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For us to have the experience of being whole and complete, there is the need for our creative spirit to have the freedom to freely play. If not free to play in the world in which we find ourselves, at least free in our own creative imagination  to explore options without limits and boundaries and use the concept of complex integration to bring those options back into the world. If our creative spirit is not free to play we will never be able to have the feeling of a wholeness within our being for ultimately we are consciousness at play.

The creative spirit is a playful spirit. It must be able to play for it is only in play we can discover and explore the options and paths that are possible for a creative endeavor. The most creative state of being is a place of play and creative play is the home of our creative spirit. We each need to be free to do our own experiments to know our truth and to explore the depth and breadth of options available to us in any situation we face.

Without the creative  freedom to play, our creative spirit cannot find its way in the world and the intention one holds will never unfold. Or, if it does unfold, it will be stunted in its growth. Often what we create will most probably be sterile and unable to produce its fruits. It may grow and unfold in the world but it will not bear fruit inherent with the intention which drives the creative endeavor. The fruit will not be given no matter how creative the individual may appear to be. It is for this reason much of our true creative effort occurs nonconsciously rather than consciously.

Since this creative spirit will playfully explore options, the creative spirit can be very frightening to our mind. It is frightening for this creative spirit seems to disregard the experience of mind. It seems to blindly enter a creative endeavor disregarding all the fears of mind. Mind finds it very difficult to control this spirit when it is released. Yet, rather than learning to flow and work with this creative spirit, mind seeks to break the spirit as one would break the spirit of a wild horse so it can be harnessed to pull a wagon or ridden. To make its job easier, mind will mask the heart and mask seeing and facing the creative spirit within one’s own being and what it desires to create. Our mind is afraid that if this spirit is released, our life will not be our own.

This is the paradox of the creative spirit. If we access it and surrender to the flow of energy it creates by the intention it holds, we appear to our mind as losing control over our life and creative ability and creative power. Yet, in accessing and surrendering to the flow, we access an indescribable creative  freedom and inner satisfaction. It also opens the door to an understanding and awareness which can lead one to an internal bliss and joy that never runs day no matter what is happening in the world and the ability to explore the infinity of our own being and of Creation.

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