The creative act is an experience of sexuality - and you may even feel sexual


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Each and every creative act at any level of being has a sexuality embedded within. Each act of creation has a masculine aspect involving a masculine thrust outward to connect with the feminine aspect to generate a flow of energy to energize the creation to unfold. Every act of creation requires the surrender and annihilation of the existing form of the observer-observed pair and to be merged into a oneness only for a new intention to thrust into the fertile womb of the stillness of being, that place of “no-thing-ness” to grow, birth and nurture and sustain a new creation.

The insertion of the intention into the fertile womb of the stillness of being is a threshold type phenomenon. It is orgasmic in it release of energy into the creation of that new from. The creative act is the masculine action of consciousness choosing to thrust or cause a vibration in the still clam pool of creation. It is a masculine act to choose to calm the pool itself. The feminine act is the pool forming and responding to the masculine thrust. The feminine act is to nurture and sustain that which is chosen to be created. To become the calm pool of the unmanifested is a feminine action.

The energy of creation that sustains creation when experienced within a human being can have a sexual feeling associated with it. This is a result of the fact the energy of creation is a life giving energy that enthuses our entire being. Unless our sexual organs are nonfunctional, the energy of creation will enthuses them as part of the body and may cause and excitement in them. In may ways you can call it a sexuality of creation for it arises not as a biological or instinctive response but rather it arises as a direct result of our creative efforts.

This sexuality can be felt by a human in one of two ways and each actually feels different. One is reflective of the body and the urges of the body. The other is sexuality which arises from the creative acts of the consciousness within the body that is using the physical body as a physical expression of its being.

The creative aspects of the physical body as a body has been felt by most of us. It arises from the shear biological urge of the body to procreate off spring. This biological urge of the body tends to be more of a function of the age and maturity of the body itself. When the energy of sexuality arises from a pure biological urge, there is no feelings for the exchange of energy which occurs. A function is performed as any other biological function.

The other sexual feelings felt within the body comes from the creative acts of the consciousness inhabiting the body. When we create, we can create at a variety of levels and a variety of ways. There are creative acts that consciousness can engaged which embodies one’s entire being. These acts allow one’s entire being to be the embodiment of the creation. As such, the flow the creative life energy into the creative act will be felt by one’s entire being and at all level. This, of course, includes the physical level and the associated feelings of sexuality. How much sexuality one feels depends on what they are creating, and how the energy needs to flow within their being. Additionally the more the creation is going to have physical manifestation or a representation in the physical world, the more you can expect the associated feelings of sexuality in the body. When the sexuality feeling arise from original other than biology, we need to be aware energy is exchanged to create an offspring, a new life is created, whether or not a physical child is conceived.

Most human sexuality is driven by a mixture of biology and a creative act by consciousness. It is just that more often than not, humans tend to see the physical offspring as the desired creation rather than the new energetic life that comes with the sexuality. If one is able to be mindful and aware of what they feel before, during and after sexuality, and observe the flow of energy they will know from where the energy originates and what is the desired offspring. In this regard, sexuality can be used for awakening consciousness. However, most do observer the flow of energy. Most only pay attention to the feelings and never look to see where the energy is actually flowing.

If we create something from within our whole being and are un-fragmented within our being, we become the embodiment of that creation and we will feel great sexuality. The more we create within our whole being the more we will feel sexual. The more we segment and separate our creative actions within ourselves, and compartment ourselves, the more we will reduce and shut off the sexual feelings.

Our birthright is to be a creative being and to co-create reality at all levels of our being. We will have the choice as to how we choose to experience life and the creativity within our being. We can choose whether our creation is done is separation or wholeness. The more we move into wholeness the more our creative acts will be a passion that moves thought out our entire being.

We can see this aspect of the creative process and feelings of sexuality by just observing our thinking. Thinking by its very nature and creation of an thought has an orgasmic quality about it and it is very pleasurable if one carefully observes what they feel in a thought. If it were not so, we would not spend as much time as we do thinking and we would not use thinking to divert our attention from being present to life itself.

Thinking by its very nature is pleasurable. If you allow the correct images or thought to be present in our mind, we can actually feel a sexual arousal in our body even when there are no member of the opposite sex around us. We need to ask ourselves, “If sexuality is solely a function of biology and the other person, how is it I can cause feelings of sexuality to arises simply by thinking certain thoughts or images?” Similarly, what we will find is that there are certain thoughts and/or actions that have little sexual overtone or feelings in themselves yet we find ourselves becoming aroused and excited.

What we can come to observe especially if we have not fragmented and compartmented ourselves emotionally, is that whenever we move towards the passion of our being, that is, what our being loves to do and in which we are passionate, we will find that energy is felt thought out our entire being including physical sexuality. As an adult, if we can return to a state of innocents like a very young child at play before they have taught right and wrong and what is acceptable and not acceptable and be in state of play doing what you being loves to do, we will feel a sexual passion in our body for our body is now an adult body.

What needs to be understood is that if we have an adult body and we remove of all the programming as to who we think we are and what is acceptable and not acceptable and enter a state of child like play with the innocence of a child we will feel a tremendous sexuality. In an adult functioning adult body, it is probably safe to say, to the degree we don’t feel a tremendous sexuality is the degree that we do not allow ourselves to be fully present in a state of play doing what we enjoy doing. Of course, you may have to do your own experiments to provide the truth of this statement. In any case, most of us have so shut down our ability to just be with what is and fragments and compartmented ourselves that we rarely allow ourselves to feel the passion that exists within our being for life, for living and creating and sustaining life itself.

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