Paradox of the dream of the heart


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The paradox of the dream of the heart/intention for our life is that if we access it and surrender to the dream, we appear to our mind as losing control over our life and creative ability and creative power. Yet, in accessing and surrendering to the dream/intention, we access an indescribable freedom. The paradox is that we can claim our full creative ability and creative power only by taking total responsibility for everything that we are experiencing and totally surrender to the role that we agreed to play held within the intention for our life.

Doing so opens the door to an understanding and awareness which can lead us to an inner satisfaction and an internal bliss and joy that never runs day no matter what is happening in the world. Surrendering to the dream opens the door to aligning with the reason we came into this world for we align with the flow of energy that created and sustains our life and flows directly from the Source. In aligning, we align with the reason this flow ever started - that is, the intention and/or purpose that gives rise to our life - and the source/Source of our being. At the Source, we find the freedom of movement to create whatever we desire, including changing the intention for our life and recreating our life

From a creativity perspective, if we do not access this dream and/or move toward manifesting that dream in some way, we will never experience our full creative potential. It is here in understanding this dream we each carry that we can learn the dance of creation/Creation and how and why we each need another to call forth our creative spirit and/or to awaken that dream to bring it to life to unfold. The dream must be awakened for us to access the depth and breadth of our creative power for much of its power tends to lie dormant as a result of the conditions of the life which we experience. Yet, as a result of the nature of physical Creation and the human physical experience, few ever have the space for this dream be free to unfold naturally. Most of us only drift in or towards the general direction required to manifest this intention because we are carried by a very deep slow moving undercurrent as a result of this flow and most of us never notice what we lack for we can usually access a sufficient level of creativity energy to consciously create much of what our mind desires of life.

To be truly active, this creative spirit needs to consciously be called forth by another. There are two reasons for this. The first reason is that the consciousness of energy consciousness will response to the conditions in which it finds itself. For the creative spirit to come out, it needs conditions which will suitable for it to come out. The second reason can be summarized in the fact that the creative spirit is vulnerable and needs a safe and secure space created by another in which to unfold. Although conditions may be suitable for the creative spirit to come out, past wounds and why it lost the ability to creatively play may hold it captive. It is the awareness of these reasons that this creative spirit need to be called forth is what makes the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material so different than other methodologies.

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