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Accessing the awareness of the heart and experiencing the free expression of our creative spirit opens the door to finding and/or creating a place of compassion. This compassion, in turn, creates the foundation for a gentle phoenix for it allows us to release many of our attachments including the idea that we need to forgive others. Rather, we will find all we feel is a great compassion for them regardless of what we think they did to us.

The origins of the word compassion arises from the Latin "com" meaning together and "pati" to feel or to suffer. It is about feeling or suffering together or with another. We usually think of compassion as being sympathetic to anotherís suffering. But a true compassion is much deeper than that. It is to feel what another feels, both their pain and the pleasure. It is to feel their passion.

For most individual, there is no context in their belief to be able to truly feel what another feels. But if we are open to feeling at the deepest levels of our being, we can do so. We an literally feel anotherís pain and/or their pleasure. However, we do not need to go to that depth of feeling to access a great compassion. Rather we only need to go to a level of understanding that we all arise from the same material of Creation. We and any other are not really that different. If we had all the experiences that another has had both in our transcendental mind and our enculturated mind and only what they have had, we would be no different. We like to think we would be different, but we would not. In that awareness is a profound compassion and in having it, all we can do is give the space to another for their creative spirit to become free.

We can find this compassion in two primary ways. One is through understanding our creative spirit and how we create our experiences. The second is, surprisingly, through a form of narcissism as we seek to focus on living our truth

Finding compassion in understanding the creative spirit and how we create our experiences: When we begin to work with our creative spirit and begin to understand the vulnerability of this creative spirit within ourselves. As we go into a deeper intimacy with our creative spirit, we can begin to see the depth and breadth of this vulnerability. In knowing we all are made of the same material of Creation, we know what is in us is any other. The other has a creative spirit within them and it is just as vulnerable as ours. They may experience their vulnerability slightly different and they may have tremendously numbed their ability to feel, they nevertheless have the same vulnerability as us. This realization is the doorway to compassion.

To know another is a vulnerable as us is not what give rise to the compassion. What gives rise to the compassion is understanding how we create our experiences and how much we have put our creative spirit in a cage of our own making because of this vulnerability. That is, if we were in the same situation as they were in and had only the experiences they have had, it is most probable that we would respond exactly as they did. This understanding then leads us to ask, "How we blame them for what they do when they have no understanding to respond a different way?" In this realization we can give another the space to become intimate with their creative spirit and experience its vulnerability so they can learn another way to response to life.

What needs to be realized is that as a creator, at some level of our being, consciously or nonconsciously, we have either created, or agreed to participate in, each and every experience we have. As such, we have only experienced what we have agreed to experience no matter how hurtful and painful it may be. Similarly, any other individual has agreed to the experience which we provided them. We may not always be aware of why we do what we do. But as a creator, we are none the less responsible for what we have experienced.

In this realization, we can come to see it is a compassion that understands no matter what our mind thinks and how it judges an individual or a situation they create, that each of us are only doing the best we know how with what we have been given. We can give all the reasons in the world why we, or another, should act, think or believe differently. But if we look hard, we will find we, as they, have never been given the tools to act, think and believe to do otherwise. We, as others, have not been given the understanding or the tools to do any better. If we had the tool and understood how to use them, we would use them and be different. Just because we or another have been told something does not mean we, or they, understand what we have been told and are capable of translating what we, or they, have been told into an appropriate action. We only need to look at ourselves to see this is true.

It is in this awareness that we can truly forgiven ourselves and another. It is in this awareness that we find compassion, a truly deep compassion. In this compassion we are willing to let go of all that we think others have cause us, done to us, or are doing to us. How we obtain such a compassion is to choose to have. It is to ask what we would do if we walked in the otherís shoes. Would we really respond any differently? Thinking we would respond differently is very different than actually being in their shoes having the experience and having to find a way to act.

In the awareness of this deep compassion, our whole perspective of Creation changes and forgiveness is not longer needed. There is only compassion for the human condition in which we find ourselves and a desire to free the creative spirit within each heart. The compassion does not arise form a perception that there is anything wrong with the human conditions as such. Physical Creation is what Physical Creation is. Rather it is that there are so few individual who create the space for the creative spirit within each individual to find the freedom it seeks to unfold true to itself.

Finding compassion in narcissism: Surprisingly, there is another way that we access this compassion. It is through the phase of narcissism we must go through to learn to live our truth. The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material talks directly for the need to become somewhat narcissistic and ensure our need are met. However it simultaneously shows how all that we experience including the reality we experience is our creation. Hence as we become narcissistic to ensure our needs our met, our awareness with the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity understanding expands to including all of the Creation we experience such that the our needs become one with the needs of Creation.

Here a dance occur. It is the dance between the inner and the outer and how the inner world is reflected in the outer. In this dance the issue of narcissism become irrelevant for narcissism can be seen as a product of the mind of separation as opposed to the mind of wholeness. When we are able to see how we create all that we experience our narcissism is no longer centered on the ego and the "I." There is a compassion that develops for all of Creation and the awareness that Creation is our responsibility for it is our desired Creation that we experience.. In this awareness that we realize that whomever harms or hurts us only does so to give us the experiences we desire to have for whatever reason we chose them and we need to go inward to find those reasons.

The place of compassion is a place of vulnerability

It does need to be realized this place of compassion makes us very vulnerable. The fact that we see how another is doing the best they can does not mean that they not will still do things that hurt us. In this regard this place of compassion within ourselves that goes well beyond the comfort zone of mind. Mind will still want to response to define ourselves and protect our creative spirit. However, our response will be tempered with understanding.

The reason why we are in a place of vulnerability when we experience this compassion is that to access the depth of feeling required, we will have to experience and move pass that types and kinds of feelings found at the deepest level of being at each and every level of our being and the pain we have experienced in life. Exactly what is required depends on the individual. Here we become very open and open to what we feel at every level of our being. Such an openness to feeling make us vulnerable. Many would prefer to, and do, retreat rather than face this openness and vulnerability Yet, it is in this place of openness and vulnerability that we can make profound changes beyond what mind thinks possible.

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