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There are two main reasons for accessing the intention for our life whether seen as an intention for our life, a dream within our heart or the business of our life.

The first reason

The first reason it is about having the answer we need when we need it. In this awareness, the problems of life go away. Life is not necessary any easier. There are still things we need to face. But we now have a much different set of choices to know what we need to do to implement those choices. The only question is wether or not we wish to do the work to get what we choose. Fear, anxiety and the like either dissipate for there is an awareness about what we need to do or we find the strength and courage to overcome them.

Living from the intention for our life we know what we need to do when we need to do it. We know what serves and doesn’t serve us and the direction we need to go in life to create a life worth living. There is a knowing about life. There is a certainty about life. The issue of fear no longer exists as something to be avoided. There is an awareness in the fear that we know how to address the fear and still move forward.

Living the intention for our life is about living the truth of our being and the truth of our unlimited creativity to claim our birthright. We no longer put ourselves in a box or a cage of our own making. It is about an internal knowing that all is fine exactly the way it is no matter what is happening and we are free to give a toast to life. But it is to know what needs to be done to create an alternative way to what is occurring. A way that better serves us. It is to know an alterative way exists not out of judgement that what is occurring is wrong or bad or we are running from pain, fear and the like. Rather is about knowing an alternative way for we are the creators of our experiences and we do get to choose what we experience.

The second reason

The second reason for accessing the intention for our life  is, when we are in alignment with the flow of energy manifesting the intention for our life and living the life that our creative spirit desires to create, we will move toward an understanding and an awareness that leads to an unending inner satisfaction that will seem to never run dry no matter what is happening in the external world. Many experience this inner satisfaction as bliss, joy, calmness within, or something similar. Living the dream of the heart allows us to look back over the life we have lived and say, "It is good - I have been well served." In living the intention for our life there is a fulness within our being and a fulness of life. Often we are simply overwhelmed in wonderment and "ah" at what we find and discover in Creation. If we live in alignment with the flow of energy and do not attach ourselves to our experience but seek true freedom in what we experience we are able to experience the Heaven or the Kingdom of God, here an now with no need to die or in any way transcend Physical Creation.

When we are not in alignment with the intention for our life and its resulting flow of energy, and our choices have not been to consciously choose to step out of that alignment, we will probably feel discomfort and pain in some way at some level of our being. The pain can be so intense that we try and numb it or suppress it in some way risking developing addictions or an addictive behavior.

It living the intention for our life and fully expressing the dream within our heart we find and experience wholeness within our being To experience the wholeness between mind and heart as opposed to separation within our being, we must learn to navigate from the heart. It is to allow the heart, unmasked by mind, to intend the direction of our life and unfold this dream and have mind attend to the details to make it happen.

We can go off and live a secluded life and find a deep inner happiness. Yet, that does not mean our dream goes into the world and we can have the same happiness in the middle of the chaos of the external world. We incarnated to be in, and with, Creation, and to fully participate in Creation. We are not here to be separate and secluded from it. It is why we have physical bodies that force us to interact with the world. It forces us to breather air, drink water, eat food and mate with another to sustain the human chain. We are here to participate and engage in the creative process as part of the unfoldment of Physical Creation. Yet, although we need another for our dream to unfold, often the one who creates the space for our dream to unfold may never be aware they are doing so. This is why the role of the other is so often missed. We do not see nor understand the role we play for another and the role they play in our own life. Only in the awareness of a detached witness and understanding the awareness which lies in what we feel can we see how much we need another.

In any case, when we accesses our creative spirit and allows the dream within the heart to unfold true to its nature, our entire life is transformed. Moving to manifest the dream forces us to move from where we are and the world we created that has not allowed the unfoldment of our dream in the past, to move to a world in which the dream can unfold free and unfettered. If we can surrender to the process and the flow of energy for the intention for our life we will move in the fastest way possible and even create the possibility of creating a gentle phoenix. Additionally, in accessing the intention for our life, we take one set to the doorway to consciously experiencing oneness and interconnectedness.

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