The Third Dance of the Creative Spirit

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The Third Dance 
- the dance of the creator/Creator and creation/Creation

From the Our Creative Spirit Home Page: When these two dances are learned they can be coupled into a third dance. The this third dance is the doorway to untold creative power and ability. For most what is accessed is too much to be believed. Yet there is an unlimited creative power and creative ability available to each of us. We just need to learn the dance to access it. (More on .....the third dance)

The inner dance is ultimately about the marriage of our inner masculine and inner feminine and the offspring it creates. The outer dance is ultimately about the offspring of the inner marriage learning to survive in the world true to itself in a way that serves who and what we have become. This third dance is about becoming the creator of the world we inhabit. It is about the offspring of the inner marriage learning to “stand on its own two feet” in the world and choosing to create the world it desires to experience. The dance is no longer about surviving in the world but transforming the world to something which better serves who and what we have become. The survival of that offspring will change the world it inhabits

The third dance is where we begin to access the true depth and breadth of our creative power. The second inner dance is to learn the dance of the inner masculine and inner feminine. It is to create the space within that allows both the inner masculine and inner feminine to reach maturity. When that dance is properly done one is dancing between the creator and the creation. That in turn, leads to the marriage of the mature inner masculine and mature inner feminine and the creation of a new life, our charisma, and a new world within one’s being. That new life is also represented as their offspring. It is here one learn how to both be the creator of the experiences one has and the reality of those experiences.  It is here one  moves the source/Source of their being. It is here one is faced with the ultimate dance between being totally free and holding focus and surrendering our freedom for a new creation.

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