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  What should the purpose of our life be if I donít know or cannot seem to access the intention for our life? 

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The recommended answer to the question, "What should the purpose of my life be if I donít know or cannot seem to access the intention for my life?" is"

Seek the growth and unfoldment of our creative spirit. Hold our creativity sacred. Look for those activity in life which provide: a fullness of being, an expansion of being, a fullness of life, a blossoming of being, a feeling of freedom at each and every level of being, an experience of wonderment and "ah," and other experiences that allow for feeling growing beyond the limits and boundaries of our mind and who and what we think we are. Seek to become like the wind and allow the feeling of freedom guide our life and learn to dance between the needs of the mundane of life and the freedom of oneís being.

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