Avoiding the conditions requiring us to face our sexuality relative to our creativity and its implications


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Relative to accessing our creative ability and creative power individuals will have to face their sexuality and move past sexuality in a freeing way for one of the six following reasons. There could be more than these six, but these six have been identified to date. If one does not desire to do any of these objectives in their life then there is, of course, no need to face sexuality whether or not it does arise as an issue.

Accessing the depth and breadth of our creative ability and creative power: What has been found is that our concept of God, our concepts and understanding about sexuality, pain, and fear, in particular, fear of pain, seem to be the greatest obstacles in preventing us from seeing and experiencing the depth and breadth of our true creative ability and creative power that is available to us. It has been observed that each of us will have to explore and understand to some extent the creative power inherent in sexuality and how sexuality does and doesnít function in our life. Of course, we will also have to face our concept God to see if it holds our creativity captive and face our pain and our fear. Theses items are key to holding our creativity captive and we need to look to see how and where our creativity is held captive regardless of what holds it captive.

Alternatively said, accessing the depth and breadth of our creative ability and creative power is about the free unfoldment of our creative spirit. If we want to get our creative spirit out of the cage of our own making, we will have to face the top and bottom of the cage. The top is reflective of our concept of God and how what we think and believe about the creative powers/Creative Powers of creation/Creation. How and what we think about believe about the unseen aspects of Creation has a great influences on how we keep our creativity captive and bound. The bottom of the box is how we plug into Physical Creation to ground the energy to freely flow to create life and create a life and way of being to manifest our creation. Sexuality is reflected in how and what we think about creating life within and without and allowing passion to arise in our life. How and what we believe and how we act or donít act on our sexuality is key to both creating life and how we ground our energy.

The intention for our life: To know and understand the intention for our life and the our true nature and/or the depth and breadth of our being we will have to face our sexuality. To know and understand our true nature will require us to become intimate with our own being at each and every level of our being. This includes becoming intimate with our body and its sexuality. Accessing the intention for our life requires us to become intimate with our needs versus our wants. It is to come to know what serves and doesnít serve our creative spirit and its free and unfettered unfoldment to create the experiences it incarnated to create.

Some will say it is an assumption that there is an intention for our life and it is an assumption to believe there are experiences we incarnated to have. Or, it is an assumption to believe there is such a thing as a creative spirit which can incarnate. But what has been observed from a creativity perspective and holding our creativity sacred, there is an  undercurrent to our lives. This undercurrent is most easily explained as an intention governing our life and that undercurrent is guiding us to certain types and kinds of experiences. The existence of an intention for our life is also very consistent with the way our conscious serves the role of consciousness in the creative process to create its experiences by what we choose and do not choose to act upon in our life.

To become intimate with our being is to become intimate with our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical needs. It is to provide for those needs if we are going to unfold true to our nature. Sexuality is part of our being. It is an important part of our being and is related to the creation of life, both life within ourselves and the continuation of life. It is an aspect of our being that will need to be explored in a way that serves us and our creativity and does not deny and imprison our creative spirit.

Awareness of what is contained in the body: Within the energy consciousness understanding, as a separate quantity of energy in the form of mass, our body has a consciousness, a wisdom and memories unto itself. To access and release what is contained in the body is to become open to what we feel and sense at every level of our being. In doing so we also open and refine our intuitive guidance and body wisdom to a larger field of awareness.

Alternative said, becoming open to feeling we increase our psychic ability as a result of how our body is constructed. That is, our body is like an antenna and our genes open us to certain aspects of the unseen realms of energy that is unique to those genes. We each perceive a slightly different aspect of the unseen as a result of our unique genetic combination. It has been observed that some psychics abilities are pasted in family lines. Because our gens are unique to our own being, this is why it is so important to learn to follow what is true for us rather than following the truth of another for our truth is not theirs. We each inherently perceive reality differently. We are a creation and a world unto our self. We perceive the world we experience in a very similar way as another but nevertheless in a different way.

Accessing and releasing what is in the body is done at three levels. One level is the pains and memories stored in the body from this life. The second is pains and memories that were embodied and are now stored in the body because of what individuals call our past lives. However it is not so much past lives as having lived previously lives on earth but rather only the past that our individuated consciousness, as an infinite and eternal awareness, carries into this life. These past experiences and memories are part of what gives rise for the intention for our life and what our creative spirit desires to experience.

