The Relationship of Heart and Mind


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The relationship between heart and mind centers around the flow of our creative life energy. To live in the heart one surrenders to the flow of energy as it is. Here one is so absorbed with the flow that they are out if mind and what mind thinks. In the heart one becomes one with the energy. Being in the heart and energy aspect of Creation is the feminine aspect of being for it nurtures and sustains the Creation as it is.

Mind is about switching and channeling the flow of one’s creative life energy into a new creation. To live in the mind is to identify with the consciousness that is arises from the flow of your creative life energy and is experiencing the flow. It is to identify with the identity that mind has created for itself as to who and what it thinks it is. Being in mind and the consciousness aspect of Creation is the masculine way of being for mind thrusts what it thinks into the flow of energy to change the flow of energy causing the Creation to change. It is here, when we are in mind, we become a co-creator of Creation. That is we take the existing flow and channel it the way we wish it to be.

What clearly needs to be understood is that mind, by its very nature, alters Creation my shifting the flow of energy. You will alter, and do alter, Creation simply by existing and thinking. In this respect you are a creativity machine and cannot not create. The question is are you conscious of what you think for you are changing Creation subconsciously or consciously by your thinking.

If you wish to know the flow of energy of both yourself and Creation, you need to go into the flow of your creative life energy symbolized by the heart and what you feel for that feeling is related to the flow of energy that is being sensed by the body. If you wish to know what is being created, you simply need to look a what stands in front of you for that is what your mind has created. What you see and experience in front of you is where you are directing the energy of creation and it is flowing and sustaining Creation in response to what your mind individually and collectively desires to create.

Although we each have an infinite creative ability to create whatever we desire, collectively we agreed to have a physical experience so there is a lot of beliefs and thinking we share collectively that creates most of the world we experience and it can be very difficult to break free of these collective beliefs to create something new. However, the differences we see in each individual’s life is reflective of who and what they think and believe they are and how they think and believe the universe works. If you compare what you feel with the heart and what you see with the mind you can being to discern where mind has interjected itself to change the flow of Creation and where Creation is flowing free without the imposition of your mind.

If one becomes aware of this flow by focusing their attention and awareness, symbolically on their heart as the source of their creative life energy, in the awareness of what they feel, how they feel and where they feel, they can develop an internal compass to guide them in life. Aligning with a particular type of feeling, that we all have in one form or another and which can best be described as a fulness of being, one accesses an internal compass that can lead them to a life to what some have described as an internal bliss and joy that seems to never run dry no matter what is happening in the external world and to the source of their creative powers.

It is important to note, the consciousness of the heart will awaken and become aware quite naturally in a state of spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration of the universe. However, the problem most of us face, because of the conditions of childhood, is that we lost the ability to be in this state of play before the heart consciousness awakened or if it did awaken, before mind became consciously aware of its existence and how to use it. In not having a consciousness awareness in the heart and what we feel, we lose our direct connection with the source of our being and the Source of Creation Itself. Hence the origin of the concept of “original sin.” The concept that somehow humans seem to be incomplete and separated from the source of their being. The heart consciousness is what give the awareness of the source. It is one’s direct connection to the Source of their being and their creative powers and to the Source of Creation.

Most of us have, a best, a partial awakening of heart consciousness or the heart consciousness remains asleep and unaware. The question is, “How does one create the space for the heart consciousness to awaken, birth and grow in strength such that it can survive in the world as it currently exists?” It many ways heart consciousness is much like a human - it must be conceived (awaken to its own existence), grow in a safe warm space much like an embryo, be birthed and grow until it can stand on its own to feet and survive in the world on its own.

When one awaken to the creative process of the heart and what one feels, and they can sees reality thought the view of the heart, they come to realize they needs to create an effective balance between the view of the heart and view of the mind. But balancing mind and heart is not about using both equally. It is about learning to dance between mind and heart. Because of the way the masculine and feminine aspects of being cause a creation to happen, it is about allowing the view of heart to dominate to create what one desires and may even require one’s life to become a single point meditation.

One will discover that they desire to live from the heart allowing the feeling of fulness of being to lead. Listening to the heart creates a richer and fuller life than mind could ever create for it allows one to create the desire they have. When one becomes aware of the heart and what the feelings one has really means relative to directing one’s life they will find there are four primary ways to live life. Each way has different implications. Most live in some combination of the four. They are 1) to live from the mind, 2) live from the heart, 3) mind intend, heart attend, and 4) heart intend and mind attend.

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