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It is said we create our experiences and we create the reality we experience by how we focus our attention and awareness. That is, our creative life energy will flow to manifest and experience of what we think and believe for the environment in which we find ourselves. What needs to be understood about this process is that all beliefs are not equal. That is, some beliefs have a much greater influence on what we experience than others. One of the most powerful beliefs we hold is the belief in separation. It is to believe that what we think and believe, is somehow separate from, and not the cause, of what we experience.

To say that what we think and believe is how we create our experiences and we create the reality we experience seems to be too much for our finite mind to believe and understand. Yet it is through the belief that we are separate that gives rise to the illusion of mind and the illusion of Creation such that we experience creation/Creation as we do. It is the belief in separation which masks the interconnectedness between us and the world around us. It masks the sexual tension between the masculine and feminine aspects of the creative process which gives rise to, and sustains, the flow of creative energy to manifest the creation/Creation we experience.

From the human perspective, most do not see and experience the experiences we have as an unfolding flow of energy from the unseen into the seen. Most have adopted the belief that there is a separate spiritual and physical realm to Creation that are related but not integrally linked. This belief in separation masks the interconnectedness between the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects of our being and their relations to the world around us.

Analogously, believing in separation like believing day and night are unrelated and separate from each other. Rather than seeing each day blend into night to subsequently blend into day, each day is seen as separate and unrelated to any previous or future days. We know day and night are related and continuous with each other because we can stay awake at night to see day turn into night only for night to turn into day.

The same is true for each and every creation/Creation we experience. There is an ebb and flow of energy into and out of form. Much like when we go to sleep, there are things we forget each night and things we remember each morning that give a continuity to our life. So too any creation we experience. There is a continuity between the past and what we hold and what we let go. Any moment can be completely created new and different from the past or we can hold to the past recreating much of the past. As a human being our body is what holds us to recreating the past each moment. But even our body is designed to change and not remain the same so as to not confine us to the past.

A routinely observed impact of the belief in separation

The important point here is that there are things which occur in the unseen realms that have a great influence on what we experience in the world of the seen. Even though the origins of what is occurring lies in the unseen realms, we can, if we wish, pull the string to understand what is giving rise to the energy we feel and experience. We just need to understand how mind characterizes that energy and what we experience may not be accurate until we have the requisite minimum set of experience to understand. But we can use methods like triangulation to get a better understanding of what we are experiencing.

It has been observed that the origins of sexual feelings is one of the areas where the unseen aspect has a great influence in the world of the seen. We feel a sexuality and our mind interprets what we feel a certain way. In particular, it usually interprets it to have sex with someone or at least entertain having sex. However, we fail to realize the sexuality we feel may be more a result of the energy which flows as a result of the creative tension for a particular creative endeavor than it is for what our minds see as a sexual attraction to another individual. We need to remember the creative process of creation/Creation has an inherent sexuality to it.

Most never explore the sexual attraction they think they have for another individual to see what is really giving rise to what they feel. Because we believe in separation and the unseen is separate from the seen, we think the other individual is a cause of our sexuality. More often than not, the individual is part of the occasion for what is inside of us to flow freely to express itself to manifest a new creation. Rather than learning to flow with the energy, we literally "plug" ourselves into another individual thinking they are the focus of the energy. In doing so, we create a relationship which does not serve the flow of energy thwarting the creation which was unfolding.

The issue here is not whether or not we have sex. The issue we face has two parts. One part is to come to understand from where do the feelings of sexuality arise and what are we being called to create with, and in, our life such that we feel sexual. The second part is that, if we choose to engage in sex, to engage in sex with someone who will allow the flow of energy to continue to expand, and grow and dissipate in the intended experience rather than shrink and/or be turned off in some way.

On this point of not understanding the origins of the energy that we feel as sexual energy and subsequently thwarting the creation is that it has been observed that there are many individuals who have an ability to help people. Some would call them healers for they have an uncanny and unique way of getting people with whom they work to create conditions in their body, mind or spirit which causes them to experience what would be called a healing. Although the healing comes from within the client/patient, the individual who is the occasion for the healing is seen as a healer. It is not that they heal the client/patient. Rather they have a way of creating the conditions and being the occasion for healing to occur. That ability to create, in particular to create the condition for the occasion for a healing in another is what gives rise to the feelings of sexuality.

What is routinely seen to happen is that many of these individuals who are what we could call nature or inherent healers "run" or have a flow of creative life energy that causes them to feel very sexual. Some of these individuals would even described themselves as being oversexed. The feelings of sexuality simply goes with their ability to create. In particular, their ability to create the conditions which allow another individual to experience the necessary freedom of their creative spirit to heal whatever the spiritual, mental, emotional or physical condition may be. If they are going to create the proper conditions for a healing to occur, they will feel sexual. If they thwart the feelings of sexuality for whatever reason, they will be unable to effectively create the correct conditions for the healing to be experienced. Or if a healing is experienced, will not be what would be possible if the energy were free to flow.