In moving past our pain, we access, release and move to sustain what is often call our charisma. Our charisma is our unique and powerful gifts for which our body is the perfect vehicle for their expression for they are part of what we chose to experience in this life. If we do not move past the limitation that sexuality can impose on us, our charisma can still be expressed but they will be less than they can be.

In essence, it is like planting a tree where there is insufficient sunlight and nourishment. The tree may grow but it will never grow as big as it possible and it may never bear fruit for the conditions are not correct for it to mature. For example, the authorís charisma is about creating a safe space for an individualsí creative spirit even if individualís mind thinks what he creates a threatening situation. His charisma was first access and somewhat released in 1973. But it could not be sustain true to itself because of what he thought and believed. It became a relative shallow expression in twenty five years of being a safety profession and teaching people how to operate high hazard operations safely. Yet when it was accessed and released at a deep level twenty two years later, it came out in a different way. It went to a much deeper level to address safety at its root and to where the creative spirit of the individual was safe or not safe to come out.

The authorís life is still focused on safety and teaching people how to be safe. But now it is about the individualís creative spirit and what gives and sustains their life and give them life and hold their creative spirit captive or allows it to be free. Hence it naturally spills over into sexuality and how to not let sexuality hold our creative spirit captive. In this way we all are like the scarab and recycle our past. When we move into the free expression of our creative spirit we still use our previous talents and abilities but in a new way, a new expression of them.

In many ways we can look what is within the body as a seed. Sexuality is the shell that must be penetrated and broken for what is inside to come out. Sexuality under the incorrect conditions keeps what is within the body captive. Sexuality under the correct conditions will release what is within the body and release untold gifts, talents and abilities Most important the individual will become a light unto themselves and function extremely well with an internal compass without the need of an external reference other than a point to which ground their energy or focus their creative efforts. But we will not be lead by the external focus. Rather the external focus is simply a grounding point for our creative energy.

Awareness within feeling: There is an awareness in what we feel. Information is available to us in that awareness that is not otherwise available to our mind. However, many of the feelings lie beyond sexuality. To access the deeper feelings which lie beyond sexuality, we will have to face our sexuality to be able to discern what we feel and how exactly the energy is flowing. Otherwise, we will act on our sexuality in a way that takes out of the feeling and into sex.

It needs to be remembered, our mind will characterize what we feel based on the experiences we have. If we have no experiences beyond sexuality, our mind will be incapable of interpreting exactly what we are sensing. We may sense the energy accurately but our mind will be unable to properly characterize it for it will not have the appropriate set of experiences.

Use the body as creative tool: The body is the perfect vehicle for the experiences we incarnated to have. But it is also a creative tool. That is, the body is a marvelous sensing device and it is capable of sensing subtle differences of energy within our environment and our being if we are paying attention and aware of what we feel. It will feel the energy we are experiencing and amplify it to the point that we can perceive it in a way our mind can characterize what we are experiencing if our mind has the minimum set of experience to do so.

We can use this ability of our body to feel our way in our exploration of the unknown in two ways. One way is that if we properly calibrating internal compass we can use our body to sense where we are moving in life to and to sense the flow of energy that will guide us toward manifesting what we desire. We simply only need to follow the feeling created the flow of energy resulting from the intention we hold to manifest our creation. The second way is to use the body and what it feels about a situation to tell us what is perceives. The topic, "Using the awareness of the body beyond sexuality" provides a example of one way that this can be done.

Attempting to access the most creative state of being: The most creative state of being is a state of spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration of ourselves, any other in our life, and our world at each and every level of our being. This includes exploring what has been traditionally called the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects of our being, the other and our world. Sexuality is part of our being. To reenter the most creative state of being requires us to be open to the spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration of our own sexuality or that of another. This of course is very difficult to do unless we are free and intimate with our own sexuality. To be free and intimate with our own sexuality, we will have to face it and explore in somewhere, at some time.

A suggested consideration

Facing our sexuality is not essential to access our creativity. Facing it to access any of the above is essential. To suggest facing our sexuality many find that fears arise and/or judgments about sexuality arising from what we have come to think and believe about sexuality as a result of our experiences and/or early programming. The recommendation is to consult our intuitive guidance as the best way for us to face and address our sexuality as to what we need to come to understand and know out it. Of course, we will need to honor the guidance we get. Additionally, the topic, "Some observations on the correct conditions," provides some information and items for consideration to face our sexuality in a way that will hold our creativity sacred and not put our creative spirit deeper into a cage of our own making because of how we address our sexuality.

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