in the awareness of that flow, we can move back to the source of that flow and find that intention. We can access the awareness which lies in what we feel. Moving toward the source/Source, we can access the consciousness the created the flow and understand its intention.

It is important to emphasize this dream/intention can only be felt through the alignment with the flow of creative energy within our being. The more experience we have in life in alignment with the intention for our life the more accurate our mind can being to understand it and accurately characterize it. But it may take years before we really know what it is.

This dream will always be beyond the understanding of mind as we know mind unless we consciously seek to understand it. It will not be something we normally stumbles upon. It is something that will constantly influence our life as an undercurrent but we will not understand unless we set the intention to access it. It is something to which we must open ourselves to feel and look to the awareness which lies in feeling. As has been said, mind cannot properly characterize what it has not experienced. It only knows what it has experienced. Since mind has yet to fully experience the intention for our life, it cannot fully know that intention.

There is a comment that must be made about knowing the intention for our life. Although the mind cannot properly characterize it, we can and do know it all our life. It is not uncommon for a child to have a reasonable vision, idea or image for what their life requires. In fact, the childís mind often characterizes it with better clarity than and adult mind for the child does not overlay, interpret, judge or place expectations on what is seen. In the authorís case, he understood what he was here to do through visions at age four, six and eleven with greater clarity than was possible as an adult. Quite simply, the adult mind overlays expectations and judgments where as the childís mind is more open to just accepting what is given. In this regard, it is important to go back and see if there are memories of experiences as a child where we had some vision, idea or image as to what we incarnated to do.

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