However, rather than seeing and understanding the feelings of sexuality are inherent to their flow of creative life energy and the innate abilities to create, they seen the feelings as sex and the needs for experiencing sex. Whether or not the individual engages in sex is not the issue. The issue is whether or not the energy which gives rise to the feelings of sexuality is free to flow it natural course. The issue is if the individual think the sexual feelings are reserved for a sexual relationship as opposed to the sexual relationship allowing them to remain in the feelings of sexuality and flow with the energy wherever it leads. The difference is as great as night and day.

If the sexual energy is seen as the manifestation of a inherent ability there is the realization the energy needs to be free to flow. Any sexual relationship needs to allows one to remain in, and follow the feelings. In this case the individualís innate abilities will increase and the sexual relationship will be experiences as expansion and growth. If however, the sexual energy is seen as reserved for a sexual relationship and not seen as something larger, the flow of energy will becomes thwarted and slowly shrink if not dry up. In this case, the ability to create that space where another is capable of experiencing a healing will also decrease.

On this point of decreasing the ability to create the space where a healing occurs it needs to be recognized what is being discussed here. This discussion is not about an individual who follows a particular healing practice. For example, a doctor, a spiritual healer within a tradition and the like. Anyone who follows a tradition, medical, spiritual, or otherwise, is using the tradition to create a healing space and not their own innate abilities. What is discussed here are individuals who possess an innate ability to create the space where another can experience a healing that does not depend on any tradition. It depends only and the individual following and living their own truth. In these individuals, if we our open to feeling, we can literally feel their ability to heal and it may even feel as a sexual energy. The reason for this is simply the fact that sexuality is about creating life. Any healing is only about creating the conditions for a new life to flow at some level of being within the individual who experiences a healing. It is only natural to have a connection between sexuality which give life and healing.

Although observed in many individuals, the key to this realization was one particular individual who had what could be called a powerful healing ability that was never really developed. You could literally feel the energy ooze from them. What was interesting is because they felt so sexual and had the perceived need for sex they sought a partner with whom to have sex to act on what they felt. However, after finding that partner, they, in essence, lost their healing abilities because the energy was not longer free to flow. Additionally they began to follow a spirit practice to find what they felt was missing and that spiritual practice moved them more and more from engaging in the life they needed to live to find what was lost. In talking to this individual after they realized the individual with whom they chose as a sexual partner really didnít serve their deeper needs but only served the mundane issues of the world, they said, "I have sex because it allows me to feel." This statement was at first puzzling. Why would an individual sell their life and their soul only to have someone with whom to have sex to feel? The answer, quite simply, was they did not understand what their own sexuality represented.

What became very clear in knowing this individual and their life is they did not live and engage in an occupation which allow their creative life energy to freely flow in the way it needed to flow. Their occupation restricted the free flow of their creative life energy. Their occupation cause them to shutdown more than open up. So they looked to sexual experiences to open themselves to feeling what was inherent to their life and their being. However, being in a world that pushed them to have a spouse, they became entangled with an available individual who could satisfy their sexuality in creating the feelings but did not allow their sexuality to be properly used. Puzzled by their lack of fulfillment in life, they then sought spiritual understanding which further removed them from their own being and the experience they needed to have to be fulfilled. In essence, they only increased the separation between who they are and the image their mind thought they needed to be to be free to have sex to experience the feelings they needed.

What this individual experienced is not unique. It is routinely encountered in individual who have tremendous abilities to help individuals. However, because these individuals do not understand the source of the sexual feelings they have to know how to find that sexual partner who allows the energy to freely flow, they end up in a sexual relationship which shuts down their ability and they end up losing the abilities the they have. In essence the abilities turn off and become dormant and need to be reawakened if they are every to be accessed and used.

What needs to be understood, there is an awareness in feeling. In fact, there are profound awarenesses available in feeling. The deeper we open ourselves to feel the more we can literally see through time and space. We can perceive things well beyond what our mind is capable of knowing. An individual who has what would be called innate healing abilities, the more they are open to what they feel and access those feelings as necessary, the better they can perceive the energy of another and know what to do consciously and/or nonconsciously do to create the space for the an individual to experience a healing. The key is to be open to feeling and knowing how to accessing the awareness in what we feel. Sexuality is the doorway to some of the deepest feelings we will ever have. The question is, "Do we understand how to use the sexuality we feel and access the awareness in those feelings?"

To tell such individuals, if they choose a sexual relationship, they need to be in a sexual relationship where they are creatively  free to do whatever they need to do to allow their creative life energy to freely flow to access the awareness in feeling is too much for the mind of most of us to understand as to how to create such a life. What keeps our mind from that understanding is the belief of separation and that we are somehow separate from what we feel and that individual who stands before us. To bridge this gap, we need to understand the individual who stands before us is only someone we called into our life to have a certain type and kind of experiences. They are, in turn, are someone who called us into their life for us to give them a certain type and kind of experience. Only in living our truth do we give them what they seek. Only in living our truth can we properly respond to them to create the space for them to find the fulfillment they seek for they stand before us only to have the experience we desire and they desire to have.

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